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Keramene Body Hair Minimizer


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Keramene is a premium hair removal cream for men and women who have dark, excessive and course hair growth. There are many hair removal creams on the market nowadays, but never before have we seen one that specifically targets people that have a lot of hair. Keramene not only removes hair like no other, but it also leaves your skin in fabulous condition afterwards.

  • Tackles thick/dark/stubborn hair around the entire body
  • Use twice a day with an easy application in a similar way to a moisturiser
  • Cuts down on your expensive salon trips!
  • Unique combination of scientifically tested ingredients, including the powerful Dormin and Palmatine
  • This is a specialist product and you won’t find it everywhere
  • FREE delivery

Keramene hair removal cream is the latest hair inhibitor that allows you to reach immense results. It does so by using only the finest quality in hair removal technology to provide both long-term and short-term benefits. Are you one of the many men and women embarrassed or fed up with excessive, unsightly hair? Perhaps finding you have to frequently remove it from underarms and legs, or your back and chest? If so, then Keramene could be the solution you need.

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What is it?

Keramene is a premium and easy to apply body hair inhibitor. As hair minimisers and removal creams go, this revolutionary product provides the ultimate formula to allow you to finally take control of your hair growth. This can be achieved by primarily blending three natural active extracts, Dormin, Palmatine and Nordihydro¬guaiaretic acid. They enable your skin to stay smoother for longer between depilatory and shaving sessions when applied regurally. By reducing such depilatorary sessions can in turn also lessen the risks of inconvenient painful nicks, ingrown hair nightmares and irritation.

Why use it?

Keramene offers the simple and premium solution to overcome problem hair areas to help you become happier and more confident with your body and smoother skin. Along side the usual legs, underarms and bikini line it is also common for some women to experience male-pattern growth on their face, chest or abdomen. This is known as hirsutism. It can have a negative effect on your opinion of yourself as a women as it can make you feel less feminine. Men on the other hand can sprout new hair on their bellies, backs necks and ears. At the same time disheartening hair is growing, it’s also falling off your heads, such a combination can make you feel old.

How does it work?

Keramene's premium formula works via two complementary methods:

  1. Predominantly, this hair removal cream and minimiser urges hair follicles to move into the Catagen state. It is this stage in the hair growth cycle that signals the end of active hair growth. It prevents more hair from growing and begins the practice of shredding them.
  2. The formula also includes active ingredients, which also help curb keratinocyte production (outer layer of cell growth). This support remaining hairs to grow at a slower rate.

Who can use Keremene?

Many men and women endure hopeless hair removing rituals in a futile attempt to experience smooth and supple skin. regular use of this unique hair removal cream will enable you to wax, shave and/or epilate significantly less often. Leaviong you to reap in the cost effectiveness and time benefits of this product.

For men who experience that dubious bear like fur on their backs, arms and chests. Apart from covering it up, you may resort to paying for waxing sessions or ask friends to assist (which can be embarrassing). The premium formula of Keramene offers a more discreet, cheaper and easier way to combat the issue.

For women who religiously shave their armpits and legs everyday, why not save time and effort by using this hair removal cream? Cut back your tedious habit to two or three times (or less!) per week instead and if your stubbly course daemons do come back, they should appear as shorter and finer fuzz that is much less noticeable and easier to manage.

The active ingredients and how they work

What is Dormin?

This predominantly reduces excessive ‘fuzz’. it works to encourage hair follicals to go into the Catagen state, the stage whereby new hair will stop being made. This process supports the hair removal cream’s intended use, to minimise the amount you will have on your body at any one time.

What is Palmatine?

It is an important active component in the quality Keramene formula, as it slows down the mitosis rate of Keratinocyte, (Keratinocyte- where the cells increase the cause of hair growth).

In testing: It has been tested for its ability to inhibit cell growth (Keratinocyte) by 25% to 61%, depending on concentration used. Due to this prevention, Keramene can be seen to offer the ultimate outcome of inhibiting unwanted fuzz from occurring as much as it once did.

What is Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid?

It is a hair growth retardant and potent antioxidant. It plays an important part in this hair removal cream’s active properties.

In testing: Keramene was tested to look at the reduction of human hair growth. Females volunteers were used, their legs that had been previously waxed and since they had applied the hair removal cream twice a day for 28 days.

Researchers measured a vast 35% reduction in excessive hair compared to the placebo results.

How to use and when will I see results

Using Keremene is beyond simple. Just apply a generous layer of this premium Keramene cream over your problem hair areas twice a day, ideally in the morning and in the evening. If you would like to accelerate results, try shaving or waxing prior to the application. The time it takes to experience results will vary from person to person. However, once you have started to achieve your desired effect, start using the hair removal cream only once a day. It’s advisable to continue use of the cream to maintain smooth and supple skin.

Is it safe to use?

In short, yes it is. The only ‘side effect’ you will find with the Keramene cream is a more supple skin texture and radiant colour. This because of the hair removal cream’s exfoliating properties.

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  • * it minimized the razor burns but i expected more of it
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