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South Beach Roll-on for Underarms

By South Beach


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If like many you wax or shave under your armpits you will be likely to notice that the colour is darker than the rest of your skin. This can leave you feeling self-conscious and opting for clothing that doesn’t show off your underarms, but there is a way you can have it all. South Beach brightening roll on is an effective deodorant that also lightens skin discolouration layer down. This will once again allow you to wear short and sleeveless clothing in warmer weather without embarrassment.

  • doesn’t contain bleach
  • simple application
  • deodorises
  • safe for use in the home
  • longer lasting effects than bleaching
  • lighter skin instantly
  • dries fast without leaving a residue

Skin lightening products often use bleach to work which means that they are not suitable for the more sensitive areas of skin under the arms. South Beach brightening roll has been made to treat pigmentation without causing damage or irritation and does not work by bleaching the top layer of skin. As the product deodorises you don’t have to add additional products, just use the roll on as you would a traditional deodorant, let it soak in and you can get dressed and continue with the rest of your day. It’s gentle formulation can be used in the home so no trips to the salon or sore armpits after harsh treatments.

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Type: Roll-on
Size: 60 ml

What is South Beach brightening roll on?

South Beach brightening roll on lightens pigmentation of the underarms while keeping you fresh thanks to its deodorising properties. The gentle ingredients are effective enough to give long lasting skin lightening but safe enough to be applied by you in your own home. Whether discolouration is caused by hormones, scarring or shaving both men and women can enjoy uniform skin without irritation from chemicals.

South Beach brightening roll on: Bleach sensitive underarm skin effectively at home!

Use the South Beach brightening roll on as you would your usual deodorant. The ball allows you to apply evenly and safely as the chemicals won’t burn. It’s even suitable to use straight after shaving or waxing! It doesn’t contain Kojic acid or Hydroquinone like chemical skin lighteners so even those that have suffered irritation from skin lightening products can use it. The gentle formulation wont dry out your skin and you don’t have to apply deodorant so will notice that your underarm skin is not only lighter but also softer thanks to the moisturising properties.

Proven results

Rather than bleaching South Beach brightening roll on targets the pigment creating Tyrosinane. By inhibiting the production as old skin comes away, new skin will appear lighter and in better condition. Because the product targets skin deep down, it will last longer than conventional treatments. The moisturising properties will give you smooth underarms with and improve your skin condition altogether. Use every day to continue lightening and top up less often when you feel you have reached the level of lightening you want to achieve.

Don’t upset the gentle balance of skin under your arms with bleach or immitations that do absolutely nothing. Instead use the South Beach brightening roll to deodorise and lighten skin effectively yet gently.

When can I start seeing results?

As the product works with the skin cycle results improve after a couple of weeks of use. Instantly the product is able to lighten skin to a point, however continued lightening can only be achieve by using continually. Once you have the desired skin tone you won’t need to use it as often.

Usage Tips

  • use at least once and up to 3 times daily for faster effective lightening results
  • you only need a little of the product for effectiveness so don’t overdo it
  • no need to cover the area, do not put on clothing until the product has soaked in
  • no need to protect your hands with gloves or use application tools
  • continue to wash your underarms as per your usual routine
  • Once desired effect has been achieved use the roll as less often to maintain results

Are there any side effects?

South Beach brightening roll on doesn’t have any of the chemicals in it that are associated with skin bleaching. It works with your body to inhibit pigment production so is not likely to cause any side effects. If you have showed allergies to beauty products previously you should first check the ingedients and not use without first consulting with your doctor or allergy specialist.

How to order

To get your hands on South Beach brightening roll you just to visit the ShytoBuy website. From here you will be able to add your product to the online basket. Add any other products you wish to order at the same time and click basket to check out. From here you will be prompted to enter your payment details and address. If you want to start treatment as soon as tomorrow select next day delievery and ensure you check out before 4pm.

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  • * really nice roll on deodorant, it smells wonderful and has worked well in lightening the under arm skin. the product packaging is beautiful , the service from customer service was top quality and so was the delivery service, all in all i would rate everything 10 out of 10. thank you ShyToBuy UK
  • * smells beautiful, works really efficiently. the guy on the phone from customer service was a really nice guy and extremely helpful, he also made me laugh which brightened up my day lol. thank you whoever you are
  • * this is one of the most amazing products i have ever purchased, i was talking to my bf about not liking the darker skin in my underarms, so i googled how to get rid of it and i was directed to this product, since i have been using it my skin has lightened so fast and it also smells incredible, its the best deo i have ever bought
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