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Native Remedies Coloflush Colon Cleansing Programme

By Native Remedies


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Feel fresh, relieved and squeaky-clean. ColoFlush could be the supplement for you. The ingredients have been known to naturally loosen any contents of the colon. They can do so without upsetting the natural balance of microflora inside you while gently flush out any toxins. If you suffer with bowel problems such as constipation, bloating and gas they can be uncomfortable and often embarrassing.

  • A discreet way to help maintain regular waste removal
  • Recognised to naturally liquefy and loosen the contents of the colon
  • Supports a healthy functioning digestive system
  • May reduce signs of constipation or bloating
  • Free from glucose and lactose in easy to swallow capsules
  • An all natural formula to help give you a peace of mind
  • NEXT DAY UK delivery

Constipation can lead to toxic residues from undigested food to be reabsorbed into your system. When the colon is congested it cannot function properly, which isn’t ideal since the colon is essential for regular bowel movements. ColoFlush helps to sustain waste removal, flush toxins from the colon and supports a normal digestion functioning.

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Type: Capsule
Quantity: 60
Recommended Dosage: 6 capsules a day
Duration: 10 Days

What does the colon do?

The colon is an essential part of the digestion process as it absorbs minerals and water from ingested foods. After digestion the colon will then form and excrete faeces.

How many bowl movements do you experience a day? It’s suggested that a healthy colon should produce around 1-3 stools a day, these should mostly occur shortly after meals. If you are going significantly less consistently, Native Remedies ColoFlush could help you to pass it more consistently.

Once digestion has taken place, a healthy colon will contract its muscles, this action will help to move the stool through the body. On this journey a combination of nutrients and water are absorbed into your system.

Why do I need ColoFlush?

From time to time, or for some, a larger proportion of their lives, you may experience an unhealthy colon, which is less able to perform the essential role of eliminating waste material. This can happen for a variety of reasons including a bad diet, lack of exercise, lack of water, stress and lifestyle choices. Your colon can become clogged up with waste, which may be uncomfortable to live with and often become riddled with disease.

This is why ColoFlush has been specifically developed to maintain a looser sensation within the contents of your colon. This action will help to safely flush out any built up toxins efficiently and discreetly from the comfort of your own home. Many people opt for colonic irrigation procedures, these aim to remove any build up waste in the colon. In these circumstances, ColoFlush is ideal for being used prior to this procedure.

How does it work?

For those who want to naturally rejuvenate and kick-start their digestive system, ColoFlush could benefit you in many ways. Specific ingredients used in this all-natural product not only promote a healthy digestion but also may act as an effective colon flusher. The careful balance of this unique ColoFlush blend enables the product to be strong enough to help flush out the colon, yet gentle enough to avoid any stomach cramping.

Each capsule contains pure Psyllium husk. This particular herb is jam-packed full of high fibre properties that swell inside the digestive tract allowing them to sweep the walls of the colon. This action is known to gently remove any toxins or impurities that may have been accumulated.

Can everyone use ColoFlush?

Since it has been created using only natural ingredients, there shouldn’t be any unwanted side effects. However, it is always advised that you read the ingredients before use to ensure you aren’t allergic to any.

How do I use it?

For optimum results take 1-2 ColoFlush tablets 3 times a day as and when you need relief. Alternatively you can take before colonic irrigation procedures.



Seed Husks


Magnesium Stearate

Chinese Cinnamon

How long does it take to work?

The selection of natural ingredients in ColoFlush starts the process of supporting a better digestive system almost immediately. Working from the inside out, the capsule encourages a rapid absorption directly into the blood stream, digestive system and colon. For many customers using ColoFlush improvements have been seen very quickly, for others improvements have been seen in less than 6 weeks.

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  • * since using coloflush i have been able to eat more unhealthily which is something i have wished for a long time. KFC taste sooo good, and now its able to pass through me normally i can enjoy it without feeling like it will cause me pain.
  • * this is one of my best buys, i recomend this to anyone who suffering from clogged colon
  • * I am now less constipated and have also lost a lot of water weight. really happy with the results
  • * highly recommended for all those who suffer from colon problems. worth buy
  • * after taking colonflush I have been regular. very happy and fresh
  • * Hi guys, i hope my review helps you decide on the product. i started using this 3 weeks ago because i found it difficult to go to the toilet in the mornings and i began feeling pain in my colon. since using the colo flush i have cured the problem and since 2 weeks ago i have been living and eating like a normal person. i feel normal again whcih is great.
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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