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Mega Lash 3 in 1 ™ Eyelash Serum by Eye Candy

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A great pair of eyelashes and brow frame can compliment your facial features. And to get that look, what can be better than the award-winning formula of Mega Lash 3 in 1 Eyelash Serum ™ with high consumer admiration being sold over 3 million units sold worldwide. It’s easy to apply; long-lasting and can transform your look.

  • Formulated to help boost the appearance of lashes and brows
  • Polypeptides aid in protecting against breakage
  • Helps in retaining good lashes whilst panthenol coats and locks in moisture
  • Specially formulated Capixyl helps with better lash re-growth and anchorage
  • Amino acids help protein boost & provides sheen and luster
  • Beeswax enhances the appearance of lashes and brows
  • Get thicker-looking and longer-looking eyelashes in as little as 4 Weeks
  • Easy once a day easy application
  • Safe for contact lens wearers
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Fragrance and paraben free

The magic spell of every product lies in its rich and potent ingredients. Similarly, the core of Mega Lash 3 in 1 Eyelash Serum ™ is its Hexatein 1 Complex that consists of six highly effective ingredients specifically designed to condition, moisturise and enhance the overall appearance of more beautiful lashes and brows. Get your Mega Lash 3 in 1 Eyelash Serum from ShytoBuy, and take advantage of next working day delivery to see attractive looking lashes in as little as four weeks.

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Type: Mascara
Size: 10 ml

What is Mega Lash 3 in 1 Eyelash Serum?

A lot of women lose eyelashes and eyebrow density, as they get older. You need not live with it as there are many natural options to get lengthy lashes for an edgy look. Mega Lash 3 in 1 Eyelash Serum ™ is one such solution made with a unique blend of lash and brow enhancing ingredients. The serum is ophthalmologist-tested, safe and effective.

How does it work?

The effectiveness of this solution lies in the proprietary mix of six highly effective ingredients. Each of the ingredients in Mega Lash 3 in 1 Eyelash Serum ™ targets different barriers of voluminous-looking lashes. This is how each one work:

Capixyl is a high tech patented amino acid biomimetic peptide with a red clover extract rich in Biochanin A. This helps to create volume.

Clover Flower Extract
Clover Flower Extract is great to help strengthen the lash and preventing lash-fallouts. This means that the lashes reach a better length and thickness without falling off!

Panthenol is derived from vitamin B5 and has incredible moisturising properties which helps maintain the health of the hairs.

Amino acid help to increase the protein structure, which results in healthier eyebrows and eyelashes.

Now that I know it’s safe, how do I use it?

Using Mega Lash 3 in 1 Eyelash Serum™ is childs play. Follow the two easy steps once daily in the evening before going to bed and get luscious looking lashes from the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: To begin with, make sure your eyes are completely clean of any make-up or eye creams. Use a cotton swab and gently pat it dry.

Step 2: Open your Mega Lash 3 in 1 Eyelash Serum™ and start applying it on the base of the upper eyelashes starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, as shown in the illustration. It can also be applied to the bottom lashes.

How do I order my Mega Lash 3 in 1 Eyelash Serum?

ShytoBuy is your the one stop shop for Mega Lash 3 in 1 Eyelash Serum. Ordering here is simple, discreet and secure. We offer a variety of payment and delivery methods to suit your needs, and all orders received before 4:30pm on weekdays will be delivered the very next afternoon.

Customer Reviews
At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

Product Rating (97.78% based on 9 Reviews)

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Service Rating (92.84% based on 310 )

  • * Actually works to my suprise
  • * I have always had short and peculiar eye lashes. But after using this as directed they have doubled in length and they have a nice texture. I recommended to a friend and she is getting great results too.
  • * Be calm and patient! It really does work. After years and years of wearing extensions it ruined my eye lashes completely. I stumbled across this after doing some research and now my eye lashes look better natural. They have more prominence and volume. Will definitely be getting some more. Am now a lifetime customer!
  • * To give you a quick idea of how my eyebrows used to look, they were strange, tiny and not long at all. When you husband has better eyelashes then you thats when you have to worry. The first week during using it i didn't really notice much difference, but weeks 2-4 is where i started to see the growth in my eyelashes. Also mascara was easier to apply at this stage. After 10 weeks of using i got the results i was expecting! Definitely much longer than when i first started out, in fact they have doubled in length. Even my bottom lashes are as long as my top ones and the curl alot more. All in all i am very happy with the results. I hope this review helps you make your decision.
  • * I have been using eye lash extentions for god knows how long, so a few month ago i decided to give my eyelashes a break. Doing so i actually realised how horrible my eye lashes looked. Doing some research i came across rapidlash. It was a bit pricey but i thought i would give it a try. After 4 weeks of using it i have seen a huge difference in my eyelashes, they appear thicker and fuller and not only that but they actually curl more. Would highly recommend!
  • * My wife has a weird obsession with how good her eyelashes look. Honestly i don't understand it, but i thought i would get her this as she complains about hers all the time. This is what she said, and i quote "Where did you get this, it conditions my eyelashes and makes them feel lush! I don't seem to need mascara. Gregg you are a genius" Ok i added the Gregg you are a genius in there.
  • * Wow, i am amazed at the results. I feel much more confident now.
  • * Excellent. Highly recommended!
  • * My eyebrows and eyelashes used to look absolutely horrendous! My best friend recommended this to me. I can hardly believe that this product actually delivers promise. I have been using it for just over 2 months to help regrow my eye lashes. It has made such a difference. People are now commenting on the length of my eyelashes and asking what my secret is.
* Results may vary from one person to another.