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Natural skin tanning methods without the sun

Luckily due to scientific breakthroughs and clinical research you can now maintain a bronzed and beautiful complexion all-year round with much more safety than tanning beds! Tanning products can help you maintain bronzed skin all year round, without even leaving your house!

Everyone looks great in the summer – sun-kissed and confident, you’ve never looked better than when you’re relaxing on holiday! But of course, eventually tans fade, and by the winter months we all look a little more pale and pasty! Luckily, ShytoBuy has the perfect remedy – we offer a fantastic range of treatments aimed at providing tanned skin throughout the year without the need for dangerous sunbeds, allowing you to achieve a natural-looking glow in in the safety and convenience of your own home! Our innovative array of treatments features everything from tablets to lotions, so whatever method you prefer, you’ll be able to achieve an incredible tan that will be lasting and even – and these cost-effective treatments allow you to enjoy a smooth and natural-looking tan without the need to jet off for a couple of weeks or lie under UV rays for hours on end damaging your skin.

Why do People Want to be tanned?

Tanning has become a popular part of the modern grooming routine, offering several great benefits. Tanned skin can often enhance the contours of your body, allowing you to show off an improved, curvier body – so if you’ve been working hard at the gym, this is the perfect way to show off the results!

Moving from Sun to Sunless tanning

Of course, the obvious way to get yourself a glowing tan is through sunbathing – ideally laying on the beach somewhere hot, perhaps with a cocktail by your side! Unfortunately, while this might feel fabulous at the time, it can cause premature ageing in the skin – and if you don’t use the required level of sun protection (studies have shown that only a third of people use sunscreen while tanning), it can be very dangerous. So, if you don’t want to expose your delicate skin to the harmful sun rays and still want that sun-kissed glow then sunless tanning products are for you.

For many people, the obvious alternative to sunbathing is using a sunbed. These provide unarguable results, but are notoriously expensive, and have been heavily linked with skin damage thanks to their use of intense UV exposure – particularly dangerous for anyone with fair or sensitive skin. There are other methods of getting sunless tanning which are less risky. These include tanning injections, sprays, oils, creams and supplements. With a few easy application tricks and figuring out which one out of them works best for your skin type, you can claim yourself as a self-tanning master.

What is a Sunless Tanner?

Self-tanners that do not need the UV rays from the sun are also called Sunless Tanners. Like tanning lotions, these react with the amino acids in the top layer of the skin and help to produce a temporary artificial suntan without exposing the body to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. These are way safer to sunbathing. The beauty of most self-tanners is they gradually give the skin a sun-kissed glow that normally stays for a generous time of 4-5 days. They also contain an ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, their active ingredient that is responsible for giving the skin its color. DHA is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is risk-free when applied to the skin. A Moisture Tan Sunless Tanning Lotion may also have water, sesame oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera and other such ingredients that may help smooth and soften your skin.

How Can You Get a Tan?

There are a variety of ways of developing and maintaining a tan – tablets and lotions are the most common methods used as they are entirely safe, however there are other ways to enjoy a great skin tanning. Whether you’re a man or woman, have pale skin or medium-skin tones, there are few things to look for while choosing a self-tanner for your body, feet, or face.


Tanning Oils
These generally comprises of a rich blend of exotic botanicals infused in your skin to intensify the effects of UV rays. These oils may work in several ways. Certain oils are effective by tricking the skin into producing extra melanin bringing a more tanned appearance to the skin. Tanning oils that do this usually have melanin as a main ingredient.
Tanning Pills
They mainly occurs in two forms, one which contains tyrosine and others contain a concentrated dose of beta-carotene. Though most people choose tanning pills those rely on several carotenoids natural pigments which causes the skin colour to change by tanning. These could bring up a healthy, golden bronze tan all year round.
Tanning Creams and lotions
Self-tanning lotions usually have a bronzing effect to them. This could be cosmetic, natural or DHA with DHA staying on your skin for the longest time. Natural bronzers use natural ingredients, such as caramel and riboflavin which gets washed off in the shower. There are both sun tan lotion and indoor tan lotions available on the market as well.

Best Tanning Products

Having evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of all the most common methods of getting a tan on the market, we think we've found a couple of solutions. Tanning tablets are a revolutionary new step in the quest for the perfect tan, allowing you to gain a natural-looking tan safely and discreetly, avoiding the risks associated with sunbathing and sunbeds, with none of the mess and preparation that comes with spray tans

Right now, at ShytoBuy we have two products in this category, Proto-col Boost and Proto-col Bronze. These researched products make sunless tanning an easy and less strenuous experience for the user. The tanning pills have nutrients to support the production of melanin in the skin which allows you to achieve an even, soft and glowing tan naturally. It is just like having food supplements with ingredients to boost your skin’s tanning effects. These supplements are ideal for keeping a good tan without the risk of damaging the skin or painful burns. Alternatively, you may wish to try tanning lotion – not only is this method convenient and easy-to-use, it also allows you greater control over the shade of your tan – allowing you to choose between a subtle golden glow or a deep, dark tan whilst keeping the cost lower than other ways of getting a tan.

Cost and Safety of Tanning Products

You can choose to try tanning on your existing tanned body get even skin throughout or add a touch of bronze to pasty skin. Unless you are exposing your skin directly to the harmful rays of skin or getting on a tanning bed you are in much safer hands. Self-tanning products are typically cheaper and won’t break the bank unlike other treatments out there. ShytoBuy’s fantastic and easily-transported products allow you to top up your tan cheaply and effectively from the comfort of your own home or on the move, and can even provide health-boosting properties to your skin on top of the sun-kissed glow!

If you’re looking to gain an even and glowing bronze look with a minimum of cost, preparation times to tan or potentially harmful treatments then make sure to visit ShytoBuy’s range on tanning products, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect product to suit your individual needs.

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