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Natural remedies for women to maintain healthy vagina

Vaginal problems can cause severe distress for women, hitting your confidence hard and potentially leading to significant issues such as loose vaginal walls that can make for less pleasurable and intense intercourse. Vaginal problems usually stem from poor genital hygiene, sex or bodily changes following pregnancy with symptoms ranging from unwanted discharge to pains and itches.

Vaginal problems are like a nightmare for a woman. These problems are annoying and even worrying, but sadly many of us are embarrassed to talk about them. There are a number of vaginal problems that many encounter anytime once in their lifetime. The most common symptoms of this disorder are vaginal itching, inflammation, pain and abnormal vaginal discharge. Still, if unsure vaginal problems may be detected by your health care provider during a regular pelvic exam.

What are the signs of vaginal problems?

  • Itching is quite a common occurrence, but it can worsen the infection as it compels women to scratch the vagina.
  • Reddened patch will resemble a rash and there will also be some bumps on it.
  • Pain when passing urine.
  • Pain during sexual intercourse can be equally discomforting just like the pain experienced by women during urination.
  • Unusual vaginal discharge which may be unusual in color and smell unpleasant.
  • Vaginal bleeding between periods, after sex or after menopause.
  • Low abdominal (tummy) pains.

What does the Vulval Statistic say?

As per the release by British association of Dermatologists on July 20, 2012, together with the Association of Lichen Sclerosis and Vulval Health, showed the extent of the social, professional and emotional damage that vulval health conditions can have on lives.

44 percent of women with a vaginal problems survey stated that it was difficult to access medical treatment for their condition. Reasons for the difficulties experienced included misdiagnoses, waiting times, not knowing who to speak to and embarrassment at seeking treatment.

The psychological hit due to vaginal disorders was also measured:

Find the root cause?

If there is an odour coming from your bikini line, trust us, you'll know something is up. It could be a bacterial infection if it's a foul-smelling discharge. These are the most common causes of the vaginal problems.

Besides the bacterial or yeast infection the skin creams, perfumes, self-adhesive sanitary pads and also excessive washing for that matter can irritate the vaginal area. This is because your vaginal area is moist and warm and therefore, seems to be very sensitive to chemicals that favour the absorption of chemicals by the skin. Unhygienic toilet habits can also make you a slave of a vaginal problem. Vaginal infections can also be caused by unprotected sexual intercourse or skin-to-skin contact.

The vaginal problems could have a tonne of other possible causes which include vaginal dryness, vaginal irritation and infection and vaginal thrush which are still unexplored.

How to treat Vaginal Problems?

Treatment for the vaginal problem depends on the cause. Many women don't know how to identify and treat vaginal problems properly due to lack of knowledge about intimate care. On top of it, females are unwilling to consult a doctor about their condition.

Few simple moves like a good diet, plenty of filtered water, good hygiene and adequate protection during intercourse can help in avoiding vaginal problems. However, all-natural feminine hygiene products, along with your physician's prescribed treatment, may ease your recovery. So don’t feel shy to have a look at the ShytoBuy for your potential remedy.

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