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How to get harder erections without drugs

If you would like to gain harder erections, but want to avoid unnatural methods you’re in luck. For the vast majority of men, drugs are not a necessity to help the issue. Find out ways that will work just as well and are completely natural.
Drugs aren’t a necessity to gain harder erections, here’s how…

Most men have problems with their erections every now and then. However, if you struggle to keep or get an erection that’s strong enough for sexual intercourse (commonly known as erectile dysfunction, ED) you may want to consider a way that could help.

Taking certain drugs to gain harder erections may seem drastic and usually you will need a prescription, which can be inconvenient and embarrassing. Yet you’re not alone in believing that unnatural methods seem like the only way, most men do. However, there are many more successful and very effects solutions out there, which are completely natural. We’re going to point you in the right direction of which ones to choose.

Natural pills and solutions

The natural options available to help you come in many shapes and sizes. Pills, sprays, gels, cream and patches, the list goes on! Variations such as Prelox pills are very discreet and convenient to take, fitting effortlessly into any lifestyle. Many potent natural pills are effective since they are jam packed full of completely natural ingredients, many of which have been used for thousands of years in traditional medicines to boost sexual performance, including gaining harder erections. One of the key properties of many formulas is to support a healthy blood flow, something that is essential for a good and prolonged erection.

Sprays, gels and creams are to be applied onto your penis, they have the advantage of tackling the areas of concern directly. If you choose from reliable companies, all ingredients will be completely natural and simply support your body’s ability to maintain an erection further.

Tackle your stress

Living a life full of anxiety can be one sure way to prevent your erection being as hard as you would like. Trouble gaining or sustaining an erection can be both a physical and psychological issue. If you feel that in your case it seems to be in your head, then take a few moments and consider options that could help in the moment when it really matters. Try talking to someone, just a few words of advice and putting a plan in place for you to help you situation can be enough to put your mind at rest, even if it’s as simply as exercising more and eating healthier. You can also try deep breathing and becoming familiar with your breathing pattern, by doing so will help you to focus and stay calmer. By accomplishing this you may also be able stay focus and calm during the build up to and during sex, helping you to achieve a harder erection more easily.

Penis pumps

Whether it’s air or water based, they can both help to support more blood flow into the penis to encourage stronger and harder erections. Simply place your penis in to the vacuum, and pump to expel the air/water. This will help to draw blood up the penis. The more often you use the pump (as directed), the more results you should be able to see, including a potential increase in size!

Take note

It’s worth looking at any medications you are on. In some cases these can have a negative side effects on your erection and sexual performance. If you are concerned, always discuss with your doctor, who may be able to advise you on an alternative solution. Never just stop taking your medication!


There really are so many other options out there before you jump in at the deep in at the deep end and use drugs to gain a harder erection. Explore all your options and find out the one that works best for you and best

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