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Anal Intimacy: How to enjoy the backdoor entry?

Statistics indicate that the word ‘anal’ is the 3rd most searched word in the UK. In fact, the search results for anal adult clips have increased by almost 78% in the last couple of years. The social stigma around anal sex is dwindling and an increasing number of heterosexual couples are eager to explore and experiment anal intimacy in the bedroom. Is anal sex good for you? Thankfully, times are changing and the topic that was considered as a taboo a few years back is trending now with movies like Fifty Shades of Grey or series like Game of Thrones bringing it out in the open.

What Is Anal Sex?

Anal sex or rectal intercourse is an activity that involves penetration of the penis in the anus. It's one of the most pleasurable forms of sexual activity if both partners enthusiastically agree and practice it correctly. Butt plugs, anal lubricants, and gels are used to allow easy penetration. Anal play is a type of foreplay involving the anus and can be experimented with if you're unsure about going a level up.

Is Anal Sex Safe?

Anal sex is absolutely safe if practised correctly. Using condoms, lubricants and gels is a must to avoid any kind of injury, chafing, or infections. Keep reading for tips to make it a safe and pleasurable experience.

Why Do Men Like Anal Sex?

In the bedroom, all men are bum men. They’re allured and aroused by their partner’s bums and consider the position as a powerful one. Some men prefer it over vaginal sex because it’s tighter and warmer, it’s a carnal desire. Many men find it more connecting as they know that their partners have let all the guards down by agreeing to anal sex. It makes them feel loved, trusted and more close to their partner. Most men have agreed that the feeling of exploring something that was once considered a taboo gives them a new high.

Do Women Enjoy Anal Sex?

It’s a common understanding that women engage in anal sex to please their partner or not come across as being uptight. Studies indicate that women associate anal sex with pain and discomfort. However, if you use the tips mentioned above to make anal intimacy pleasurable, your partner will be open to the idea willingly or proactively. In the initial phase, anal play may not be the most enjoyable for some females, so gently introduce it into your love life and don't be too forceful.

Many women have shared experiences of enjoying more intense and longer orgasms when combining anal and vaginal intimate play. You might be really surprised to see your partner’s explosive response by using anal play next time in the bedroom. Aim to please your partner completely through various tricks and intimate play so that the enjoyable experience makes them crave for more of anal intimacy.

7 Tips For First Time Anal Sex

  • Talk about it with your partner. It's important to take consent from your partner before you venture into this new territory.
  • Besides being satisfying, anal sex needs to be comfortable for both of you. So introduce it slowly in your bedroom.
  • Once you and your partner are mentally ready, you can begin with some anal play by carefully placing a finger in the anus or using oral pleasure to stimulate arousal. The anus is a dense area with a lot of nerve endings and can be easily stimulated with some touch or licking.
  • You can also introduce some adult toys during anal play before you go in for the penetration. Browse and pick out toys that both you and your partner find stimulating in terms of what they do and have fun!
  • Using lubes with adult toys and during penetration is a must as the anus doesn't produce any lubrication. Going in dry will make the experience painful for both of you due to excessive friction. Here's how you can find the right lubricant for maximum pleasure.
  • Sex positions play an important role in making anal sex pleasurable so opt for positions like spooning, reverse cowgirl, or doggy style.
  • You can engage in some clitoral stimulation while you're at it to pleasure your partner.

Precautions To Be Taken For Anal Intimacy

  • If it’s your first experience with anal play in lovemaking, don't push too hard for anal sex and lead up to the moment as it can be quite daunting for a new female, especially one who has never experienced such intimate play.
  • When in sexual intercourse make sure that the pleasure scale is high for the woman at all times - the more you make her feel comfortable the more anal intercourse can happen with consent. Slowly raise arousal levels with stimulation and anal play. If she doesn't like it stop immediately.
  • Anal play can be fun, but you need to take precautions in anal play. The anus doesn't produce any natural lubrication so you will need to have a bottle of lubricant nearby, preferably one that is made for the anal play like the female anal relax lube.
  • When enjoying anal play never ever insert into the anus and then into the vagina. The bacteria from the anus can disrupt the vaginal homeostasis so try to keep away from this.
  • Always trim your fingernails so the delicate tissues don't get damaged.

How To Prepare For Anal Sex

Preparation is the key if you wish to discover the pleasurable side of anal intimacy. So if you’re all excited about trying anal sex but don’t know where to begin, we share with you tips that will help in preparing for anal sex.

  • Visit the washroom before the act. Passing motion will ensure there’s no mess or break during the act. Wash properly before you begin with anal play.
  • Whilst anal sex can’t get you pregnant, your partner can contract a UTI or any other infection from it. Using a condom will keep such risks at bay and still make anal intimacy pleasurable.
  • If you want to relax and loosen the muscles to enjoy smoother sex then anal lubricants and relaxants are perfect. It’s good to note that our anal lubes and relaxers are also all compatible with condoms and silicone sex toys.
  • If you find applying a lube or gel messy, you can choose to use lube tubes that can be inserted inside the anus to lubricate it completely.

Keep all this in mind and make anal play safe and pleasurable.

The Final Word

While anal sex can be a terrific thing, it can turn out to be terrible too if you don’t take the necessary precautions. It’s thought that nearly a third of couples have experimented with anal sex, with many of them actually preferring it to vaginal sex. However, some may find initial anal sex uncomfortable. This is why there’s a range of relaxers and lubricants available in the market to help couples enjoy more pleasurable anal sex. These include naturally formulated anal bleaching creams and anal lubes that promote more comfortable sex by helping to reduce soreness and friction, whilst still maintaining the feeling, sensitivity and pleasure.

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