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Manuka Eczema Natural Products	Combo
Manuka Eczema Natural Products	Combo

Manuka Eczema Natural Products


If you’re looking to receive the full benefits of manuka than look no further than the Manuka Naturals Eczema Combo. Made up of three complementary skincare products, this combo hosts a variety of ingredients and essential oils along with two high quality forms of Manuka - Manuka oil and Manuka honey.

  • Contains Manuka Soap, Oil and Cream
  • Aids irritation, redness and itching
  • Helps to protect, nourish and hydrate the skin
  • Utilises the antibacterial triketone compounds of manuka
  • With manuka honey UMF 15+
  • Made with natural ingredients and essential oils

This unique combination of products were specifically chosen for this combo pack due to the way they can work together to help care for the skin. The East Cape Manuka Oil designed for more targeted use on specific skin areas while the Active Manuka Honey Cream is designed to help nourish the skin. The Manuka Soap can then be used on a daily basis to help protect and cleanse.

What Is Eczema?

Eczema is a common issue which leads to the skin becoming inflamed, red and irritated. Although the exact cause of eczema is unknown, it is thought that it may be due to a response by the immune system to some form or irritant on the skin. This is why certain allergies can cause it to flare up. It could also be something simple such as a hand or body cream that can irritate the skin. As each person is different there will be different irritants that can affect each person; however here are some general ones that may cause eczema to flare up and worsen:

  • Certain clothing
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Allergies
  • Certain cosmetics, fragrances and detergents
  • Emotional stress
  • Hot climates or temperatures
  • Bacteria
  • Excessive sweating
  • Certain chemicals or synthetic products

Luckily, eczema is not contagious, however some believe it may be inherited and it is said to be able to spread to different parts of the body. There is also said to be no definite ‘cure’ for eczema, however it is possible to help the skin and ease the symptoms so they are manageable. To help with the symptoms you can try avoiding personal irritants, try not to scratch irritated patches and keep your skin moisturised and well looked after. Many people often turn to steroid creams and prescription medicines to help with the symptoms, however these can cause other issues which is why there are many natural alternatives to help the skin. This commonly includes products with naturally hydrating ingredients, with essential oils and manuka honey being popular choices.

Manuka Soap

Containing a premium blend of essential oils, the Manuka Soap is designed as a natural way to help look after your skin on a daily basis. With its unique composition of ingredients, this natural soap can help to cleanse and protect the skin whilst also aiming to leave it nourished and soft. Thanks to the versatility of the soap, it can also have a multitude of potential uses. This can include as a natural hand sanitiser, a luxurious bath soap, an all-body cleanser or simply as a way to help support the skin's immunity against bacteria. Overall, it is a great multi-use product to include in this Manuka Naturals combo.

East Cape Manuka Oil 25%

East Cape Manuka Oil 25% combines premium manuka with skin-friendly essential oils to make a strong yet gentle way to use manuka on the skin. The manuka oil in this blend has been made using only the best manuka plants available. These are the plants specifically found in the East Cape of New Zealand and are said to be of the highest quality as the manuka in this remote area has been studied and found that they contain the highest levels of triketone compounds. This gives the manuka oil from the East Cape special properties that when combined with other essential oils makes a great skincare blend.

For more information on the manuka research, please click here.

Active Manuka Honey Cream

With manuka honey being considered one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world, it was an obvious choice in making an amazing cream for the skin. Whilst raw manuka honey is very sticky and impractical to apply to the skin, this Active Manuka Honey Cream has combined the honey with a range of other skincare ingredients and essential oils to create a one of a kind manuka honey cream that is quickly absorbed and easy to use. With a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) of 15+, the honey used in this cream is to a high standard and is guaranteed genuine. With the unique blend of ingredients that makes up this cream, it can help to not just protect the skin, but just as importantly help to nourish and hydrate it to aid with irritation and dryness.


Manuka Soap: Sodium Palm Kernelate (Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil) , Leptospermum Scoparium Oil (Manuka Oil), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Backhousia Citriodora Oil (Lemon Myrtle Oil), Titanium dioxide, Galactaric Acid, Citral (Lemongrass Oil fraction), Terpinen-4-ol (Tea tree Oil fraction), Cedrol (Cedarwood Oil fraction).

East Cape Manuka Oil 25%: 25% East Cape Manuka oil from New Zealand, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Myrtle oil and Lavender oil in a Sweet Almond oil base.

Active Manuka Honey Cream: Active UMF® Manuka Honey 15+, Manuka oil, Distilled water, Cetyl alcohol, Stearic acid, Sweet almond oil, Lecithin, Stearyl alcohol, Jojoba, Macadamia Nut oil, Shea butter, Calendula oil, Evening primrose oil, Rosehip oil, TEA, German Chamomile oil, d-alpha-tocopherol (Vit E.), Wheatgerm oil, preservative.

How To Use

This combination of products has been designed to work together and the order to use them will depend on specific skin needs. Individually though, here is how to use each product:

Manuka Soap - Apply to wet skin and massage using circular motions. This is a natural soap and is gentle enough for everyday use.

East Cape Manuka Oil 25% - To use simply apply to the desired area of skin and allow to absorb. This can be done 1-2 times daily. Although this is already in an essential oil blend, you can also use a carrier oil such as vegetable oil if looking to use on larger areas.

Active Manuka Honey Cream - Massage the cream to the desired area of the skin as required and allow to absorb.

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reviews 4.5

91.95% based on 81 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Been using the cream to help my eczema and this combo with the oil and soap is a must and highly recommend

R Richard
Verified Purchase

good natural products for eczema. Smells good aswell!

B Bob
Verified Purchase

This product has helped where conventional medicine failed and made a huge difference. I hope other people use it and get the benefit of such a wonderful product.

J Julia
Verified Purchase

Even after a day or so I have felt an improvement on my leg. The doctors have tried so many creams and none of them were of any use. 100% Recommend

H Hersha
Verified Purchase

This combination of the oil cream and soap really helped to stop my sons itching. He doesn't itch his arm anymore! Result!

A Anita
Verified Purchase

i have tried many off the shelf products without success and my GP has not been helpful so I'm trying these natural products. Hopefully this works for me.

G Gill
Verified Purchase

I was thrilled to discover that your Manuka Honey Healing Cream actually stopped my skin from itching and quickly!

S Sam
Verified Purchase

My husband has eczema on his foot and your product has helped calm and improve his condition. Thank you!

L Lisa
Verified Purchase

I am happy to found these products. I would recommend to a friend

D Dillon
Verified Purchase

Cant believe how quickly it calmed my skin down and cleared it up. I highly recommend this pack to all ezcema sufferers.

N Nathan

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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