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Hair care advice for men: Tips to tackle a thinning patch

Going bald or experiencing hair thinning, especially for younger men, can be really distressing. Fortunately there are ways to deal with hair loss and minimise the appearance of a receding hairline.

Many men with a receding hairline and thinning crown become depressed and anti-social due to the negative stigma surrounding male pattern baldness and hair loss. While some of them choose to buzz all hair down and proudly flaunt a bald head, there are a few who break the bank and go for a hair transplant. But, there are many men who don’t wish to take either of these routes to tackle hair loss. Fortunately, for such men there are many options of dealing with thinning hair and restoring their self-confidence. Here we list out some methods of dealing with hair loss in men – without surgery or drugs:

Ditch heavy styling products

When you are experiencing hair thinning, the first thing you want is to divert attention from your hair. Most gels and styling products cause the strands stick to together in group, revealing a lot of scalp. So, avoid using a lot of creams or gels while styling your hair. Alternatively, allow your hair to dry and apply a light hair spray before heading out to look natural. If you simply can’t do without the styling gel, apply only in small amounts to hold the style but without a lot of separation. In case you have started experiencing hair shedding after changing your hair styling products, stop using them immediately as chances are that they didn’t suit your hair well.

Try laser therapy devices

Low-level laser light has been proven to stimulate hair growth and reverse thinning hair by energizing hair follicles. Laser devices like HairMax LaserComb has had a 93% success rate in clinical trials. In fact, it has been cleared by the FDA for the promotion of hair growth. You can consider buying one of such devices and use it daily to boost hair growth. The best thing about HairMax device is – it’s easy to use; you simply have to glide it through your hair (just like a usual comb) for 15 minutes a day. Moreover, the ergonomic and stylish design of this comb makes it convenient to use at home or carry in your bag while travelling.

Cut your hair short

Just because you are thinning on top or your hairline is receding doesn’t mean you can’t look good. There are many haircuts and hair styles that can work well for men with thinning hair. The rule of thumb is - balance out the coverage and minimise the appearance of balding. Work with your hair stylist and find out a style that reveals an equal amount of scalp and suits you face. Short and textured styles can make you look groomed without much effort. This will not only enhance your appearance, but will also help boost your self-confidence.

Use volumising products

You can consider using volumeising shampoos and conditioners to add thickness to your hair. Replace your regular shampoo with a volumeising product that lifts the cuticle and swells the hair shaft. There are many volumeising products available on the market, but make sure you buy the one that suits your hair type. To complement the shampoo, use a conditioner that doesn’t weight your hair down. Alternatively, you can use hair building fibres to fake thick hair. There are few good hair fibres that even stay sticking to your hair during rain.

Go for hair growth supplements

A natural supplement like TRX2 can help you tackle the problem of hair loss at a molecular level. Formulated by Oxford Biolab scientists, this hair growth supplement has shown to boost hair growth in as little as 12 weeks. Each capsule contains essential nutrients that support hair growth cycle and nourish hair strands. The formula is free of gluten, artificial ingredients or preservatives and hence is completely safe to use.

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