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Manuka Naturals Ringworm Combo
Manuka Naturals Ringworm Combo

Manuka Naturals Ringworm Combo


Created as a 3 part combination to help protect and care for the skin, the Manuka Naturals Ringworm Combo is a gentle way to make the most out of the remarkable manuka plant. Made using a unique composition and formula for each product, this range makes use of a range of skin-loving ingredients alongside manuka, including a host of aromatic essential oils.

  • Manuka Soap, East Cape Manuka Oil 25% & Cream
  • Uses the antibacterial triketone compounds in Manuka
  • Helps with irritation, itching and redness
  • Aids in nourishing and protecting the skin
  • With lavender, lemon myrtle and sweet almond oil
  • Made using natural ingredients with no artificial colours

Each product in the Manuka Naturals Ringworm Combo were specifically chosen for how they can work in perfect harmony for the skin. The combo features 3 products; the East Cape Manuka Oil 25% is designed for targeted use on the skin whilst the East Cape Manuka Cream to help nourish wider areas. The Manuka Soap then compliments these two perfectly as it is the most versatile and its uses can be tailored for each person's specific skincare needs.

What Is Ringworm?

Also known as Tinea, Ringworm is a common fungal infection that most generally affects the skin on the body, scalp, feet or groin. Contradictory to the name, Ringworm is not due to worms, but actually a fungus that causes a ring-shaped rash that can be itchy and red as well as blister or ooze. It is a highly contagious infection that can be spread through contact with an infected person, animal or object. It can also commonly occur amongst those that sweat a lot as the fungus thrives in hot and damp conditions.

Manuka Soap

So much more than just your everyday cleanser, the Manuka soap contains a premium blend of essential oils and is designed as a natural way to care for the skin on a daily basis. Thanks to its unique composition of ingredients, it can help to clean, cleanse and protect the skin but whilst still nourishing and hydrating. Alongside it’s amazing fusion of ingredients, what makes this soap so special is its many potential uses and applications. It can be used as a natural hand sanitiser, an all-body cleanser, a luxurious bath soap or as a simple way to help support the skin's immunity against bacteria. This makes it a pivotal part of this Manuka Naturals Combo.

East Cape Manuka Oil 25%

This natural blend combines premium manuka with skin-friendly essential oils to make a powerful yet still gentle way to use manuka on the skin. What makes the manuka oil such high quality is how it is made using only the best manuka plants available, sourced from a specific area in the remote East Cape of New Zealand. The manuka plants here are said to be some of the best in the world as after research it was found that they contained the highest level of triketone compounds, giving the oil special properties that can be beneficial for the skin. For more on the manuka research, click here.

East Cape Manuka Cream

Just like with the soap and the oil, the East Cape Manuka Cream is formulated using premium and pure manuka oil but combines it with a host of popular skincare ingredients. This makes it a gentle way to look after the skin whilst still receiving all the benefits of manuka. Designed to help balance the skin’s flora to aids its resistance to many common skin issues, it was found that the manuka oil was useful against fungus. According to research conducted by the University of Otago, it was found that the manuka oil could combat different types of fungus that causes issues such as ringworm and unwanted body odour.


Manuka Soap: Sodium Palm Kernelate (Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil) ,Leptospermum Scoparium Oil (Manuka Oil), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Backhousia Citriodora Oil (Lemon Myrtle Oil), Titanium dioxide, Galactaric Acid, Citral (Lemongrass Oil fraction), Terpinen-4-ol (Tea tree Oil fraction), Cedrol (Cedarwood Oil fraction).

East Cape Manuka Oil 25%: 25% East Cape Manuka oil from New Zealand, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Myrtle oil and Lavender oil in a Sweet Almond oil base.

East Cape Manuka Cream: Distilled water, Sweet Almond oil, Glycerin, Manuka oil, Stearic acid, Stearyl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, emulsifier, TEA, Lavender oil, Lemon myrtle oil, preservative.

How To Use

Each component of this combo has been chosen for its ability to aid the skin and together they work in perfect harmony. There is no specific order in which to use these products as it is completely dependant on the specific needs of each person's skin.

Manuka Soap: Apply to wet skin and massage using circular motions. This is a natural soap so it is gentle enough for everyday use.

East Cape Manuka Oil 25%: Apply to the desired area of skin and allow it to fully absorb. This can be done 1-2 times daily. Although this is already in an essential oil blend, you can also use a carrier oil such as vegetable oil if looking to use on larger or more sensitive areas.

East Cape Manuka Cream: This cream is easy to use and is quickly absorbed. Simply massage the cream into the desired areas as required and allow it to fully soak into the skin.

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Verified Purchase

This is the only product to work on my ringworm Infection. I had ongoing issues with a ringworm infection on my leg for months. I previously used over the counter creams from the pharmacist and other natural remedies which had a limited effectiveness, but it never completely went and kept flaring back up. I finally found this bundle, used mainly the Manu cream and the soap with occasional use of the oil and it went within 10 days and hasn’t returned. I was so sceptical about this produce but it’s by far the best available and I wish I’d discovered it earlier. I have also started to use natural fibre clothes as I noticed a pattern that synthetics aggregated it. Don’t use raw garlic. It is far less effective and will burn the skin. The cream and soap are very soothing and alleviate the itch whilst getting rid of the infection. The smell is also very pleasant and I had no complaints unlike the garlic. Amazing product which is worth the price. Im just so relived to be ringworm free.

E Elizabeth
Verified Purchase

Works well and good speedy delivery

J Janet
Verified Purchase

Does exactly as advertised. Area cleared up after less then a week

D David
Verified Purchase

East Cape Manuka cream and oil has totally cured my sons ringworm in less than a week, it is an amazing natural product, and I will highly recommend anyone with the same issue to try these

J Joshua
Verified Purchase

The ringworm is gone there is no trace of it on my child, once again thank you. Plus, I will be ordering again shortly.

M Matt
Verified Purchase

What a great product! I put it on ringworm and the itching finally went away. I have tried creams and even went to the dermatologist. I ordered the Manuka Oil and soap out of desperation. Just to experiment, I put a little on a zit. It was almost completely gone the next morning.

A Adam
Verified Purchase

This was an amazing natural ringworm treatment for my kids, it stopped the itching when using these products would recommend this combo to other concerned parents

E Eve
Verified Purchase

Great natural products for Ringworm

M Mary
Verified Purchase

I have had a very stubborn ringworm for almost 2 months and have used every different product available from the chemist. Some of the chemist products made no difference at all, while others only gave a mild improvement. I ordered this combo and cannot believe the difference in only 2 days

S Susan
Verified Purchase

Want relief from itching buy now!!!

R Rochelle

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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