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Emuaid First Aid Ointment (2oz) Multi Purpose First Aid Ointment

By Emuaid®


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As a modern homeopathic solution, Emuaid Cream is safe to use anywhere on the body. Its natural healing ingredients work synergistically with emu oil to immediately soothe irritation, dramatically reduce inflammation, combat a variety of skin infections and heals damaged skin.

  • A complete homeopathic solution
  • It works with the body's natural process to reduce pain, infection and inflammation
  • 0.1% Phytosphingosine works as an anti-inflammatory agent
  • Made with 100% natural concentrated ingredients including argentum metallicum and emu oil
  • Works to stimulate blood flow to help repair damaged skin
  • Helps provide relief of shingles, cellulitis, eczema, fungal infections and many more skin conditions.
  • Fights bacteria and fungal infections
  • Safe and versatile solution for the whole family
  • Gets to work fast
  • Free from chemicals, artificial preservatives and parabens

Despite being a rapid healing therapy, Emuaid Ointment is safe and can be applied on any body part. Since it can be applied directly to affected areas, the lotion also helps alleviate inflammation and pain in just a few hours. Emuaid Cream is therefore a new hope for those suffering from painful skin ailments that are often resistant to standard treatments.

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Type: Ointment
Size: 59 ml

What is Emuaid Cream?

Skin can get damaged in lots of different ways which can let infection get into your body. Skin being the largest body organ can become a threat to many different ailments and issues, so caring for it is important. Emuaid Cream is a home treatment that can be helpful by paying just a little attention to your lifestyle. It is an all-natural formula with rare growth factor stimulators that collectively work to soothe irritation, reduce inflammation and treat a variety of skin disorders fast.

How do the ingredients work?

Skin friendly ingredients with great medicinal values combine to form the First Aid Emuaid Cream.

  • Argentum Metallicum, which is an active ingredient offers a broad spectrum solution for wounds, rashes, burns and blisters.
  • Emu Oil, which is the core of Emuaid cream has been proven to be amazing in healing pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and many other ailments.
  • Lactobacillus Ferment, which contains antimicrobial and antioxidative properties.
  • An amino acid, L-Lysine HCL that helps to prevent and treat cold sores (caused by the herpes simplex labialis virus) and shingles.
  • Tea Tree Oil is another miraculous ingredient of Emuaid Cream that is effective in combating various skin diseases and conditions like fungal infections, mites, lice, acne, chicken pox, shingles, blisters and cold sores.
  • Phytosphingosine (0.1%) naturally possess bacteria-killing properties that act as an anti-inflammatory agent of Emuaid ointment.
  • Ceramide 3 helps to restore the skin’s moisture.

The other high quality natural healing ingredients of Emuaid Ointment include Allantoin, Bacillus Ferment, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Glyceryl Behenate, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Silver Citrate, Squalane, Tocopheryl Acetate, Tribehenin, and Vegetable Oil.

What is the Most Effective Way to Apply Emuaid Ointment?

For those with normal skin can apply a very thin layer of Emuaid Ointment to affected areas 3-4 times per day. Do not forget to apply it regularly to experience best results.

For severe skin conditions, you are recommended to use this easy to apply Emuaid cream using a separate sterile cotton pad for each region of infection to prevent spreading.

Remember to clean the affected area before application and avoid contact with the eyes. If the skin condition persists after 7 days or reappears, consult a physician immediately.

When can I use it?

You can use Homeopathic Medicine Emuaid Cream to renew, replenish and repair various skin ailments including minor wounds and burns, bruises, ulcerations, sunburn, razor burn, scrapes, rashes, blisters, bug bites, and skin eruptions from acne, eczema or minor infections.

Safe to use

The natural, soothing, and effective ingredients of Emuaid cream makes it a safe product. It is also non-steroidal with no reported side effects, which can be used without any prescription unless you are not allergic to any of its ingredients.

How can I buy my Emuaid Cream?

Purchasing First Aid Emuaid Ointment from ShytoBuy is simple, secure and discreet - we offer a variety of payment and delivery methods to suit your needs, and all orders received before 4:30pm on weekdays will be delivered to your door the very next day. To begin your purchase of Emuaid Cream to get rid of your skin problems today, click on the ‘Add to Basket’ option now!

Customer Reviews

At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.
Product Rating (95.43% based on 35 Reviews)
Service Rating (92.84% based on 310 )

