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Acne Management Serum

30ml Serum | Advanced Skincare Formula



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Acnegen Acne Management Serum is made up using benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid and plant extracts that are designed to help control the bacterium that causes acne. This also helps to reduce sebum production that is too high. Regular use of Acnegen Acne Management Serum can help promote smoother, softer and clearer skin.

  • Acnegen Serum helps to reduce skin imperfections
  • Controls bad bacteria
  • Helps promote visibly clearer skin
  • Helps prevent future outbreaks
  • Controls sebum levels
  • Reveals softer, smoother and healthier skin
  • Instant blemish control
  • Clear skin therapy
  • Natural & effective ingredients
  • Soothes skin irritation and strengthens skin cells
  • Next day delivery

This adnaced formula works skin deep to help ensure that the root cause of your acne is tackled. Made using powerful natural ingredients, the acne serum helps fight against excess levels of sebum to help allivieate acne.

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Type: Serum
Size: 30 ml. (1 floz)

How does Acnegen Acne Management Serum work?

This acne fighting serum contains 5% USP grade benzoyl peroxide that works deep into the pores to help reduce the bad bacteria that causes skin blemishes. Other ingredients in the formula work together to help soothe rashes and irritation.

Also included is 5% glycolic acid, which provides exfoliating properties to help soothe the skin gently. All the ingredients come together to help get rid of impurities in the skin pores that may be causing acne breakouts.

Sebum is an oily substance produced by sebaceous glands. Your skin needs sebum, but too much can cause oily skin, which may lead to acne. This compound is essential in ensuring that your sebum production is healthy whilst helping to maintain hydrated skin. Using Acnegen Acne Management Serum can help work towards a healthier and younger skin tone. The ingredients have been chosen for their known ability to help gain smoother, softer and a clearer complexion.

What are the ingredients?

5% Benzoyl Peroxide
Designed to help fight acne-causing bacteria. It is also an antibiotic that helps to gently cleanse the skin by fighting bacteria that clogs pores.
5% Glycolic Acid
Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane. It contains tiny molecules that are able to penetrate deep into your skin to help target the root cause of your acne breakouts.
Arnica Flower Extract
Native to mountain regions in Europe, arnica flower extract is known to help reduce pain and inflammation whilst helping to reinforce skin cells.
Goldenseal Extract
Native to North America, it contains anti-inflammatory properties. The extract of goldenseal is a natural herb that helps to eliminate the bacteria that causes redness and breakouts.
Echinacea Extract
Known to help boost immunity and help fight bacteria, Echinacea extract can also help to improve skin moisture, help with premature ageing and help reduce skin inflammation.

How do I use Acnegel Acne Management Serum?

Using this acne serum is very simple. Simply apply to your face and neck (take care to make sure you avoid any contact with your eyes). Let the serum soak in for a few moments before applying any other products. For best results, you should apply Acnegel Acne Management Serum twice a day.

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