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205ml Shampoo | Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

DS Laboratories


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Tired of having to flick the flakes off your shoulders every hour or so? Brush off your flakes once and for all with Dandrene shampoo. When it comes to anti-dandruff shampoo’s this formula is revolutionary in its field and heavily backed by science to form an effective formula. Don’t be disappointed by mass-market shampoos anymore.

  • Can reduce scalp irritation to prevent flaking and itching
  • Completely sulphate free for ultra safe and gentle use
  • Uses a combination of hyper performance ingredients
  • Designed to help prevent sebum (oil) production
  • Includes many different compounds designed to help inhibit fungi
  • Aids in rejuvenating the scalp, leaving it stronger and healthier than before
  • Helps to supply key amino acid nutrition to your hair and scalp
  • Provides that much needed relief for those suffering with an aggravating itch

Dandrene antidandruff shampoo is specifically designed to reduce the scalp oil that feeds on the fungi. This allows it to reduce irritation, scratching and dandruff, for many it’s a welcomed relief from incessant scratching. Order yours today by 4 pm and you could be feeling fresh with a healthy head of hair by tomorrow.

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Type: Shampoo
Size: 205 ml

What is Dandrene?

It’s undergone advanced development in the DS Laboratories, Dandrene provides an innovative scientifically formulated blend to help relieve embarrassing signs of dandruff. Dandrene shampoos offer relief for those who find themselves overwhelmed with oiliness, and are concerned with fungal odour. It aims to help provide you with fresh smelling, healthy hair.

Dandrene makes use of various effective antifungal agents and natural extracts that have been used for many years in traditional, modern beauty and natural extracts fighting the flaky signs many of us dread. Highlighting it as not only an ultimate premium solution but also an effective one.

How does it work?

Antimycotic technology is used in Dandrene shampoo, which can help to stop fungi forming. This works by helping to dry up any excess oil that may feed on the fungi while repairing and rejuvenating the scalp.

This advanced formula works in 3 main ways:

  • Targeting the infectious malassezia, which is the fungi that feeds on excess sebum.
  • Helps to control and dry up excess sebum that feeds on the fungi. This can prevent you from getting a greasy scalp.
  • It’s formulated in a way that can deliver vital nutrients, which can support and rebuild your scalp and hair to maintain an overall healthier environment.

Dandrene shampoo incorporates the active ingredient climbazole combined with manuka, willow and brewers yeast. All these contribute to inhibiting the itching and flaking that often comes with dandruff and helps to combat the condition at the source.

What causes dandruff?

Despite the common assumption that it is linked to dry or oily skin, styling products or washing your hair too often, the real cause of dandruff is far from it. Advances in science and hair care technology have discovered a type of yeast called Malassezia, which tends to have a taste for skin oils. Unfortunately, it also thrives off sebaceous glands, meaning it causes dandruff when it makes an encounter with sebum.

At any one time, million of sebum can be found on a person’s head and a lot of the time live in harmony to maintain healthy scalps. However, this healthy relationship can be broken when an increase of sebum production happens on your head. The excess sebum produced allows the fungi to feed on it, which in turn causes an acidic irritation and increased cell turnover. But don’t disappear, Dandrene shampoo is at hand with multiple compounds designed specifically to inhibit the unwanted fungi and stop the production of dandruff.

What are the ingredients?

Chosen because they can provide the best results, some of the key beneficial ingredients in the Dandrene shampoo include:

Climbaziole- Proven time and time again in clinical studies, this broad spectrum antimycotic has been proven to be effective in fighting against malassezia and is the main active ingredient within the formula.

Willow- This ingredient gently combats any oily dandruff flakes, which should in turn help to sooth any soreness, redness and itchy sensations.

Brewers Yeast- Providing a rich source of essential B vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids it leaves your hair with a better chance of becoming stronger and shinier than ever before.

Manuka- This particular shrub aids the prevention of the fungi ‘malassezia’ from spreading. You will find the white flowers of this particular shrub also help to make honey!

How do I use Dandrene shampoo?

For best results you should apply the shampoo onto wet hair. You only need to use a small amount and simply work it into lather on your hair and scalp, then rinse. Aim to repeat this process, leave on for 2 minutes before you rinse away again. The Dandrene shampoo can safely be used 3-4 times a week.

Safe to use

You should only use Dandrene Shampoo if you actually have dandruff. Avoid using if you have inflamed or broken skin, as this may aggravate it further. In order to gain the best results, it’s important to use as directed.


Ordering at ShytoBuy couldn't be easier. Simply click on the 'add to basket' icon and enter the simple checkout procedure. Once in the checkout, you will be given several payment and delivery methods to suit your needs. If you order before 4 pm you can receive your Dandrene the very next working day. Stop brushing your shoulders constantly and scratching your head looking for an answer and join the thousands that are using this proven and effective formula today.