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  • * bad sufferer of cellulitis on my hands, my hand often swells up and feels extremly tight like its going to pop, i use emuaid to reduce the swelling and tight feeling, it works almost instantly, i have never found a cream that cures this rapid. this is a must buy product.
  • * if only i knew about this stuff sooner
  • * i would suggest this product to anyone who is suffering form any kind of irritated skin, its incredible!!
  • * cellulitis is one of the most painful experiences of my life, i have had it a few times in the last year and even the doctors have been telling me to use creams such as emuaid. since buying emuaid it has really reduced the burning sensation and the swelling too
  • * eczema has been with me my entire life, i have tried sudocrem but it doesnt work, it just turn dry and doest really get rid of the itch, since moving to emuaid my annoyin itchyness has decreased so much and also the eczema has chilled out abit
  • * jsut got mine, the tub is bigger than i expected :)
  • * when im in the garden chopping the thorn bushes or trimming the branches on the trees i always manage to end up with a few slices and cuts on my arms and sometimes my face too. my wife bought me emuaid after hearing about it and its great qualities, when i use it now the cuts fade alot quicker and dont leave a nasty scar afterwards
  • * i get really annoying rashes near m vagina and i think its because i wear tight pants and in my job i do alot of sitting, this has caused some really irritatign and itchy rash that looks like eczema but its way more sore. i ordered emuaid and instantly you can feel it soothing the pain
  • * Wasn't so convinced that this would work at first, but my gawd i was wrong. My nail infection cleared within days. Excellent product and excellent company.
  • * unfortunately for my wife she has to rub the emuaid onto my horrible rashy back, often i wil get a rash on my back out of knowhwerre and the only solution for it is this emuaid cream, it works fast and really effective
  • * i use my emuaid after cycling for long hours, when i cycle i often get a rash around the buttocks inbetween my legs, i think its from the lycra but im not sure, either way its sore and my only solution is emuaid. when i put it on the rash or sore area the pain goes away almost instantly
  • * The ultimate pain relief.
  • * I got this for my mother who was suffering from lichen sclerosis. After applying daily it has almost cleared.
  • * children seem to get rashes all the time and its one of the most irritating moments for a mother, having to cure baby rashes, i found emuaid to be the fastest actign cream and i now swear by it
  • * this cream has been really helpful in the aftercare process of tattoos, i use it 2 days after getting new tattoos, when it stats to swell and goes red is when i apply the emuaid, it really stops the burning feeling and also reduces the swelling, its really good this stuff
  • * I suddenly got some big painful nasty hemorrhoids out of nowhere. I though i would let it naturally heal but it got worse. Decided to get this and to my amazement it worked. Seriously this stuff actually works. It worked nicely for me, hope it does the same for you too.
  • * Super quick delivery! thank you ShytoBuy
  • * OMG a miracle! I am in my forties and been suffering from eczema since childhood. I never really ever got rid of them. The doctor prescribed me with cream after cream. Did not find anything helpful. There was one promising one, but the problem is it never kept it away from good. The eczema always came back. I was getting depressed and running out of options, until i was recommended Emuaid by my friend from WeightWatchers classes. Although it was pricey i gave it a try. I noticed a difference almost immediately using this and soap together. I wish i was introduced to this earlier. Get this product. It works!
  • * Its not short term cure, you have to be patient. But it does work,that i can vouch for.
  • * I have had lichen sclerosis for over 5 years and know and have had to be in pain through most of that time. Its been 6 weeks since i bought Emuaid and my lichen sclerosis has completely gone. The glow in my skin has returned. Even my doctor was suprised about it. I showed him Emuaid and said the ingredients were absolutely fine. It worked for me, i dont see why it can't for you. I just go by my experiences.
  • * i used it once on my eczema and it felt amazing
  • * this is honestly some of the best stuff for getting rid of friction burns on the skin. i snowboard almost everyday in france and go for long hours, due to the amount of clothing i wear i cannot control the sweat or where it goes, i usually end up with horrible rashes all over my body, emuaid completely soothes all the burns and irritations and still lets me get up and go to the pub :)
  • * been using this for months to cure a rash i keep getting on my buttocks, it works
  • * my jock itch has been cured thanks to Emuaid/ShytoBuy
  • * love this, 10/10
  • * as a skateboarder we often have lots of small cuts and grazes, my mum being overprotective of me ordered some of this emuaid stuff to apply on my cuts and scratches after sakteboarding, to be honest it does work and whenever i have a small cut or something inflamed then emuaid sorts it right out (i will never tell my mum that)
  • * just got my emuaid and i cant wait to get started, my friend from football told me to come to this site and buy the emuaid as its the best cream for athletes foot. will update you once i use it
  • * emuaid is really amazing... i suffered from a fungal toenail infection, my toe nail swelled up and went yellow and hard on the edges, the skin and some puss would harden and crumble being extremely painful. after using emuaid for just two days the pain was alot less and the swelling and puss was gone. i really rate this stuff. 10/10
  • * Emuaid is really effective, i was out hiking with some friend when we came into contact with some poison ivy, only a small amount but it was enough to get us all itching like crazy, luckily i was carrying my emuaid which i use for all sorts of rashes and sores. after 10 minutes of rubbing the emuaid cream into our effected areas and the itching calmed by alteast 50%... its safe to say that i will be carrying emuaid every hiking trip from now on.
  • * great cream for eczema, it cured mine completely and stopped the itching immediately
  • * Excellent product, will order again soon. I would have given 5 stars but i think price is a bit high. I guess you get what you pay for.
  • * This is one of the best creams i have ever used, i use mine for heat rashes and jock itch
  • * whenever i go into the sea i get a rash inbetween my legs, its completely unexplained as to why or where it comes from, but emuaid seems to understand it and works really fast to cure it. i cant live without it now
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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