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60 Capsules | Clinically Proven Hair Loss Supplement




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Hair-Plus is a revolutionary new hair loss and hair thinning product that uses nature’s most powerful ingredients to prevent and fight against hair loss. Hair-Plus works by stimulating the follicle at the root to start new hair growth and prevent hair thinning and fall in the course. This innovative formula is suitable for both men and women with Alopecia and acts on this in a targeted manner on a cellular scale promoting a stronger and thicker look to your hair with less balding patches.

  • Provides hair loss reduction after just 1 month of use.
  • Contributes to a 78% increase in hair growth after just 3 months of use.
  • Supports fuller and thicker hair.
  • Prolongs the life cycle of hair.
  • Restores the vitality of hair
  • Aims to enhance and achieve denser hair.
  • Helps to reduce hair loss.
  • Suitable for men & women
  • Save 30% on a 6 month course with free discreet delivery

Hair-Plus is based on the natural extracts of young pea shoots (AnaGain™ Nu). These contain powerful bioactive ingredients that stimulate growth and rebalance the life cycle of the hair giving it more vitality. Various studies have shown that the use of Hair-Plus reactivated 78% of hair loss sufferer’s hair follicles enabling regrowth from the cellular level of the hair cycle.

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What is Hair-Plus?

Every day, researchers discover new plants that have the potential to help with so many conditions in today. Mibelle Biochemistry has been able to correlate the regenerative powers of young pea shoots and their possible utility in the fight against hair loss in new found research.

Why specifically pea shoots? They contain highly concentrated phyto-nutrients during their critical growth phase and with the new research this ingredient shows clinical evidence of it helping hair loss. Phyto-nutrients help protect against diseases, UV rays and pollutants until they reach maturity.

Hair-Plus was to take advantage of this favourable biological finding to extract the greatest number of phyto-nutrients possible. The ingredients extracted make it possible to reactivate the failing hair follicles at a coefficient of 4 to 7.2, an increase of 78%. It also extends the growth time of the hair by delaying the time of its fall which corresponds to the telogen phase.

Bioassay Study Results

Gene expression analysis was conducted on plucked hair bulbs following a two week treatment with 2% AnaGain™Nu. The study results showed an up-regulation of Noggin by 56% and FGF-7 by 85%. These results demonstrate that AnaGain™ Nu is able to stimulate the dermal papilla to induce the growth of a new hair.

Bioassay Study Results

Clinical Study Results

Clinical Study Results

The effects of AnaGain™ Nu on hair loss were evaluated on a test panel comprising 21 volunteers suffering from mild to moderate hair loss. 100mg of AnaGain™ Nu was taken on a daily basis by the volunteers in a drink of their choice for a period of two months. Hair loss counts were evaluated over three days – at the beginning of the study, following one month and after two months.

  • AnaGain™ Nu showed a statistically significant hair loss reduction after one month (-34%) and two months (-37%)
  • Visibly improved hair density
  • Volunteers noticed the hair loss reduction and wished to continue the application

The supplement Hair-Plus is particularly suitable for women with fine hair and the men suffering from hair loss. It is both an excellent growth stimulator and stabiliser that provides a beneficial physiological balance to the scalp. It is also recommended for people who lose more than 100 hair strands a day on average.

Its innovative formulation and its new approach in the fight against hair loss earned the supplement Hair-Plus the Beyond Beauty award where it received the award for the most advanced ingredient of year

How does Hair-Plus work?

The supplement Hair-Plus has been designed with a technology based on DNA microarrays. Hair-Plus stimulates specific signal molecules found in the dermal papilla. These same molecules are essential for the reactivation of the hair regrowth in the failing hair follicles. To do this, 2 ingredients play a major role:

  • NOG: a protein that helps to lengthen the growth phase of the hair (anagen) to the detriment of its phase of fall (telogen). NOG is a protein known in the development of the tissues of our body (muscles, bones, hair).
  • FGF7: a type 7 fibroblast growth factor, stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes and endothelial cells.

Specifically, the Hair-Plus formula optimises and increases efficacy in the Noggin and FGF7 in dermal papilla cells. This is in order to facilitate the birth and growth of new hair shoots. In addition to limiting the hair loss, the Hair-Plus supplement makes it possible to have more volume and healthier hair. It extends the life cycle of the hair to slowly fill the bare areas naturally. The nutritious properties it provides helps hair grow in a healthy and supportive environment. The hair fibers are healthier and more supple and have a reinforced keratin that protects them from external aggressions such as UV rays from the sun.


Take 2 capsules per day (100mg). Users have reported experiencing change after one month of use following the recommended usage. Hair-Plus recommend that you take the nutritional hair supplement for at least 3 months to see optimal results.


Bamboo Extract (bambusa arundinacea, 75% silica)
A regenerating property and facilitates effectiveness in the intake of minerals. Rich in silicon, it strengthens the hair fibres and gives volume to the hair whilst nourishing them so they don’t go brittle and coarse to touch.
AnaGain™ Nu (Organic Pea Shoots)
Reduces hair loss by reactivating dormant dermal papilla cells. Reactivating these induces the follicle from the root to not only grow but to maintain hair health so no hair fall occurs promoting a thicker and fuller head of hair.
Zinc Oxide
A natural antibacterial and protects hair fibers by acting as a filter against UV rays. UV rays damage the follicle and the root when exposed too much and it is important to protect the basics of what can cause hair loss. It also has beneficial soothing properties on the scalp.
Copper Gluconate
Its high absorption rate delays hair loss and promotes their pigmentation, which helps prevent the appearance of white and grey hair. It also aids in the nutrients that the hair can feed from and helps to nature them to full health and offer a fighting chance for every hair follicle to grow to its full hair life cycle.
More commonly known as vitamin B8, it is the only bio-available vitamin and the most effective. It is necessary for cell growth and the production of amino acids. It is highly recommended to strengthen the hair and is a high talking point amongst trichologists for its effectiveness and being natural.

Safe to Use

Hair-Plus is a completely natural hair loss supplement and due to this has no known side effects. As always with any supplement we ask you to check the label thoroughly for any allergic ingredients that may have an adverse effect on you. If you are still unsure, please contact your local physican. Always follow the recommended dosage.


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