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60ml Spray | Daily Spray for Boosted Hair

DS Laboratories


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Thinning, weakening hair that’s losing its colouration naturally causes harm to our feelings of confidence and self-esteem, with many people feeling helplessly trapped by their situation. But you need feel this way no longer! With the Spectral.RS spray, you can everyday take steps regarding those particular areas of worry. Innovative factors are bound using nanosome technology, so that you can reap the ultimate rewards.

  • Ideal for weakening, fading hair
  • Nourishing & strengthening formula
  • Nanosome delivery system
  • Protective Copper for pigmentation
  • Enriched with Shea Butter
  • Six sprays, applied twice daily

A botanical, vitamin, mineral and peptide blend is used in the Spectral.RS spray, with each and every chosen with absolute precision and expertise. In a highly potent form, you know you are enjoying the best your hair can get, without resorting to invasive procedures or artificial appearing volumizers. This product is ready and waiting to take its place in your life, striving to boost your sense of physical confidence.

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Type: Spray
Size: 60 ml

The Frustration of Fading Hair

For those lucky enough to have a thick mane of healthy, vibrant hair, that physical trait can be a stand-out factor - so the rest of us, left looking on with longing, may well feel like we are fading into the background. And yet, invasive methods of addressing it may make us flinch at the price tag, while superficial approaches may just fluff up the appearance. Worst of all is the dreaded combover! Wouldn’t it be better to find a product that specifically targets the roots of the problem, aiming to bring back the appearance of a fuller, thicker hairline?

Nanosome Technology

To augment any application to our skin, but especially to the scalp, it is vital that every factor is used in the best possible amounts, that they remain where they are needed, and that they can achieve deep and consistent absorption. Encapsulating factors with nanosome methodology uniquely strives for these aims, by binding each unadulterated ingredient within a miniscule liposomal microsphere. These have a phospholipid bilayer composition, which aims to simulate the condition of the scalp. In summation, nanosome tech strives for deep penetration and gradual release of ingredients.

The DS Laboratories Approach

If anybody understands how important hair is to our sense of self, it’s DS Laboratories! With all their expertise focussed on helping you move forward with addressing your deepest, most confidence-undermining worries, they formulated the Spectral.RS spray. Each and every factor found within the fluid was chosen with specific qualities in mind, bound together in ideal concentrations. And with nanosome technology powerfully used, you know you’re delivering your hair and scalp with the best possible care.

Shea Butter
Shea Butter
Extracted from shea nuts, this ivory-coloured fat is rich in oleic acid, a saturated fatty acid that’s understood to be highly compatible with our skin’s sebum, making it especially absorbable. With a light, delicate touch, it intensively hydrates. It’s even said to aid other active ingredients absorption.
Copper Tripeptide-1
Copper Tripeptide-1
Copper has a variety of highly regarded benefits to our bodies. For instance, it contributes to normal hair pigmentation, in addition to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. In a peptide form, its protein qualities are also considered helpful in strengthening. It is very useful for both weakening and greying hair.
This active ingredient is earning international attention, for its use in hair-boosting applications around the world. What’s more, this compound is already, naturally found within our bodies! It is understood to play a role in helping cellular energy transfer, and research has investigated its interaction with hair.
Vitamin A
Vitamin A
Commonly known by the name Retinol, this vitamin has numerous benefits to our physical form, including contributing to the maintenance of normal skin, including that on the scalp, which is considered as vital to healthy hair. Overall, Vit. A is used to be stimulating, strengthening and revitalising on the scalp.
Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1
Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1
This innovative factor has just begun to make a scene - anyone beginning to use it now is getting ahead of a game-changing new trend! It’s understood to play a role in targeting both factors contributing to hair thinning, as well as those that can be considered to boost, strengthen and reinvigorate.

Full Ingredients

Water, Diaminopyrimidine Oxide, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, Citric Acid, Adenosine, Candelilla Cera/Euphorbia Cerifera Wax, Hydroxyethyl Behenamidopropyl Dimonium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexyl Glycerin, Taurine, Caprylyl Glycol, Copper Tripeptide-1, Propylene Glycol, Phospholipids, Retinol, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1.

Using the Spray

Spectral.RS is sure to become a highly pleasurable addition to your everyday haircare regime, so that you can simply and easily target your concerns. Twice everyday, apply six sprays of Spectral.RS directly to the area of particular worry. It’s important that the spray is used consistently regardless of hair washing, but you may find that keeping hair clean as regularly as possible may be a helpful incorporation into your regime.

Extra Info

Every DS Laboratories product is created with a drive toward superior excellence, striding ahead of the competition with incredible drive. However, before applying anything to your skin you should consider a few steps. Firstly, you should always read through the full ingredients before using any topical product. You might like to conduct a patch test twenty-four hours before using, in case of any personal allergens. Finally, if you have any specific, diagnosed skin complaints, please consult with a doctor before using.