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Bathmate Hercules

Male Enhancement Pump




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The Bathmate Hercules penis enlargement device is a groundbreaking and revolutionary product that has taken the world by storm. The hydropump therapy technique has a high success rate and only has to be used a maximum of 15 minutes per day. It uses air and water to create a vacuum around your penis and in doing so you can gain a stronger erection, that can in the long term result in gradual permanent enlargement.

  • Helps to increase your length and girth
  • Comes with a complimentary 2-year manufacturers warranty
  • Bathmate Hercules has clinical data backing its method of penile extention
  • Harder and stronger erections
  • Medically endorsed and recommended by Dr. James Barada, MD
  • Can be worn in the shower or bath for just 15 minutes a day
  • High quality materials and patented technology
  • Completely safe to use
  • Free discreet delivery and packaging

If like thousands of other men, you don’t like taking pills or wearing extenders for hours on end, then the Bathmate Hercules is for you. Wear for just 15 minutes per day to ensure that you make the most of your manhood. It’s the number one choice for men worldwide, and now it can be yours too.

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The Bathmate Penis Pump is the world’s first hydropump. It harnesses the great power of water and air to create a safe but effective vacuum around your penis. As well as helping to provide you with short-term benefits such as stronger erections, it can also offer great long-term benefits such as gains in both length and girth. It’s also been made from only high-grade materials to ensure your comfort and above all else, safety.


The Bathmate Hercules uses patented technology that uses the sheer power of water and air to help you gain length and girth to your penis. To understand how it works, you must first know how the penis is constructed. It’s made from 3 parts. The top 2 are known as the corpora cavernosa and the spongy one below is the corpus spongiosum. With regular use of the Bathmate Hercules, you will find an influx in the amount of blood drawn to your member. This increase in blood flow helps to generate new blood cells to grow resulting in a larger member.


The Bathmate Hercules penis enlargement device is very easy to operate. You can use it whilst standing in the shower or lying in the bath. Begin by filling the cylinder with water and then inserting your penis into it. Place the base of the pump flush with your skin to create a tight seal. Then begin to pump until you create a comfortable vacuum level. Leave on for 5 minutes and then release the vacuum air using the valve at the tip of the device and massage the penis. You should do this 3 times for a maximum of minutes total.

Clinical References and Documentation

Bathmate was the first of its kind to bring in hydropump therapy to the male enhancement industry with proven and effective studies showing the efficacy and effectiveness of its application to penis elongation. The patented technology has undergone extensive research and study and below are studies that show conclusively why Bathmate has cemented itself as a market leader in the male enhancement industry.

  • A study to determine penile oxygen saturation before and after vacuum therapy in patients with Erectile Dysfunction – for the full clinical study click here.
  • The molecular mechanisms of vacuum therapy – for the full clinical study click here
  • Penile rehabilitation with a vacuum erectile device in an animal model is related to an antihypoxic mechanism: blood gas evidence – for the full clinical study click here
  • The use of a vacuum pump therapy to straighten the penis as a result of Peyronie's disease – for the full clinical study click here.


Short-term results such as an increase in erection strength and stamina can be experienced after a few weeks of daily use. However for long-term results, you must continue use for 8-12 months. Please note that this is a guide, and results can vary with each individual user due to physiology of the individual.


Bathmate Hercules is a brand new Hydropump that uses the power of water and air to help create an effective vacuum around the penis. This helps to stimulate blood flow to the penis helping to enhance the member in size and girth.

The Bathmate Hercules is specifically designed to help increase size as well as aid in improving the strength of erections. It has been tried and tested with positive feedback from our customers..

Clinical backing of its hydropump therapy and thousands of worldwide satisfied customers. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have shared their positive experiences with Bathmate.


Cleaning your Hercules device is very easy. Simply submerge into a sink of warm water and Bathmate Sterilising Tablets and leave for 20 minutes. Then simply brush the inside and out and dry with a cloth or towel.


The Bathmate Hercules penis enlargement device is very easy to use and extremely safe. All the materials used are made from high quality materials for your safety and comfort. If used as directed and you do not over pump you should not experience and unwanted side effects or discomfort.


