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Foods to increase sexual performance

Little do many of us know that something we do roughly 3 times a day can have a major impact on our sexual performance. Yes…mealtimes and the food we eat is potentially the hidden gem to enjoying better sex.
If you like food and sex, you’re going to love this article…

The two things that many people have debated over - Food or sex: what’s better? For some it’s a hard call, for others it’s a no brainer. But what if food actually made your sexual performance even better, this indeed is possible while being incredibly easy to do. We are going to show you how…

Sexual performance

Before we get your taste buds tingling, let’s first and foremost focus on what aspects of your sex life you could be helping. Sexual performance: your sex drive, erection strength, how long you last for and the overall ambiance of the occasion. Every guy wants their partner to think, wow… that was the best. Yet, nearly half of all guys have issues with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and anxiety when it comes to having sex. Although incredibly common, such issues are very disheartening and often leave you feeling like you’re at a loose end. There are fantastic natural products available to help said issues, such as Prelox amongst some very reliable creams, lotions, sprays and gels that can all enhance your performance. However, we want to go one step further and provide you with some serious food for thought.

Healthy blood vessels for a sizeable erection…

There are certain foods that promote the production of nitric oxide, which is a key chemical in the body. It is released in minuscule amounts and is essential to generating healthy blood vessels and the ability to gain an erection. Nitric acid is made from an amino acid called arginine. This particular amino acid can be found in the following foods: beans, soy products, oats and cold water fish such as tuna and salmon. It’s also easy to eat as a snack, since it’s also present in almonds and walnuts.


If you’ve not tried it yet, this is the time to do so. Pomegranate juice is a great drink health wise. Expensive, but great. It contains an incredible amount of antioxidants, which are particularly ‘heart healthy’. What they say is good for your heart, is also extremely good for your penis. By taking a glass of pomegranate juice every day is just one way of topping up your body with essential healthy goodness, while boosting your chances of experiencing a better sexual performance.

Other exceptionally foods exceptionally high in antioxidants (with a slightly lower price tag) include berries, walnuts, sunflower seeds, ginger, citrus fruits, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, spinach and garlic. Top tip; try dipping the berries into dark chocolate, which contains methylxanthines that have been known to activate the libido.

Eggs galore

Eggs are hardly the most sensual food available, however, they’re extremely rich in vitamins B5 and B6. This helps them to balance hormone levels and ease stress, proving to be important for a healthy libido.

Red wine and red meat

That delicious meal with wine and a lean cut of meat could actually be more beneficial to you than you might have thought. Wine has been known to help trigger the production of nitric oxide in the blood, which can support blood flow to the genitals. Always limit yourself to just one glass though, since any more can lead to negative effects on your performance. Now for the meaty stuff, lean cuts of meat are a great source of zinc. Zinc is known to be a mineral that helps curb the production of hormone ‘prolactin’. High levels of this mineral may cause to sexual dysfunction, so by lowering it in your body could work in your favour during bedroom activities and boosting sexual performance.

The heart of the matter

Generally speaking, what is good for your heart is generally good for your love life. Particularly with male performance, a lot is to do with a healthy blood supply in order to get and sustain harder and longer lasting erections while boosting your overall sexual performance. So, there you have it, foods really can make all the difference, plus many of them taste great too while being great for your sex life.

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