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What are the different facial hair removal methods?

If you suffer from facial hair and you’re a woman, no doubt you will be keen to find a way to get rid of it that actually works. Check out some of the top ways how to...
If you suffer from facial hair and you’re a woman, no doubt you will be keen to find a way to get rid of it

Over the years, some taboo topics are starting to become more widely discussed and talked about in the media and amongst close friends; bikini waxes and problems in the bedroom are just a few of many. However, when it comes to discussing facial hair on women, we sometimes tend to keep quite- even though it affects millions of us. .. So, if you haven’t quite come to terms with discussing facial hair removal with your friends, we are going to get to the root of the best options for you.


What is it? It uses a laser beam to focus on areas of hair growth on the skin. Follicles are destroyed beneath the skin, which prevents future hair from growing. It is most suitable for those with dark hair and light coloured skin.

Generally you will need a course of 6-8 treatments, depending on how much hair you are tackling. It is a long-term hair removal method and is completely suitable to be used on delicate areas such as the face, as well as other areas of the body. Meaning if you did decide to use this method you could definitely hit two birds with one stone when it comes to facial and body hair removal. The only disadvantages would be that time it takes time to see results, since you will need a 4 week period between each session. However, the potential to reach permanent results may make this wait worthwhile.


What is it? IPL -‘Intense Pulsed Light’- is similar to laser hair removal, yet it uses various light waves, whereas laser only uses a singular wave. This means there is a reduced risk of any burning or pigmentation.

One of the key advantages of this method is the permanency of the procedure, after a few sessions hair shouldn’t grow back again or not grow back as thick or coarse. It can be done at home with devices such as with the Silk'n SensEpil XL and is more suitable for darker skin and lighter hair.


What is it? Warm wax that’s suitable to apply on to skin is done so with a spatula. Fabric strip are applied on to the area then pulled off, bringing the unwanted hair with it.

The length of time it takes before regrowth with this method is generally two to six weeks. Some of the key advantages of using it are that it is cheap, quick and readily available from the shops or salons across the country, depending where you would rather carry out your facial hair removal. It is ideal for finer hair. One of the main concerns people have with this method, especially with regards to using it on the face is that hairs must be ½ cm long before you can wax them off.

Depilatory cream

What is it? The depilatory cream is applied on to the face, left for a few minutes and then removed; at which point the hair will come off with it as the chemicals in the formula work to dissolve keratin in the hair structure.

It generally takes a few days to two weeks before hair regrowth, however it is very cheap, quick and easy to use privately at home. One of the disadvantages of this method, especially when it comes to facial hair removal is that the hair grows back slightly stubbly, which is often the last thing you want to occur on your face.


What is it? This ancient and natural method of facial hair removal originated in the Middle East and has become increasingly popular in Britain. The practitioner forms a serious of knots by manipulating the cotton thread, which pulls hair out from the root when it’s run over the skin.

It is very suitable for short hair and one of its key advantages is that the process actually damages the follicle meaning its future growth should be limited. Although it is widely available, often they are done in an open plan salon, if you want privacy then this facial hair removal method may not be the one for you!


What is it? This method of facial hair removal involves giving your hairs an ‘electric shock’ through a sterile, fine needle that’s inserted into each hair follicle. This is an effective method since it cut off the oxygen and blood to the hair, therefore, killing it.

You may need several sessions; however, the results are permanent. It is more ideal for areas where there is not as much hair and you may need several sessions to remove all areas of hair, which can also be costly.

So, there you have it. Facial hair removal methods galore, the question is, which one will you choose?!

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