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Effects of Impotence on your relationship

Guys, you’re not alone if you suffer with occasional or quite sever impotence. It is more common than you think. However common it is though, how much does it really impact on your relationship?

Many men will admit that impotence, which is also known as erectile dysfunction, can absolutely have the potential to impact on their life. But to what extent can it have an effect on your relationship? Should you be concerned? How easy is it to do something about it?

Couples approach impotence in different ways:

Overcomers will generally have a strong desire to resolve erectile dysfunction.

Resigners are people who admit there is a problem, however they often will decide not to seek any treatment or help in order to resolve it.

Avoiders you may find that you are at a loss of what to do or say, and simply refuse to admit and discuss ED with your partner

Alienators, this often occurs if women feels so angry about the fact their partner doesn’t seem to aroused by them that they not only withdraw from their relationship, but may degrade their partner or seek intimacy elsewhere.

It’s important to point out that when women show anger, it is often present before sexual difficulties have started. In these cases usually marital therapy, opposed to sexual therapy, may be required to get to the underlying cause of the anger.

Reluctance to have sex

If you suffer from impotence, depending on how often it happens, you may find yourself feeling reluctant to have sex with your partner. However, it is important not to blame them for your issues (many men find this easier to do that actually admit they have a problem). Women can often struggle with the idea that they are not attractive enough for their partner. This can start to have a negative impact on relationships; instead, seek help from a discreet, natural solution or speak to a professional about your concerns.

Taking the first step. Communication.

As you can see from the basic, yet common groups of how people cope mentioned above, discussing about the impotence with your partner plays a very big part in how it can impact your relationship.

Making the move to discuss impotence with your partner should never be underestimated and for most men is very daunting to those even with the most understanding of partners. However, communication is paramount in dealing with the issues to ensure your relationship not only survives, but excels.

It can bring you closer together

By talking about male impotence with your partner may encourage you to defuse whatever anger or frustration you have, meaning that it wont overspill into other areas of the relationship. It can also allow you and your partner to work more as a team to overcome the issue, in many cases couples have reported that by doing so has actually bought them closer together.

It’s important that your partner doesn’t take responsibility for your impotence issues, however is has been reported that women can play a critical role in supporting men to seek effective treatment and solutions for their problem.

There’s more to sex than you think

Be more flexible! Not necessarily literally, however in the sense that sex is more than just intercourse. Try expanding your horizons with manual stimulation, oral stimulation, kissing, stoking…the list is endless! However, they are all part of a successful intimate relationship that can lead to great orgasms for both partners involved.

You may find yourselves fearful of experimenting with other areas of sexual stimulation, with apprehension of experiencing further disappointment. But doing so can have a negative effect, often leading to more distance between you and your partner, which is likely to take its toll on the relationship. Sex and relationships are all abut trying new thing and impotence shouldn’t stop you from doing so.

You can help

There is a wide range of solutions available to help overcome and prevent impotence, many of which are natural such as Prelox tablets for men. These allow you to tackle your issue discreetly and effectively, without the inconvenient and often awkward conversation with a doctor or pharmacist.

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