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Who are Remescar?

Remescar products are developed and manufactured by Sylphar. Since 2008, Belgium based Sylphar and Remescar have worked together to take a detailed look at the progression and biological make-up of scars, burn marks and stretch marks. They aim to combine innovative technology with carefully sourced premium quality ingredients to help offer individuals with skin concerns easy-to-apply solutions. It didn’t take long for their hard work to get recognised and the surge in popularity has meant their exclusive range has now gone international, helping thousands of individuals every year across the globe.

The secret to Remescar’s success

As their popularity grows, people are becoming increasingly interested in what Remescar offers that sets it apart from the rest. The short answer to that is their approach and their ingredients. Whilst many companies offer products that are rich in harsh chemicals and potent ingredients, Remescar recognise your skin is a sensitive and fragile area and they want their products to reflect that. They have sourced and utilised a number of natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin. This careful approach has led to the creation of several intelligent and unique formulas that are available today.

Advanced performance

Remescar products work by recognising the need to nourish and promote the reparation of damaged skin. They aim to help do this in several ways. One technique looks to create a long lasting breathable occlusive film around the desired area. This gentle film protects the skin from toxic aggressors whilst aiming to help the skin lock in hydration. By maintaining natural moisture levels, hydrated skin may be less likely to tear and break down. Some of their products also utilise revolutionary EYESYL technology, which employs clay minerals and a bi-peptide complex to help gently nourish and hydrate affected skin. This sensitive approach may help give the skin the support base and infrastructure needed to aid recovery. Remescar also believe that it isn’t just the ingredients alone that make the difference, but how you use them too. What makes the Remescar range exclusive is the unique combination of ingredients, as they always aim to include the optimal quantities of each ingredient. Getting these quantities just right ensures customers reap the most benefit from each individual ingredient.

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles Cream

This cream is concerned with the appearance of eye bags and dark circles. Nobody likes heading into the office looking like they’ve been out partying until the early hours, especially if they haven’t! This cream aims to help carefully target concerns over the discolouration around your eyes. By employing a combination of clay minerals and a bi-peptide complex, the aim is to help in the skin tightening process. This will hopefully reduce the unwanted accumulation of fluid under the eyes and in turn the appearance of dark circles. This smart cream is now being used by individuals from a number of continents, helping people look as fresh as they feel.

Remescar Spider Veins Cream

Spider veins are small dilated blood vessels found near the surface of the skin that usually have a purple, blue or red appearance. The appearance of spider veins can knock self confidence, but Remescar offers a quick-to-apply solution. The cream aims to form a breathable occlusive film over the veins. This film looks to help protect the problem area, whilst also helping to support the integration of the cream into the skin lipid barrier. In addition, it calls upon Phospholipids, which are thought to help improve the structure of the blood vessel walls. Remescar hope that all of these factors combined will help address concerns over the appearance of spider veins and bring individuals much needed peace of mind.

Remescar Silicone Stretch Marks Scar Cream

With over a half of women over the age of 40 worrying about the appearance of stretch marks, Remescar wanted to help tackle these concerns. To do this, Remescar didn’t just want to help prevent new stretch marks, they also wanted to help individuals with current marks. The cream contains several natural ingredients, including silicone to help gently support the skin regeneration process. It also aims to play a part in the hydration process of the upper levels of the skin. The protective silicone based layer also calls upon other natural ingredients to help reveal a balanced skin complexion. On top of that, a clinical study by an independent laboratory showed visible reductions in the appearance of stretch marks in as little as 28 days.

Remescar Scar Stick Treatment

With over two-thirds of adults carrying scars from their past around and a number of those wishing to reduce the appearance of those scars, Remescar saw a gentle approach to tackling concerns over scars was needed. Firstly, it creates a silicone layer that is thought to help play a part in collagen production. The solution then calls upon β-glucan. This ingredient is well known for its protective properties and is thought to help with the acceleration process when combined with polymeric film formers. It is also widely accepted that scars need to be protected from UV rays, to help protect from further skin damage and to prevent increasing discolouration. The scar stick contains a number of highly regarded UV A and UV B filters, helping to minimise customers concerns. Glycerin also plays a part in the formula as it is known to help the regeneration process of the skin. It is perhaps no surprise then that a 2012 study found encouraging results after just 1 month’s use.

Tailored specifically for your needs

Remescar have brought out this new range to address a number of issues that worry millions of individuals all over the world. They have responded to peoples concerns over the harsh products on today’s market and searched far and wide to source the top quality, gentle ingredients found in their products today. Remescar have also made these products available to everyone, so their range is affordable and accessible to all looking to restore confidence in the appearance.

*It is important to note that the results of our products may vary with each individual user. You should always use these products alongside a nutritionally balanced diet and a regular exercise regime. All customer reviews found on this website are genuine.