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Revita.COR High Performance Conditioner


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Want to reverse the signs of hair loss?

Revita.COR hair growth conditioner is the very best in what can be achieved with biotechnology. This ultra premium conditioner builds on the success of Revita Shampoo and uses state of the art hair stimulating technology. Its high grade, quality ingredients are encapsulated within hydrophobic spheres to deliver maximum benefits for fuller looking hair.

  • Winning scientific formula perfect for men and women suffering with hair loss
  • High performance results even while swimming or sweating
  • Ingredients work up to 12 hours after they have been applied
  • Contains powerful active ingredients proven in clinical trials
  • Contains botanical stem cells to form a robust formula that lasts
  • Includes Ginseng to prolong hair follicle life and boost potential thickness
  • Use easily as you would any other ordinary conditioner
  • Free next day delivery

When looking to overcome hair loss, there are a lot of products out there to choose from. But with Revita.COR hair growth conditioner you can be sure you’re using a top of the range, convenient and effective formula dedicated by the innovators and scientists at DS Laboratories to improve the appearance of your thinning hair.

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What is it?

Revita.COR hair growth conditioner delivers state-of-the-science hair regrowth technology. It contains top quality and high performance ingredients that can penetrate deeper and persist for longer in the hair follicle.

But why is this a good thing? -When tackling hair loss, persistence, quality of ingredients and absorption of ingredients is key and this product has it all. Therefore with Revita.COR hair growth conditioner, the combination of an easy to use, daily conditioning formula combined with tested innovative ingredients leaves you with the ability to truly start improving your hair loss issues once and for all.

Revita.COR hair growth conditioner has been developed to use specifically on the scalp. It can provide significant benefits through innovative mechanisms of action on follicle dysfunctions and scalp vitality, encouraging improved health and structure of hair strands. Revita.COR high performance hair growth stimulating conditioner is also a powerful locally acting 5-Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) inhibitor (one of the main culprits of hair loss). Such properties form a comprehensive formulation that provides powerful hair growth stimulation. Revita.COR hair growth conditioner is ideal either as a standalone product or in combination with other methods of hair regrowth therapy.

How does Revita.COR conditioner work?

This ultra premium product works by delivering ingredients to boost four key hair growth categories:

  • To boost stem cells and spark new follicle activity
  • Protective compounds to prevent further damage
  • Nutritional compounds to aid in metabolism
  • Deliver advanced conditioning compounds

One of the key differences that sets Revita.COR hair growth conditioner apart from other hair loss products is how the ingredients are encapsulated in cationically charged solid spheres, which are both bio-adhesive and hydrophobic. The unique technology means that the tiny 0.1- 1.0 μm sphere particles will stick to the scalp. This action means ingredients are retained for longer to enhance the hair regrowth effect, even during sweating or swimming.

Clinical trials and the advantages of using Revita.COR hair growth conditioner

If you’re concerned with thinning and baldness or want to improve your scalp and hair health without altering your lifestyle then Revita.COR high performance hair growth stimulating conditioner could be your saviour.

You shouldn’t be concerned either that the convenience of the product will hinder Revita.COR conditioner’s performance. Extensive clinical trials comparing a 6% lotion containing free-form ingredients with a 6% lotion with encapsulation (like Revita.COR high performance hair growth stimulating conditioner) showed that the active ingredient in the encapsulated method persisted after two, four and six hours; whereas the free-form ingredients had already dispersed at these points.

In another clinical trial, human hair was treated with either a 1% free form compound or a 1% bio-adhesive, encapsulated version of the same compound that’s used in Revita.COR conditioner. Results from this testing showed that after 24 hour the encapsulated formula was 10 times stronger and persisted for longer than the other ingredient.

The success of these trials is a lot down to the unique solid state of the micro spheres in Revita.COR hair growth conditioner that help to repel water and increase product life. Unlike any other hair growth product, it effectively releases ingredients over a period of time for maximum effect and benefits to be delivered to you.

When will I see results from Revita.COR hair growth conditioner?

Conditioning benefits can be experienced within days. Depending on the extent and severity of thinning you are experiencing, it usually takes several weeks until you can notice obvious signs of hair revitalisation. This time period is because hair follicles tend to grow at a rate of 0.3-0.4mm a day.

How do I use it?

For best effects, use the Revita.COR high performance hair growth stimulating conditioner after you have used the Revita shampoo. Massage the smooth formula thoroughly into your scalp and leave for 2 minutes, then rinse. For optimal results, it is recommended to use Revita.COR hair growth conditioner daily if you can. Complementary products from the DS Laboratory range such as Spectral.RS®, Spectral.DNC-N®, and Spectral.DNC-S are also recommended to be used alongside Revita.COR hair growth conditioner to gain the best results.

Safe to use

While Revita.COR conditioner delivers an intense solution to hair loss, it is a very safe one. DS Laboratories make sure they use natural ingredients with hypoallergenic properties as well as hair stimulating properties. It is suitable and safe for topical use while enhancing overall scalp health. Always read the ingredients on Revita.COR hair growth conditioner beforehand, in case you are allergic to any.

Customer Reviews

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  • * combined with the shampoo my hair is left feeling full and healthy
  • * i wasnt sure about this conditioner so i gave the customer service team a call, to my surprise they wer actually the most helpful guys, every last question i had was answered with full information about the product, once i had confirmed that i wanted it they even placed the order for me over the phone, i didnt have to do anything.... now i am using my shampoo and conditioner daily and i just wanted to say that the guy on the phone did tell me to expect results after 4 weeks. he wasnt lying thank you shytobuy, you have been a huge help
  • * very nice shampoo.
  • * if your already using the shampoo then i recomend this conditioner to go along with it, combined you really do notice a huge difference in the texture of the hair
  • * love my new hair
  • * just got my pack in the post, packaging and product design is top notch and discreet delivery and speedy delivery. thanks guys
  • * so proud of my hair now, cant wait to show it off properly
  • * i have been using this with the revita shampoo and it works. it's a slow burner and by that i mean it start slow but it works in the end.
  • * i'd never usually use conditioner but after reading reviews, it seemed that this would work better if i used the shampoo and conditioner together. so far so good,
  • * I've always used big brand shampoos and conditioners that say they help to promote healthy hair growth but none have really worked. After using this for 5 months, it seems to be working better than expected.
  • * delivery was on time and product arrived as described. I will be buying from shytobuy again
  • * Absolutely fantastic. I have used this with the revita shampoo and it's worked a treat for me.
  • * leaves the hair soft but still looking volumised
  • * such an easy process i dont know why you wouldnt do it, i use the shampoo and conditioner daily, gently rubbing/massaging the scalp. i have been doing this for 2 months now and i can already see the changes in my hair.
  • * i have been seeing some insane results with the shampoo and then conditioner combined, i use them both daily and within 2 months of use i could see the troubled areas reproducing thicker hair. pleased with the results so far
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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