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Male Edge

Device | Male Enhancement Device

Size - an idea men everywhere are definitely preoccupied by! The Male Edge extender is a powerful player in the male enhancement market, and has led the way in comfort and convenience for over a decade. Its lightweight design and traction method makes no compromises on your male enlargement and enhancement aspirations, so that you can finally feel the confidence you’ve been longing for.

  • Innovative male enhancement device
  • Decades of expertise & understanding
  • Superior quality materials
  • For comfort, discretion & ease
  • Thousands of satisfied customers globally
  • CE Certified


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What Is Male Edge?

A lightweight plastic device, the Male Edge is designed to help you move toward your male enlargement goals. The lightly stretching method is accessible, convenient and discreet, working gradually over time with a scientifically regarded approach. The kit includes everything you need to begin your journey and see it through to your own satisfaction! Male Edge extender results are leading to review after review, with before and after pics flying across the internet. If you’re asking, does Male Edge really work - try it now and discover male enhancement for yourself!

Can A Penis Extender Help Me?

Definitely! There are man everywhere looking to enjoy fast penis enlargement through natural growth - and that means length and girth! Especially when it comes to a satisfying, happy and confident sex life, this traits are crucial. A penis enlarger that uses traction can make enormous, spectacular changes, that will make any man feel like a sex god. With the right penis extender kit, you can enjoy the growth in girth and more you’ve always wanted.

How Does Male Edge Work?

The method here is incredibly simple! A light stretching force is applied, that over team aims to stimulate the development of new tissues. Detailed scientific research has backed up this method for many years - but the Male Edge extender takes a dedicated stand. Perfectly created to trigger this process with everyday wear, this device is light, comfortable and easy to wear.

What’s more, each kit - of which there are three - allows you to make the investment for yourself. The essentials are universally covered, with a ruler, zip-up box, at least one extra strap, training diary, and access to an online instructional video, community forum, and Official Male Edge Program included with every Male Edge Extender. For the extra accessories included in upgraded kits, look below.

Basic Extra Pro
Bathmate hercules blue Bathmate hydromax x20 blue Bathmate hydromax x30 blue
Extra Rubber Straps 1 2 4
MaleEdge Travel Bag - 1 1
Protection Pads - 1 2
Cohesive Gauze - - 1

Male Edge Instructions

1 step

Separate the front piece from the rods, and then place the ring around the base of your organ and leave it to rest there.

2 step

Place and tighten the strap behind the glans.

3 step

Rotate the rods counter clockwise for a quarter turn, and pull the rods outward to the desired length.

4 step

Rotate the rods clockwise until they click. When they’re in the right position, push the rods toward your organ and click them into place with your comfort strap.

5 step

You can then move the entire device to the most comfortable position for you.

The World Of Male Enlargement

Let’s be honest - a man’s penis has an enormous impact on his sex life! Lack of confidence in girth and length can lead to many avoiding encounters altogether. But the world of male enhancement has a lot to offer a man looking to improve sex, as any review will say. Growth of the penis is being sought after more than ever, with many investing in a penis enlarger. This might mean a penis extender - a specific type of tool that uses gentle yet powerful stretching motion to achieve enlargement and growth overall. Girth and length can both be targeted with the Male edge!


So, you may be wondering, does this work for all men of all penis sizes. Absolutely, all men if they use the device correctly if they make correct usage of the Male Edge extender. Everyones bodies is different so the outcomes will vary from each individual. We are that confident in this male-edge device, each and every device comes with a one year warranty. You may also be wondering, are there any side effects? So long as you use the device safely, there have been no know or reported side effects, which won't affect quality of erection fertility, urination or stamina. You must be a minimum of 18 years of age to purchase a MaleEdge penis extender from ShytoBuy.

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reviews 5

88.89% based on 8 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Reasonable price and is good quality

J Jack
Verified Purchase

The excellent thing is that this method of traction works. It take patience and finding the right settings for you. It's gradual and doesn't damage the penis itself.

M Mark
Verified Purchase

If you're searching for a little edge in the bedroom, this is the device for you. Yes, it's expensive, but, for something that works, you really can't go wrong. 10/10

S Simon
Verified Purchase

I bought this product couple weeks ago and it came in very discreet packaging. It’s exactly how it looks in the picture and is very good quality, can't wait to see the results.

M Mikey
Verified Purchase

You do need to put in the time and the effort to see any noticeable changes.

S Steven
Verified Purchase

using alongside pills already noticed a few centimetre increase in size not had long.

J Johnathon
Verified Purchase

Easy to setup and use.

G George
Verified Purchase

Works nicely. Also you can't notice it under clothing, I was worried about that before getting one.

S Sherbet
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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