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Hairmax Density Activator Density Activator Serum

By HairMax

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For some thinning hair is a sign of refinement, but no one looks forward to it happening to them. In fact hair loss is more common in both men and women than people tend to think and with the average life span increasing it’s no wonder people are trying to cure and keep it at bay for as long as possible. Hairmax Density Activator is a product that helps thicken your hair without tablets or expensive surgery. With the help of hair loss specialists this new innovation works by giving the hair follicles and scalp the nutrients it loses over time to promote new, stronger, thicker hair growth.

  • chemical free formulation for hair loss and thinning
  • safe for use with other hair loss treatments
  • can be used by hair transplant patients
  • targets hair follicles for optimum hair health
  • clinically proven ingredients
  • can be used by men and women

science has shown that the reason many men use their hair is due to an androgen called DHT. The Hairmax density activator contains natural ingredients that cause the levels of DHT to fall so that it can no longer inhibit the growth. When the hair follicles become inflamed, this can be another reason for hair loss and thinning in both men and women, thankfully the product also calms the scalp and swelling to alleviate this leaving hair to grow freely. In as little as three months!

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What is the Hairmax density activator?

The Hairmax density activator comes in a serum form that provides stimulation for new hair growth. Unlike other products it doesn’t have the chemicals that are often associated with weaker hair and scalp irritation. Instead it works with the body and hairs cycle of growth to bring increased circulation, decreased irritation and swelling and even a reduction of oxidative stress. To get the best results you just have to use the product in conjunction with your styling routine by applying it to hair and scalp in seconds. Even people that suffer scalp sensitivity and dryness can benefit from the hair thickening results

Hairmax Density Activator: Treats hair loss naturally without surgery or chemicals

If you have been looking for an answer to losing your hair then you won’t find it in lotions made from animal parts or old wives tales.; Hairmax Density Activator serum doesn’t need chemicals to work, just its scientific formulation to enrich your hair follicles for better health and growth. No more come overs, wigs or spray on hair just daily application to increase your own natural hairs growth to hide any scalp that is exposed. Both men and women can benefit from using the product even those that have hair loss due to over processing

Proven results

The Hairmax density activator contains active ingredients that work to treat a number of hair loss causes. For increased circulation the peppermint oil and Capsicum are perfect natural ingredients. To reduce the amount of inflammation around the hair follicles Centell, Phytic acid and Capillsil are included. Male pattern baldness is reduced by the ingredients Sebocea and Saw Palmetto. This makes the product ideal for the majority of hair loss causes whether woman or man

Hairmax Density Activator: effective way to promote new hair growth naturally

you only have to apply the HairMax density activator before you style your hair once a day and you will soon notice new hair growth and thickening of existing hair. There are so many things that can cause hair loss, targeting just one can prove fruitless and use of chemicals can cause other problems including irritation to the scalp. By flooding your follicles with the nutrients that age and over processing that chemicals strip away, hair health can be restored giving you strength, vitality and above all the confidence to wear your hair how you used to. As well as strengthening and encouraging new hair growth the product can also slow down the hairs resting cycle so it grows longer and faster. For best results the treatment can be used alongside the LaserComb.

When can I start seeing results?

because Hairmax Density Activator is a natural product you will begin to see results in conjunction with the natural cycle. This for the majority of people takes place every three months. You will notice within this time that new growth is stronger and with continued use you will be able to retain the new hair and strength you have obtained.

Usage Tips

  • regular use yields better results
  • leave in formulation for less fuss
  • use with LaserComb for best results
  • continue treatment to keep up strong hair and new growth

Are there any side effects?

because Hairmax density activator works with your hairs natural cycle it is unlikely to give you any side effects. The rule of thumb is to first check the ingredients and avoid if any have previously caused side effects. As the product promotes new growth you may find hair loss increases for a short while as the follicles have to get rid of the weak hair in order to provide you with strong healthy hair.

How to order

You can order your Hairmax density activator from the comfort of your own home at Leluna. Just add the product to your basket and follow the information on the screen to complete your purchase. If you place your order before 4pm you can receive it the very next day be selecting next day delivery.

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