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Activated Charcoal Powder Bundle

Combo | Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Set


Achieve a brighter, vibrant smile with the Activated Charcoal Powder Bundle! This unique bundle covers your teeth whitening needs with the Activated Charcoal Powder with Bamboo Toothbrush set and an extra pack of Activated Charcoal Powder for good measure. These products combine to naturally whiten your teeth and keep your breath feeling fresh. Feel confident in your smile with this convenient bundle to save you from visiting the dentist!

  • Eco Masters mysmile Activated Charcoal Powder with Bamboo Toothbrush
  • mysmile Activated Charcoal Powder

What Can I Find In The Activated Charcoal Powder Bundle?

How To Use The Activated Charcoal Powder Bundle

To get the most out of your Activated Charcoal Powder Bundle, here’s what you need to do:

If you’re choosing to whiten your teeth naturally with charcoal teeth whitening powder, why ruin it with a plastic and BPA-riddled toothbrush? Instead, use your Bamboo Toothbrush when the time comes to brush your teeth!

Make sure you clean and wet your toothbrush before dipping it into the Activated Charcoal Powder. Once you’re ready, put the powder covered toothbrush in your mouth and proceed to brush in small and gentle circles. Continue to brush in circular motions for 3-4 minutes. Once you’ve finished, thoroughly rinse your mouth out with water. With an extra pack of Activated Charcoal Powder in this bundle, you can be sure your teeth whitening needs will be covered for a while - let your smile shine bright!

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93.85% based on 25 Reviews

Verified Purchase

I'm always looking for sustainable alternatives and this bundle is perfect for dental health

I Izzy
Verified Purchase

You can never have enough charcoal powder so this bundle has meant I don't have to worry about stocking up again soon

R Ryan
Verified Purchase

You can really feel the bamboo brsuh really working in the charcoal powder

M Myles
Verified Purchase

Does look a bit weird the first time you use it but it's so easy to wash away

J Josh
Verified Purchase

What a saving! Great price for a great bundle!

S Sammy
Verified Purchase

This works really well with the mysmile teeth whitening kit

T Tom
Verified Purchase

Left my breath feeling very refreshed. Much better than the toothpaste I was using before

S Steph
Verified Purchase

Read up about this powder and thought I had to try it... well worth it!

D Dominique
Verified Purchase

I was put off by the powder leaving your teeth looking really black but there's nothing to worry about as it rinses away easily

B Beatrice
Verified Purchase

Good combo think I'll be buying again

S Sheila

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