HERCULES Hydromax X30 Hydromax X40 Hydromax Xtreme X30 Hydromax Xtreme X40
£54.99 £98.95 £128.95 £189.95 £218.95
Penis Size (when erect) 2-7 inches 2-7 inches
7-9 inches 2-7 inches 7-9 inches
Suction Power Standard 35% more power than the Hercules and Goliath 35% more power than the Hercules and Goliath 35% more power than the Hercules and Goliath 35% more power than the Hercules and Goliath
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years
Measurement Gauge
Comfort Pads -
Latch Valve System -
Pump Accessories - - -
Hand Pump - - -

Customer Reviews
At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

Product Rating (94% based on 40 Reviews)

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Service Rating (92.84% based on 310 )

  • * AAA+ It seems to work very good!
  • * i really enjoy wearing the pump, the feelings are reall nice, i use it daily, but only for the required time. i dont want to damage my penis
  • * i wasnt expecting a rocket ship to arrive in the post, forget the size of the machine and check out what it does to ur penis, incredible!
  • * working well for me, thanks
  • * i was expecting results but i wasnt expecting to see it grow how it has.
  • * incredible pump
  • * i never thought that after a period of time that the penis would remain large. its nice to know i dont have to use it every day of my life.
  • * using the product for the first time, was a weird experience, interesting to see what the results will be after 1 week.
  • * this is a MUST BUY if you are having issues with penis size.
  • * i get my wife to do it for me, then we play. its a great way to start a session :)
  • * really nice!
  • * i HAVE to share my experience, so for the first time in my life i had a one night stand, the girl slept over and to my surprise she was still there in the morning, and i will never forget the words that came out of her mouth, "you are really good, can we do that again" its life changing to hear words like this and i know its down to the Bathmate Hercules. it has to be
  • * already seeing a difference in size!! i didnt think it would be so quick
  • * from small to big in a few weeks
  • * WOOOW!!
  • * i would love to share my experience with this product, i started using it a month ago, i use it daily for the required time and its made everything to do with my soldier so much better
  • * the size of the machine is quite big, but other than that it does work and it works very well. i just need a dedicated space to hide... its not something you can put on your dining table
  • * i love the feeling when its pumping, it goes tingly and the pressure feels nice.
  • * such a great name for the product, i feel like hercules himself has given me his secet method. his pump
  • * consider the bathmate hercules your new best friend, i have become some what emotionally attached to mine, as it makes my penis grow i have more love for it. thanks shy uk
  • * i recomend this product to people who also suffer with maintaing strong errections and ashamed of penis size.
  • * like any man we take pride in our private parts, and putting him into a chamber slightly scared me, but after using it i realised it was super comfortable and extremely safe. dont worry guys!!
  • * i am a swimmer and i wear small tight swimming shorts and exposes alot, its quite embarrassing when you havent got a package. this penis pump has worked for me and i have started feeling more comfortable with myself when i go swimming, i have noticed an obvious increase in size and girth, its made going swimming less stressful.
  • * bought this for my husband, it was his decision. we have been using it on him and it really has made a big difference, i have witnessed the growth and can definitely feel the girth now. its incredible. either way i still love him, but who doesnt mind a little bit extra meat :) Thanks ShytoBuy uk
  • * its grew, much big size. thanks
  • * My sex life has suffered for a very long time until recently. I had so many sexual opportunities turned down because of my size. Was very embarrassing and i was ashamed. After reading so many testimonials and positive reviews and even watching youtube videos i got the bathmate. Honestly speaking, this is a complete game changer. My size has increased to just below the average "UK Size" which is a lot better from where i started off. In fact tons better! Will keep on using it as i believe there is room for more improvement. Best decision i ever made, i would definitely recommend.
  • * I think i died and came back a sex god!
  • * ShytoBuy you never fail to amaze me! great product, great results, great company.
  • * Pump it up
  • * If she notices the difference then clearly its working.
  • * I use it in the shower at night and in the day. Feels good and it has got bigger.
  • * Oh Bathmate, where have you been all my life. I wish we were introduced 15 years ago.
  • * being new to pumping i was a bit cautious to use it. but this is simple to use and works great.
  • * Bathmate has worked tremendously on my girth. the difference is quite visible. my wife is so satisfied now i can't tell you
  • * Great information. Placing my order now. Hope it works for me too
  • * brought 2 of them, one for men and one i will gift to my brother. he will love it.
  • * looks like it is just made for me. thanks for prompt delivery
  • * my friend at gym recommended this to me. and i must say i am impressed
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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