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South Beach Accelerating Wash Kit

Combo | Advanced Skin Lightning System
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Are you looking to wage a war on discolouration on all fronts? If so, the first weapon to add to your skin care arsenal is the South Beach Accelerating Wash, containing Green Tea. Use this in conjunction with the highly sought after South Beach Gel for Sensitive Areas and the South Beach Soothing Lotion and you are offering your skin a number of ways that may help soothe and maintain the radiant appearance of your skin!

  • Suitable for use on delicate areas
  • Insta-Brite ™ advanced technology
  • Contains three thoroughly tested solutions
  • Contains ingredients well established for their bleaching and lightening qualities
  • Dermatologist tested

With a host of products containing harsh chemicals on today’s market, how can you be pro-active in combating your skin concerns whilst still being gentle on your skin? Easy, you trust the experts! South Beach have collated three positively reviewed products that between them, contain ingredients well known to help soothe and calm irritation, plus help reduce the appearance of discolouration and contain bleaching qualities. All of which help you work towards that healthy looking glow!

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What is The South Beach Accelerating Wash Kit?

This kit is a combination of smart products that work in conjunction with each other, helping you fight the discolouration battle on all fronts. It quickly ticks the initial box of helping to soothe, cleanse and care for your skin. It utilises a multitude of gentle, safe products to help hydrate skin cells and promote skin elasticity. But on to the important part; what about discolouration or irritations? Easy, you use the sensitive gel, that aims to naturally promote an even glow, helping you combat the appearance of dark spots and discolouration. In fact, every single product contains ingredients that are held in wide regard for their naturally bleaching and brightening effect on the skin! If you want to take a 21st century, well-rounded approach to tackling discolouration, then get your hands on this new kit from South Beach.

How Does it Work?

It works by utilising a number of different applications and a range of gentle ingredients. The accelerating wash soap calls upon Green Tea and Dog Rose Extracts, both hugely popular for their antioxidant and revitalising properties, to help give your skin a clean, youthful look. To help you overcome the discolouration obstacle, it utilises Liquorice and Uva Ursi Extracts, both renowned for their natural bleaching effect on the skin.

But it is the special combination of all three products that ensure you get a well rounded approach. By utilising three different solutions, you are applying your skin with a multitude of ingredients known for their bleaching effect on the skin, including the highly anticipated Insta-Brite ™ advanced technology! So the benefit of three different products are numerous. You are fighting the discolouration battle on all fronts. You are providing your skin with a high number of active, well regarded ingredients and you’re helping to nourish and maintain your skin in sensitive areas!

The soothing lotion recognises the stress and damage that shaving, waxing and laser hair removal can have on the hair follicles and upper layers of skin. So it employs the Vitamin E moisturising effect of Avocado Oil, to help soothe and hydrate your skin. Then Aloe Vera and Cucumber Extract are thrown into the mix, helping you maintain the healthy appearance of your skin, by refreshing and rejuvenating skin cells!

A vital weapon in your kit is the gel for sensitive areas. It has been streamlined to allow Insta-Brite ™ technology, plus Liquorice and Uva Ursi Extract to get straight to your skin. They are all widely popular for their lightening and bleaching properties, but also aim to prevent skin hyperpigmentation and help you work towards a consistent, vibrant glow!

South Beach Accelerating Wash

If you want to achieve optimal results from your South Beach Accelerating Wash, follow these easy-to-follow instructions:

  • Use the product to wash face, underarms, sensitive areas and anywhere else on your body.
  • Use once per day for approximately 7-10 days.
  • Not intended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

South Beach Soothing Lotion

Using your South Beach lotion takes no time at all! For optimal results follow these simple instructions:

  • Using your fingers, gently apply the soothing lotion in circular motions.
  • It can be applied to skin on your face and body.
  • Re-apply as needed.
  • For optimal results use daily.

Applying your South Beach Gel for sensitive areas couldn’t be more straightforward. Follow these simple instructions for optimal results:

  • Wash as usual and allow your skin to dry.
  • Apply to the desired area and gently rub the gel into the skin in a circular motion until it is completely absorbed.
  • Use twice per day for optimal results.
  • No gloves or brush needed.

Key Ingredients

South Beach are honest and forthcoming about their ingredients, a testament to their belief in their success. The key ingredients are:

image of liquorice
Liquorice Extract It is well known for its bleaching qualities, but it is also rich in vitamins and prevalent in anti-ageing products.
image of bearberry
Bearberry Extract It is well known for its bleaching and lightening properties, plus it has been specifically selected to help target the appearance of discolouration.
image of leaf
Insta-Brite™ Technology A 21st century approach to discolouration, has seen its popularity grow hugely in lightening products. It aims to help you tackle all signs of visible discolouration!
image of aloe vera
Aloe Vera Extract This helps promotes skin elasticity. It seeks to lock in moisture and hydration, helping to give skin a nourished appearance.

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