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60 Capsules | Nature’s Answer to Hair Growth
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Hair is an incredibly important aspect of our appearance - you only need glance at a high street pharmacists shelves, and the endless rows of products, to get the idea! So when we feel dissatisfied with what we see in the mirror, it can be very easy to lose confidence and feel insecure. To help you take a positive step forward in addressing a seemingly impossible worry, maxmedix formulated their revolutionary Hair-Plus capsules.

  • Ideal for weak and thinning hair
  • Based on groundbreaking research
  • Innovative AnaGain™ & Bamboo Extract
  • Enriched with Biotin, Copper and Zinc
  • With DNA microarray technology
  • Vegetarian friendly & gluten free

Five incredible active ingredients are included - each of the two plant derivatives, two minerals and one vitamin were selected with perfect precision. These work in harmonious synergy, each chosen with research-motivated decisiveness as regards to hair, so that Hair-Plus provides a uniquely potent formula. You may have tried endless products - but maxmedix has found a way to go right to your roots!

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The Hair-Raising Concern of Thinning

There’s no doubt that a thick, lusciously full head of hair is a key sign of youth, vitality, health and beauty - but there’s also no doubt that some of us will struggle to maintain this appearance. Various factors can play a role often differing across the sexes. With male pattern baldness, the clue is very much in the name, although women can also struggle with this. They are, however, more likely to suffer hair loss due to medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, medications like oral contraceptives, or stress due to physiological and emotional reasons. These factors are also likely to interact with and exacerbate each other. What unifies men and women in this regard, however, is a distinct impact on self-esteem and individual happiness, with possible damage done even to mental health. It’s imperative, therefore, that a potential aid is found.

Amazing AnaGain™

This incredible active is the newest force in the hair thinning market, taking the world by storm! Beginning with fascinating Organic Pea Shoots, these incredible plants’ high nutrient level is used by them to protect their vulnerable growing strands from diseases, UV rays and pollutants until they reach maturity. One cannot blame scientists for wondering if these amazing abilities might also be able to benefit our own bodies - and they struck gold!

Taking out dedicated research, volunteer participants completed two months of treatment, with three measurement sessions and lost hair gathered for counting everyday. At each point, the mean hair fall results showed a significant reduction of lost hair, with an average of -34% after one month and -37% after two. Furthermore, 86% of individuals lost less hair everyday, with 76% expressing a desire to continue using the product. With AnaGain™, you’re truly enjoying the benefits of market-leading research!

Brilliant Bamboo Extract

This plant is so iconic as to be instantly recognisable around the world - not only is it the foodstuff of the adored panda, it’s an irreplaceable component of Chinese culture and tradition. One of the quickest growing plants in the world, certain species hold a world record for growing 91 cm in just a day! In addition, it is highly durable and flexible. These incredible traits are down to one component, the oxidised form of silicon, silica. This highly abundant element is found across the whole spectrum of natural life, including in our own bodies! Scientific studies into silicon are linking it to benefits regarding addressing hair loss.

The Hair-Plus Formula

Combining the hair-loving traits of Bamboo Extract and AnaGain™ were not enough for Maxmedix - they were determined to deliver you with the most powerful hair revitalising agents available! Both Zinc and Biotin, or Vitamin B7, are considered to be essential micronutrients, interacting with vast numbers of enzymes across our bodies. Both of these are understood to play a role regarding normal, healthy hair. For an extra boost, Copper, highly regarded for its protective traits, is known to contribute to normal hair pigmentation. Together, these five factors aim to comprehensively reinvigorate your aim. You truly could not hope for a more perfectly balanced approach to your hair thinning worries!

Complete List of Ingredients

Active - Bamboo Extract (75% Silica), AnaGain™ (Organic Pea Shoots), Zinc Oxide, Copper Gluconate, D-Biotin. Capsule Shell: HPMC. Bulking Agent: Rice Flour. Anti-Caking Agents (Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide).

Enjoying Hair-Plus

To enjoy the remarkable benefits of the five active factors encapsulated within Hair-Plus, simply take two capsules, at around the same time everyday, with a full glass of water. For maximal enjoyment, we recommend taking them continuously on an ongoing basis, and investing in long-term use. Please exercise patience, as even an immediate boost to hair development at the scalp will take time to progress to the lengths of your hair.

Extra Info

Every product of maxmedix’ laboratories is created with an ultimate focus toward providing powerful yet body-kind dietary supplements. However, please be careful to check through the full ingredients, just in case of any personal allergens. If you’re on any medication or under medical supervision, or you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your doctor prior to taking.

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  • My hair is looking a bit better but wanted more from this

    H Harry

  • My hair is looking so much better since using this and I can't believe it!

    S Stan

  • my hair is really growing with this

    I Ian

  • My hair looks a lot better after using this

    D David

  • This is amazing, I have been using this for just over 2 months now and I can see visble results! I am honestly astounded by this product and recommend to anyone suffering from hair loss or thinning at a mild to moderate degree.

    F Fernandito

  • Amazing, easy to take and incorporate into my daily routine and I can see improvements after 2 months... Its only downfall is the price, but if it works... I'll pay!

    A Anonymous

  • Excellent hair loss supplement. Much better than foligain in my opinion after 1 month of usage. Will carry on

    J Jill

  • Great stuff, told my boys about this as well as its given my confidence back. I am only 29 and went bald so this is amazing for me.

    R RyanDUBLIN

  • I suffered from alopecia and this got me back to my previous self after using it for 3 months. I now go out with my freinds to social events as before I really didnt like how i looked. Thank you Hair-Plus!

    E Eileen

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