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150ml Gel | Advanced Formula for Cellulite

DS Laboratories


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Help eliminate the appearance of fat deposits, cellulite and unsightly dimples. Oligo.DX uses state of the art Nanosome technology formulated by the renowned DS laboratories. Its natural formula works to penetrate deep into multiple skin layers to help neutralise fat and reduce cellulite. The active ingredients contained in Oligo.DX help to reduce the appearance of cellulite while also promoting smoother and silkier skin.

  • Helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Boosts overall body confidence
  • Helps to delivers fast absorption without massaging
  • Over a 15-hour period ingredients are released using nanosomes
  • Made from completely natural ingredients for healthy absorption
  • Helps to leave skin appearance smoother and healthier than before
  • Next day UK delivery

Through the use of Nanosome technology, Oligo.DX gel disperses ingredients in tiny spheres. These spheres are able to penetrate the skin more effectively and help to dissolve cellulite without the need to massage the area. This fast absorption and ability to travel through many layers of skin distribute ingredients slowly, showing this gel is completely unique compared to any other gels out there.

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Size: 150 ml.
Type: Cream

What is Oligo.DX?

This gel is a scientific breakthrough in skin care and the result from years of clinical research at DS laboratories. From the studies many women have been able to see a reduction of appearance of cellulite from just 14 days of use, making it the perfect holiday solution to tackle unwanted wobbly bits before you hit the beach! This cellulite reducing gel has a high concentration of pure Hydrocotylee used alongside other ingredients intended to help enhance skin and help to reduce cellulite.

How does it work?

Unlike many cellulite creams that only work on the outer layer of skin without penetrating the dermis, Oligo.DX goes deep through the skin. It does so through a Nanosome delivery system developed by DS laboratories. Each Nanosome is small, roughly 200 times smaller than a human skin cell, which enables it to travel through many layers of skin. It helps to merge cellular tissue enabling the slow release of the ingredients.

Once the Oligo.DX is applied on to the outer layer of the skin, the Nanosomes within it will also help to penetrate the epidermis layer of skin. Once they have located to the desired area (the cellulite), the ingredients will be released by the Nanosomes to help combat against dimples and bumps and localised fatty deposits. In addition to delivering straight to the specific location, the active ingredients within Nanosomes will be gently released over a 15-hour period.

Once settled inside the skin, the ingredients from Oligo.DX help to dilate the capillaries. This helps remove toxins and fat from fatty tissue and help to stimulate cell regeneration and drainage. These processes are designed to help with improvements in reducing cellulite dimples and can help leave your skin feeling smoother than before. Unlike any other similar products, Oligo.DX shouldn’t dry out your skin and can actually leave it looking healthier than before.

What can Oligo.DX do for me?

It helps in the fight against cellulite through its ingredients that are able to penetrate deeply into skin layers pinpointing fat deposits at their source for long-term benefits. This pleasant smelling gel is incredibly easy to apply and quickly absorbs and lasts for around 12 hours, leaving it to be the ideal choice for many women across the world.

How and when do I use Oligo.DX?

Simply apply a small amount of the gel on to the problem cellulite areas and massage in with a circular motion.

You only need to apply Oligo.DX once a day for 30 days. If you wish to maintain and enhance your results, you should carry out maintenance applications every few months.

Fast results

You may have had experience with various other cellulite creams and gels which seem to take ages to work, if at all. However, Oligo.DX has been formulated to help work effectively leaving your skin feeling supple and healthy. 89% of users when using this cream experience a reduction appearance of their cellulite, with 1 out of 10 users continuing to use it.

Is it safe to use?

Dedication by the experts at DS Laboratories means that the Oligo.DX gel formula has been developed using only high tech and safe ingredients. If used as directed you shouldn’t experience any unwanted side effects due to the research in to the effects and quality of this product.

What are the ingredients?

The ingredients in the Oligo.DX gel have been chosen especially for their ability to reduce cellulite and lessen the appearance of any fatty deposits. The key active ingredients used alongside Hydrocotylee include:

Horsetail extract contains properties that help to boost collagen, elastin and connective tissue while also lessening excess water storage and the appearance of cellulite.

The ivy plant contains fantastic anti-fungal and cellulite control properties.

Bladderwrack has high iodine content, which can help to increase your metabolism and help stimulate your thyroid glands.

Caffeine works to help energise and help tighten the skin while promoting better circulation.

How do I order my Oligo.DX?

Ordering Oligo.DX from ShytoBuy is quick and easy. You could start overcoming your cellulite as early as tomorrow with our next day delivery on orders placed before 4pm on all working days.