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Bathmate Shower Strap

Hands Free Hydropump Accessory


So, you’ve invested in your Bathmate Hydropump - the next question is, how can you make using it even better?! Look no further than the Bathmate Shower Strap, for ultimate hands free convenience! A great addition to any of the Bathmate Hydropumps, the universal connector is compatible with the full range of products, and can be adjusted to your comfort. In mere seconds, you can further enhance your Hydropumping experience!

  • Hands free Bathmate accessory
  • Makes any Hydropump more comfortable
  • For enhancing shower ease-of-use
  • Ideal for use with Hercules & Hydromax
  • Stylish and simple design
  • Takes seconds to put on

Bathmate's Best Selling Accessory

The ultimate essential for pumping when in the shower, the Shower Strap is Bathmate’s best selling accessory - which tells you just how incredibly useful it is! Helping you to free up your hands for regular washing so that you can continue showering normally, it aims to help you make the most of your investment. By using the Shower Strap, you can maximally using enjoy your Bathmate Hydropump.

The Bathmate Brand

With over 1 million Hydropumps sold in 90 countries around the world, Bathmate is the most well-known and regarded hydropump product around the world. In three ranges, from Hercules to Xtreme, there’s a product for each and every man. Using the elemental forces of water and air, they’re designed to be incorporated into your daily ablutions. Now, with the Shower Strap, you can make that pleasurable process even easier and more fun. Simply by popping it around your neck, you can hold your pump in place as you continue to wash, and enjoy the pumping sensations.

How To Use The Shower Strap

This accessory is designed to be very easy to use. Simply put around your neck and attach the plastic loop to the tip of your chosen Bathmate Hydropump. Once secure you can change the length of the strap to your own requirements. This is important, as it will ensure total comfort when using the device. Then you are ready to go, and may commence pumping as per your devices instructions. It’s suitable for use with all Bathmate Hydropumps.

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reviews 4.5

91.83% based on 70 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Great and easy

T Talbot
Verified Purchase

this makes it so easy to use the pump. A must have

H Henry
Verified Purchase

This makes it a lot easier to use and I now don't keep dropping it

R Reece
Verified Purchase

Much easier to use with this. Worth the investment.

K Kirk
Verified Purchase

Especially when I use the pump in the shower, it is very helpful. So I can't complain. would recommend

B Ben
Verified Purchase

Anyone who doesn't have a bath should get this strap too.

C Chris
Verified Purchase

The right hold in the right position. Comfortable to carry and easy to use in the shower. It allows you total freedom.

S Stefan
Verified Purchase

Supports and simplifies the use in the shower considerably so try it out

R Riz
Verified Purchase

To improve the comfort of the Bathmate, the strap is sure to be helpful

Y Yianni
Verified Purchase

Very good product and workmanship and easy to use is recommended when showering and also otherwise price performance ok

D Darren

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