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Semen Taste

When it comes to sexual satisfaction and pleasure, semen taste plays a crucial role. Most men have not given much thought to the issue till now. However, things are changing, especially for men who find oral sex pleasurable.

Semen odour or bad semen taste can put easily your partner off and ruin the entire act. Hence, more and more men now wish to improve their semen taste so that they can make the act more enjoyable for their partner.

Semen basically is a combination of sperms and fluid from various glands, including prostate. These fluids contain citric acid, amino acids, fructose, enzymes, phosphorylcholine, prostaglandin, potassium and zinc. Due to hormonal changes, lifestyle and diet, the amount of some minerals can increase and have a negative impact on the taste of semen. This is a reason you partner might find your semen acidic or sour in taste. Unpalatable semen can put your partner off and make things embarrassing for you.

It is believed that eating fruits and vegetable like pineapple, strawberries, mango, apple, celery and watermelon can enhance the taste of semen. In fact, many believe that vegetarians have better tasting semen than non-vegetarians. Drinking plenty of water every day can also help make semen more appetising. While these tricks might work, they aren’t really proven ways of improving semen taste. If you wish to take oral sex to new heights without changing your diet, there are semen taste enhancers available in form of capsules and pills that can help you.

Natural semen taste enhancers are easy, safe and highly effective ways of improving the taste of semen within weeks. These capsules are formulated using ingredients that are absorbed into your body quickly and help stimulate reproductive glands to change the taste of your semen. Picture your partner saying yes instead of no to oral sex as your semen taste is simply leaves him/her asking for more. All you need to do is pop natural semen taste enhancers daily with water and you will be sorted. Don’t worry about any kind of side-effects as these supplements are formulated using natural ingredients.

Here at ShytoBuy, we stock a wide range of natural semen taste enhancers. From Sweet Release supplement that gives flavour of green apple to your semen to SemEnhance that contains 4 tropical fruit flavours, our range is designed keeping in mind our customer’s needs and preferences. So, if you wish to add spark to your bedroom, natural semen taste enhancers can be your perfect companion. Place your order with us today and choose next day delivery to get the product delivered by tomorrow afternoon. Don’t want anyone to know what you have order? Worry not; we dispatch all the orders in plain and discreet packaging with no mention of product name or website name.

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