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Skinlite Device

Skin Rejuvenation System
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If you’re looking for younger, healthier-looking skin, help is at hand! The Skin Lite skin rejuvenation therapy treatment by Beauty Works aims to help put some life back into your damaged skin by employing photon light therapy to stimulate your skin cells, increasing collagen and elastin levels in order to leave your skin looking tighter, smoother and more radiant! This incredible product offers a shortcut to flawless, youthful and glowing skin, allowing your natural beauty to shine through!

  • Based on salon technology
  • Helps reduce the appearance of acne, scars, wrinkles and fine lines
  • Contains anti-ageing properties which work to soften ageing skin
  • Helps reduce the signs of rosacea and even out oily or dry patches of skin
  • Revitalises sun-damaged skin
  • 5 Power levels, 7 different light settings & 2 pulse settings
  • Improves circulation and skin will appear more radiant, smoother & lighter
  • Next day delivery

Skin Lite uses photon light therapy to stimulate and accelerate the body’s natural healing process, penetrating skin tissue at a deeper level than rival products thanks to its unique infrared light pulses. This sort of technology only used to be available in expensive salons, but thanks to Skin Lite, you can now enjoy relief from damaged skin in the comfort of your own home!

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Why does skin become damaged?

There are a number of factors which can contribute to the problem of damaged or blemished skin – the most common being age, with skin showing wrinkles, creases, folds and fine lines as we get older. Another major cause is lifestyle - sun damage, smoking and dehydration often leading to prematurely ageing skin. In particular, sun exposure can have damaging effects - the skin is surprisingly delicate, and needs to protect itself, releasing melanin to darken the skin during times of exposure to the sun in the form of a sun tan. While a nice tan might be a plus point in the short-term, over longer periods it can lead to irregular pigmentation, leaving you with uneven skin tone, sun spots and broken blood vessels. Consistent long-term exposure to the sun can cause wrinkles and even rosacea (broken blood vessels causing you to go red in the face), leaving your skin damaged or blemished.

What is photon light therapy?

Photon light therapy involves the use of infrared light on specific parts of the body to penetrate the skin, in order to increase blood flow and circulation. This form of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) treatment is painless, safe and non-evasive, and has been clinically-proven to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, ageing, acne and rosacea. This form of therapy has been shown to penetrate tissue deeper than lasers, helping to stimulate cell activity – leaving your skin looking fresh, healthy and rejuvenated!

Blue has a calming effect on the body. It encourages the growth of new cells and attacks acne-inducing bacteria

Red is very active below the epidermis where it increases the collagen and elastin levels. It can tone the skin, reduce wrinkles and help towards the rejuvenation of the skin

Yellow has a purifying and cleansing effect on the skin. It tightens the skins and lightens scars. It can also fight acne and reduce wrinkles

Lilac has a unifying effect. It is very curative for the body. It improves the blood circulation and brings the skin back to its natural PH levels

Green re-equilibrates the body and mind. It reduces skin inflammation

Orange increases blood circulation and the lympthatic nodes. It nourishes the cells and eliminates toxins from the body.

How does Skin Lite work ?

Skin Lite has four main beneficial functions:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits to the epidermis
  • Pain relief from irritation
  • Quicker healing due to Photon Light Therapy (Low Level Light Therapy).

This product features a variety of infrared colours designed to soothe, purify, heal, stimulate and increase circulation in the skin, helping to reduce skin damage or blemishes caused by sun exposure and ageing. Skin Lite uses photon light therapy to increase circulation in order to remove inflammatory properties, which can help speed up the healing process of skin tissue.

Safe to Use

The Skin Lite is completely safe to use using the patented and highly researched red light photon therapy wavelengths to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The technology has been clinically researched by professionals in the industry showing the beneficial properties it can give to the skin in rejuvenating, repairing and healing scars, fine lines and wrinkles. The Photon Light Therapy or LLLT solution gives a molecular boost from within the skins surface inducing collagen to be produced and attracting it to the sins surface so that it can replenish and rejuvenate lost collagen throughout time.

How can I order Skin Lite from ShytoBuy?

Ordering Skin Lite from ShytoBuy is easy, discreet and secure - we offer a variety of payment and delivery options to suit your requirements, and thanks to our next working day delivery service, all orders received before 4pm on weekdays will be delivered right to your door the very next working day. To begin your purchase, simply click on the ‘Add to Basket’ option now!

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  • i use this device on face and neck where i have porcelin thin skin. i mostly work with blue and red light for my acne troubles and this works fine for me.

    LW Lynda West

  • after these treatments i am able to go without make-up also. my confidence has increased tremendously

    JB Judith Becker

  • my experience with this device is good. i feel its working but honestly results are pending

    M Miranda

  • no waste time in salon. this is the perfect thing for my face. ordering one for my mother she will be so happy

    sc shannon castillo

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