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Male Edge

Device | Male Enhancement Device

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With a method first thought of by a cosmetic surgeon regarding his patients’ recovery from intimate operations, the Male Edge device is a powerful player in the male enhancement market, and has led the way in comfort and convenience for over a decade. Without compromising on efficacy, it uses a lightweight design to deliver heavyweight help! Using revolutionary scientific knowledge to apply the intensively studied and time-honoured traction method to your male organ, it can finally help you feel the confidence you long for.

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You might balk at the demands of some male enhancement devices – but with Male Edge, you’re getting an incredibly light and easy product, that can make a powerful difference to you while simply slotting into your life. All the control over your progress is completely, comfortably within your hands, while striving to help you make steps in enhancing your masculine feelings of confidence. Male Edge means never having to compromise again, with an approachable yet potent methodology.

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The Importance of Size

A singular, specific male tissue has come to represent virility, strength and power since the times of cavemen, and ever since. It’s therefore hardly a surprise that men have been concerned about this intimately masculine part for centuries, understanding that it can mean so much more than a means of providing pleasure. We can definitely comprehend, then, how a desire to improve upon what nature has given would arise amongst many men. Feeling inadequate in this way can take its toll on so many areas of life, from workplace success to confidence in pursuing intimate and romantic relationships. Although those men who feel the highest amounts of worry do tend to have totally regular measurements, some are bound to want to take steps to make improvements.

Traction Methodology

Scientists and doctors alike have recognised one approach as beneficial in working on the worry of an inadequate and misshapen manhood: traction based extenders. The force of traction can be gradually applied to any select region, and thereby utilises the entirely natural and healthy event, cytokinesis. This steadily working stretch aspires to cause the division and multiplication of cells, and thereby new tissues’ development.

Furthermore, remarkable, dedicated research stands firmly behind the use of this method on the male organ, with incredible numbers of studies. Other methods, from risky surgeries to differing types of devices have been swept out of the competition by their findings. Possibly of most significance, the British Journal of Urology has stated that extenders using traction represent the only evidence-based [non-surgical] technique, of developing masculine size. It’s even been reported by some men that it can help with tackling curvature! Additionally, other research has, remarkably, found that results did not deteriorate once usage was stopped. Discreetly, comfortably and non-invasively, this method is powerfully research-supported.

Male Edge

The makers of this innovative device have been in business since 1995, and so far their broad selection of products has supplied male enhancement methods to millions of men! With a methodology that’s truly broken new ground in this market, the Male Edge is just another giant leap forward for men everywhere. Created with the traction method, honoured by time across the body and now highly regarded for its use on the male organ, the Male Edge device provides an ultimately accessible, convenient and discreet approach. The lightweight plastic is designed to tune in to your body and its needs, while being quickly adaptable to changes. Customers all over the world are reporting satisfactory feelings of boosted confidence, as well as heightened intimate pleasure for both themselves and their partners.

Which Extender is For You?

With three individualised kits, Male Edge provides an approach for each and every man, all the way from Basic to Pro. But the essentials are universally covered, with a ruler, zip-up box, at least one extra strap, training diary, and access to an online instructional video, community forum, and Official MaleEdge Program included with every Male Edge Extender. Every device also carries a one year warranty and double money back guarantee. For the extra accessories included in upgraded kits, look below.

Basic Extra Pro
Bathmate hercules blue Bathmate hydromax x20 blue Bathmate hydromax x30 blue
Extra Rubber Straps 1 2 4
MaleEdge Travel Bag - 1 1
Protection Pads - 1 2
Cohesive Gauze - - 1

Using Your Male Edge Device

Separate the front piece from the rods, and then place the ring around the base of your organ and leave it to rest there. Place and tighten the strap behind the glans. Rotate the rods counter clockwise for a quarter turn, and pull the rods outward to the desired length. Rotate the rods clockwise until they click. When they’re in the right position, push the rods toward your organ and click them into place with your comfort strap. You can then move the entire device to the most comfortable position for you.


All of the Male Edge device packages were created with a focus on safety, convenience and discretion in tackling your male concerns. Having said that, it’s important to be sensible and consider a few precautions. Please maintain patience, remembering that attaining your ambitions may require some time but once committed that time is going toward a good end. You should remember to put safety and comfort ahead of immediate improvements. Under eighteens should not use any male enhancement products.

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