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Sexual Pleasure

In the past decade, more and more people have been looking to enhance their sexual encounters with the introduction of mini-vibrators, penis rings and many other sexual toys allowing them to enjoy new peaks of sexual ecstasy.

Sexual pleasure can be difficult to define, as everyone’s perception of what constitutes pleasure is different - and finding you and your partner’s sweet spots can be a fun, exciting and intimate game of trial and error. Sexual pleasure can be derived from stimulation, penetration, oral sex and targeting of the G-spot in both men and women.

How important is pleasure?

Pleasure is incredibly important, not just for yourself but also for the health of your relationship. Almost all relationship break-ups cite difficulties in the bedroom as a major factor (hence the famous quote that “good sex is 10% of a good relationship, and bad sex is 90% of a bad relationship”) as dissatisfaction in the bedroom can lead to awkwardness and general unhappiness in the relationship. Of course, sexual pleasure is only part of what makes a relationship work, but enjoyable sex can only help to enhance intimacy and happiness in a relationship. With that in mind, ShytoBuy offers an array of pleasure-enhancing products, allowing you and your partner to surprise and excite each other in the bedroom!

Alternate ways to heighten your senses

There are endless ways to increase pleasure during sex – it just takes a bit of imagination! Everyone’s sexual preferences are different, with everyone having different turn-ons and turn-offs – for example, some people love to give or receive oral sex, whereas others do not. For many years, it was assumed that orgasm could be achieved only through penetrative sex, but with such an incredible variety of innovative adult toys on the market, it’s never been easier to enjoy more intense and pleasurable climaxes! ShytoBuy’s range of cock rings and mini-vibrators are designed with convenience in mind - adding a bit of fizz to your bedroom antics without getting in the way. These fabulous and entirely safe products offer simple and affordable enhancement to your sexual encounters with a minimum of fuss.

Why should I buy a mini-vibrator?

Mini-vibrations can add an extra bit of fun to your sex life whether on your own or with a partner. Stimulation and penetration is the key to enjoying yourself in the bedroom, but over extended periods it can be tiring – and this is where mini-vibrators can be a Godsend! These fantastic little gizmos allow you to maintain constant stimulation without any effort, and work by emitting gentle but satisfying pulses which stimulate your sensitive areas, increasing sexual pleasure and intensifying orgasm for a night like never before!

How our products can help you reach new heights?

All of our products are designed for use either alone or with a partner, and can be used for stimulation or penetration – and thanks to their handy size, you can even bring them on your travels discreetly, allowing you to enjoy a holiday you’ll never forget!

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