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MaxSize Cream

150 ml Cream | Male Enhancement Formula


When looking for a male enhancement product, you want something that is reliable, safe and actually effective. MaxSize is trusted by thousands of men worldwide. Not only does it contain scientifically proven plant extracts and ingredients, but it’s the only male enhancement product on the market engineered with Vazogen Transdermal Technology™ (VTT). This cream ensures rapid absorption, lightweight consistency & clear colour. This provides men with a product of comfort, discretion and ease of use.

  • Designed to help firm and strengthen the area
  • Silky smooth gel-like consistency
  • Easily absorbed with no telltale residue
  • Peppermint oil for a refreshing scent
  • Can be enjoyed by both partners during intimacy
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Silicon free

Free Delivery on all UK orders over £35.

The Value Of Size

The 2014 British Sex Survey revealed that 25% of men were dissatisfied with their own manhood. For men, talking about their most intimate areas can be embarrassing, and for many it's thought that influences from magazines, television and the Internet are impacting how men feel about their own size. This is why it is common for men to turn to devices, topical creams or natural supplements to help overcome their feelings of incompetence and improve their confidence and performance.

MaxSize Male Enhancement Cream

After extensive research, the specialists at MaxSize formulated the ideal topical cream for men looking to discreetly enhance. Using well known and reputable botanical extracts such as Butea Superba and herbal skin-loving favourites such as Aloe Vera, MaxSize combined them all to make their perfectly balanced natural formula. It then incorporated this with their exclusive Vazogen Transdermal Technology™ for easy and fast absorption without the oily residue, to create a truly one of a kind winning male enhancement product that can be enjoyable for both partners.

The Secret Of The Formula


We have carefully selected a number of natural extracts in our formula to contribute to support male needs. This includes Butea Superba, a well-documented and researched botanical extract that is linked to help increase male performance. Click here for more. here for more.


It is important that male enhancement creams can maintain lubrication. To address this, Aloe Vera has been a primary ingredient included in the formula as an aid for not only lubrication, but also the soothing and hydration of the skin. Its smooth gel-like consistency can be easily absorbed.


For a fresh, invigorating and enjoyable sensation, the formula takes full advantage of one of the oldest natural herbs. Peppermint oil is included to enjoy its cooling, firming and revitalising properties as accompanied by refreshing aroma and its ability to firm and tone the skin.

Full list of ingredients Butea Superba botanical extract infused in purified water, propylene glycol, dimethicone, polysorbate-80, glycerine, carbomer, aloe vera gel, menthol, peppermint oil, niacin, diazolidinyl urea/oidopropynyl butylcarbamate.

How To Use

Using the MaxSize cream is quick and simple and can be applied before moments of intimacy. Taking a desired amount of the cream, massage directly to the area. It is normal to feel a warming sensation following this; it simply means that it is working to deliver the ingredients through its transdermal delivery system.

Safe To Use

MaxSize is made up of natural ingredients and contains no artificial preservatives so therefore has no known side effect of use. It is advised that you avoid contact with the eye area. The cream is suitable for all skin types and those over 18. We recommend you read over the full list of ingredients before use.

MaxSize Cream 150 ml Cream | Male Enhancement Formula

Customer Reviews

At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

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reviews 4.5

90.00% based on 33 Reviews

Verified Purchase

this makes me so hard, 10/10

S Steven Shor
Verified Purchase

i feel like a school boy again when applying the cream, 2 minutes later and its like having my first erection again

M Mark
Verified Purchase

we love rubbing this cream onto my penis, i have been using it daily with my wife and we have found it a great starter to sexual intercorse

R Rubbadubdub
Verified Purchase


C Charles Keith
Verified Purchase

I got this for my husband as he was having some troubles with erections, it was really worrying him and effected his mood massively, we went to the doctors and they told him to change his diet and to stop smoking, easier said than done. so in this painful time with no help our solution was to search online, thank god we found ShytoBuy and found this product, our sex life has been turned upside down in a matter of minutes and its such a wnderful feeling having our realtionship back to normal

Verified Purchase

i started using the cream 3 weeks ago and i have never been happier in my life, my erections are slowly coming back, even though they are still not the strongest they could be

B Ben
Verified Purchase

this cream has bought alot of satisfacttion back into mine and my partners life. couldnt be more happy

J Joseph PS
Verified Purchase

did nasa create this cream ? my penis has turned into a rocket ship

a ashbery
Verified Purchase

all the products from ShytoBuy are top of the range, love this site

L LoyalCustomer
Verified Purchase

just applied it, my penis is tingling alot and i like it

R Romaine
Verified Purchase

i LOVE the sensation you get from this cream, its suppperrr stimulating

Verified Purchase

i give it about 35 seconds after application and my penis is rock solid

K Kurtis Asher
Verified Purchase

rock solid. That is all.....

K Kareem
Verified Purchase


T Terrance
Verified Purchase

i find it hard notto use this anymore, its such an amzing feeling when u apply it and your penis tingles uncontrollably

j jbk 009
Verified Purchase

this cream is simply awesome. i got this for my husband and he just loved the way it gets him hard. 5/5 from me

D Diana Collins
Verified Purchase

i ordered on office address and wanted the packaging to be discreet. chosing ShytoBuy was a wise decision. package was delivered on time and in plain packaging. perfect

c charles
Verified Purchase

i have been using this cream for an year and will keep using it. you guys rock in terms of service. keep it up. -- loyalcustomer

E Ernest Reese
Verified Purchase

i first thought at the idea of cream was that its going to be messy. but to my surprise it turned out to be so smooth and quick absorbing.

S Samuel
Verified Purchase

my first order on this website and i must say you guys are doing great job. keep it up

M Marrin
Verified Purchase

waiting for my order as stock was out. thank you for informing in time. Great customer support.

A Anderson
Verified Purchase

here's a tip - hand the tube to your gal and let her massage it onto you. You will get the best erection of your life.

K Kenneth
Verified Purchase

using this cream for years now. i don't want to stop it is so amazing

R RobertLHart
Verified Purchase

5* - I have been using this for over a year now and no complaints..

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Amazing, wish they did bigger bottles though

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

One of the best male enhancement creams I have used to date.

M Mark
Verified Purchase

Really enjoying this cream! It is lightweight and feels nice on - and my partner says it has made an improvement.

K Karl
Verified Purchase

I think this may be the perfect product! I like how quickly it absorbs into my skin

A Adam
Verified Purchase

It feels a bit tingly when you put it on but not in a bad way and it does work so will happily keep using

D Darren
Verified Purchase

well it works and doesn't create a mess

K Ki
Verified Purchase

it has definitely maxed my size!

Verified Purchase

I am now max the size!! great stuff man

P Patrick
Verified Purchase

Eu comprei muito bom ótimo

J José Batista Jordão

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