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How Neem Can Help You Get Rid Of Scabies

If you’re reading this page, there’s a good chance that you’re looking for a solution to scabies. Scabies can be a really frustrating and irritating skin condition but neem has emerged as a great solution to this concern. You’re not the only one who will be struggling with scabies; Scabies is one of the most common dermatological conditions that affects over 200 million people around the world at any one time. Keep reading to find out more about neem and a number of neem solutions to help with scabies.

What Is Scabies?

Scabies is a contagious and very common skin condition that anyone can get. Scabies is caused by tiny mites that lay eggs in the skin, leaving silvery lines with a dot at 1 end. The rash can appear anywhere, but it often starts between the fingers. The rash spreads and turns into tiny red spots. The scabies rash usually spreads across the whole body, apart from the head. Elderly people, young children and those with a weakened immune system are thought to be the most vulnerable to the condition and may also develop a rash on their head and neck.

What Is Neem?

Neem, also known as Azadirachta indica and Indian lilac, is a natural herb that comes from the neem tree. The extract comes from the seeds of the tree and has many different traditional uses. Neem is known for its pesticidal and insecticidal properties, but people also use it in hair and dental products. Neem is a strong antioxidant, neutralising free radicals that may influence the development of some conditions that’s also a strong anti-inflammatory agent.

How Does Neem Manage Scabies?

Neem doesn’t kill the scabies mites directly, but rather it interferes with the mites breeding and reproduction, wiping out the population over time; neem affects the hormonal cycle of parasites, preventing their reproduction, making their eggs sterile, and affecting their ability to feed. Any neem solution for scabies needs to be applied or used daily.

Not only will neem deal with the scabies mites, but it also soothes your itchy areas and softens and moisturises dry, cracked skin. All forms of neem contain aspirin-like substances that reduce redness, inflammation and pain associated with any secondary conditions. Neem's antibacterial properties also kill the bacteria responsible for the condition.

Other Benefits Of Neem

Not only is neem great for managing scabies, it has a number of other body-loving benefits! Neem is a great botanical ingredient that can bring you a wealth of natural benefits for your heart and immunity. There have been numerous clinical studies which have linked neem to blood flow, one of the key factors that influence the overall function of the heart.

Neem is also often used for reinforcing the natural defences of the gums and teeth; the barrier that stands between your body and potentially harmful intruders from outside. Neem is also ideal for helping to reinforce your body’s natural defences, making neem solutions perfect for a natural immunity boost.

Types Of Neem Solutions

Neem comes in a variety of solutions. