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PORClean Foot Spray

50ml Spray | For Foot & Nail Fungus
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Tired of dealing with itchy, blistering and smelly feet? Discover the PORClean Foot Spray, a natural foot and nail fungus spray designed to care of the feet. Made with a propriety nanosilver formula, this premium spray can help you deal with foot fungus by reducing itchiness, blistering and unpleasant smells. It can also be used as a protective spray that’s ideal for use on socks and shoes and to keep the feet clean, dry and healthy.

  • Ideal for foot & toenail fungus
  • Protects from bacteria
  • Propriety nanosilver formula
  • Deodorises unpleasant odours
  • Gentle & keeps feet clean & dry
  • No preservatives, fragrances or alcohol
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  • Vegan
  • Caffeine-free
  • Halal-friendly
  • Paraben free
  • Cruelty-Free

What is the PORClean Foot Spray?

Created with a propriety nanosilver formula, the PORClean Foot Spray is the ideal way to help deal with foot and nail fungi. Thanks to its targeted natural ingredients it can help with the symptoms of fungi including blistering, itching and odours. It can also help to protect the feet with its mild formulation that doesn’t resort to harsh chemicals or damaging alcohol.

How can you help get rid of nail fungus?

Toenail fungus removal is not easy; you can’t simply leave it and hope it goes away! A toenail fungus, as well as general foot fungus, is caused by excessive growth of fungi. As a result, to deal with a foot or toenail fungal infection, you need to take action using antibacterial ingredients. You will find these in many natural foot sprays that work to help kill off mould and fungus and protect the feet. It is also highly recommended that if you have suffered from some sort of fungal infection that you take protective steps to stop it from coming back, which is where a nail fungus spray can come in very useful.


Spray twice a day for
daily protection.

Spray on socks
before washing.

Spray on insoles to
prevent fungus growth.


Deionised Water, Silver Nanoparticles, Fruit Enzyme Complex.

How to use

To use, spray directly onto each foot or nail (from around 10-20cm away) twice daily. You can also spray directly onto socks before washing or onto insoles of shoes for prevention and protection. Avoid contact with the eyes, nose or mouth during use.

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  • I bought this for me and my husband and we both use it on our shoes and socks

    S Stephanie

  • I do a lot of sports so this has been useful as i used to get a lot of infections on my feet and since using this i haven’t had any

    D Darren

  • My feet get really sweaty and this has been helping me so far. Also quite good for the price.

    P Paul

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