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Warts-The Myths and Misconceptions

Did you mother tell you that warts are caused by warts? There are many such myths about warts are commonly heard. Let’s debunk all such misconceptions and learn the real facts about warts.
Understanding warts and wart treatment clearly

Warts are one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the UK. Despite begin common, there are several myths and misconceptions that we hear about the condition day in and day out. Sometimes the wrong information can have grave consequences especially if it is related to the treatment procedure. So, here we debunk some myths and misconceptions about warts and throw light on the facts:

Myth 1: Warts are not contagious if you can’t see the blisters

Fact: HPV virus (human pappiloma virus) that causes warts is sometimes present in the body but doesn’t cause the outbreak. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be passed on to a healthy individual. This means that if you have skin to skin contact with an infected person, you can catch the infection irrespective of whether blisters are visible or not.

Myth 2: Once treated, warts never grow back again

Fact: There is no permanent cure for warts. Even surgical procedure doesn’t guarantee that wart won’t grow back. You can only reduce the likelihood of reappearance of warts by using topical and homeopathic solutions like Zymaderm for Warts. Maintaining healthy diet, boosting your immunity, adopting a practice of personal hygiene can also help prevent the regrowth of warts to some extent.

Myth 3: If you have a wart on hand, you can spread to genitals and vice versa

Fact: Although it is true that genital warts and other warts are caused by HPV, the types of virus that causes the condition are different. So it is highly unlikely that you pass on the condition from hands to genitals and vice versa.

Myth 4: Warts can’t cause cancer

Fact: Not all kinds of warts are non-cancerous. Genital warts have been found to be the reason for 70 % of all cases of cervical cancer. Therefore, sexually active women with genital warts are advised to get regular pap smears done for cancer diagnoses.

Myth 5: Warts disappear naturally, if left untouched and untreated

Fact: It is only in rare cases that warts go away without any treatment. In all other cases, warts won’t disappear naturally. If left untreated, warts can aggravate and cause painful blisters that might become inflamed, causing discomfort. For relief, it is essential that you seek proper treatment as soon as you see the blisters appearing.

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