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Fertility Tests for Men and Women


Are you finding it’s taking a bit longer than expected? babystart FertilTests are an essential tool for couples who want to start a family but are struggling to do so. This handy and effective kit provides important information as to why conception may be more difficult than it should, all in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

  • Fertility tests for both partners
  • Over 95% accurate for both tests
  • Convenient and discreet to use in your own home
  • Helps decide whether fertility treatment is necessary
  • May help to prevent months of trying for a baby in vein
  • Each kit costs just £8, much cheaper than a clinic

What Are babystart FertilTests?

They are the first of their kind, becoming the ultimate DIY fertility test pack set to use at home for couples looking to start a family. The tests are completely CE certified and there are two tests for each partner. These are designed to give accurate and effective results about your reproductive health. The aim of babystart FertilTests are to indicate whether it’s worth seeing a doctor or specialist about your fertility health sooner rather than later if either of the tests comes back negative.

babystart FertilTests not only offers crucial information about you and your partners fertility, but it can also provide you with peace of mind as well. Planning for a family often isn’t as straight forward as many people think and that’s why this discreet option to see if you do require a helping hand is a leading choice for many couples hoping to conceive.

How Do The babystart FertilTests Work?

The female fertility tests are designed to measure your levels of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). A high level of this hormone can be linked to infertility. You can see how your levels are doing by the positive and negative lines that are provided on the midstream test wand. It can help you establish whether you’re pre-menopausal or if your fertility levels are low.

The male fertility test works by staining cells you have provided in your semen sample to produce a colour. The intensity of the colour can be compared to a reference chart where by you can establish your sperm concentration that you’ve produced. This will help you to establish whether it’s higher or lower than it should be. This fertility test works by the guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO), whereby the standard amount of sperm is 15 million per millilitre.

If you gain positive results, this can be a good indicator that your reproductive health is in good order. If your results do happen to come back negative, don’t worry (stress definitely doesn’t help!) it simply means you can tackle your fertility concerns sooner rather than later and see a specialist about it.

How Do I Use My babystart FertilTests?

If you’re a male using the tests, simple collect your semen sample in the cup provided. The male test kit is 97% accurate and aims to identify whether your sperm count is higher or lower than the recommended 15 million per ml. Once you have provided your sample, wait for 15 minutes, and then add to it the semen plus solution provided. Results should be ready to read after a further 15 minutes.

If you are a female using the babystart FertilTests kit, firstly remove the strip from the foil pouch and than dip it into a urine sample for up to 15 seconds. It is important to then lay this fertility test on a flat surface for 5 minutes and you should start to see results appearing. The female test is up to 99% accurate and checks for levels of FSH.

How Do I Order My babystart FertilTests?

It’s a really effective and discreet way of gaining knowledge about your fertility and what your options are. With four tests in a box, these fertility tests are great value for money! Remember we offer next day deliver before 4pm on any working day. Simply click on the ‘Add to Basket’ button below to take advantage of this great babystart FertilTests kit.

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reviews 4.5

93.14% based on 101 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Testing fertility has become so easy.. great product

R Ryan
Verified Purchase

I recommend this to all couples who are planning a baby. 5/5 from me

P Paul Morgan
Verified Purchase

as described had no problems. would recommend.

J John
Verified Purchase

Used thisfor our tests - they seemed to work ok - following instructions it guided us. simple to use

F Faye
Verified Purchase

found out my balls were workin and spunked her up in a month hopein for a baby boy happy happydays :)

D Darren
Verified Purchase

Much more complicated to do than other tests on the market, but this one really works. Takes about 2 hours to test and doesn't make you feel like there's something wrong with you (because the other test doesn't work). Easy to read results and if you believe the hype, this tests more than just sperm concentration: tests how they swim too

S Samuel
Verified Purchase

Worth the money as this actually works. Don't waste your money on cheaper alternatives

A Aaron
Verified Purchase

over the moon with this finally we found something that works!!

R Reece
Verified Purchase

Tried many other product but they just gave inconsistent results this was more complicated but well worth it just follow the instructions

A Aliyah
Verified Purchase

value for money 10/10

J Joe

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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