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5 Ways To Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

Are you tired of doing the same old thing every time the 14th of February comes around? Whether you’re worried about things going a bit stale, wanting to impress a new partner or just looking for something new, here are 5 great ways to give your Valentine’s Day a bit more sizzle!

1. Set The Scene

When it comes to a romantic and sexy night, it’s all about setting the scene! Find out what your partner likes and what turns them on and then use that to your advantage! Take them out for a nice meal, put on some music, light some candles - whatever is needed to get you both ready for the night ahead.

2. Roleplay & Fantasy

If you feel comfortable with your partner, why not turn up the heat with some roleplay? You can live your deepest desires in a safe place and it can really do wonders for your sex life! Try meeting at a bar with exotic names, dressing up as your fantasy characters or take some inspiration from 50 shades - whatever floats your Valentine’s boat!

3. Toys & Accessories

Introducing something new to the bedroom can be a great way to add some excitement! You can start small with some sexy underwear, get the heart pounding with some handcuffs or go big with a vibrator or ring. As long as you are comfortable (and using them correctly), these can be an easy addition that can really take things up a notch. Plus, you can keep the excitement going by trying something new each year!

4. Foods

Many people think of what they want to do in the moment to spice things up, but you can do just as much before! There’s a whole range of foods that can help with different aspects of your sex life, including drive, energy and libido. You can try those known to be an aphrodisiac such as Chocolate, Oysters, Ginkgo Biloba or Maca or those known to give you an energy boost such as Coffee, Guarana and amino acids.

5. Supplements, Creams & Sprays

If foods aren’t enough for you, why not incorporate sexual products into your daily routine? Going natural with these means they don’t have to be scary as they can help to give you a safe boost in the area you need. These can be ideal in the short term by helping you to feel aroused and get it up on the night, or in the long term by boosting your overall desire, drive and mood.

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