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Can Breast Size Change Naturally?

Many people think that breast enlargement or reduction is only possible through surgery. However, truth is that breast size can increase or decrease naturally due to number of reasons.
Let’s looks the common reasons that can cause change in breasts size and shape

Breasts and issues related to it are of high concern to most women. The reason is simple – breasts are one of the main highlights of a woman’s body and it is highly likely for women to be bothered and concerned about it. However, there is a lot of misconception among women regarding the size of breasts. Most women think that once they finish teenage, their breast size with stay unchanged. But, that is simply not true. A lot of things can causes changes in size and shape of breasts. In fact, there are times when breast size changes significantly within a short period of time. In this piece we discuss the causes of breast size change in details.

Causes of breast size change

  • Ageing

As your age increases, breast tissues begin to lose their elasticity. This is mainly due to natural decline of the oestrogen hormone. Decline in oestrogen causes loss of firmness and fullness in breasts, making them saggy. This is the reason most women notice a significant change in their breast size after menopause

  • Weight loss or gain

Breast size is mainly determined by the fat content within the breast and the milk-producing glands. Any change in the amount of fat stored in the body is likely to have an impact on size of breasts. So, if you have lost a lot of weight or have gained a few pounds, it is highly likely that your bras don’t fit you same as before.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Hormonal and weight changes during pregnancy can change a woman’s breast size naturally. Many women gain few cup sizes after they conceive, while when they start nursing breasts begin to get smaller and become saggy.

  • Others

Use of oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy, wearing tight brassieres, polycystic ovarian disease, breast surgery, breast cancer and cyst formation can also have an impact on breast size.

Firming and toning breasts naturally

Any change in the breast size or shape can affect your overall appearance and can have an impact on your self-confidence. Reduction in breast size, sagging of breasts or reduced firmness can leave a lot of women worried. Fortunately there are natural breast enlargement products that can help grow breast size painlessly and safely. Here at ShytoBuy we stock a wide range of natural breast enlargement products that either promote hormone level in body to increase breast size or improve the amount of blood to pumped to the bust region to enhance the firmness.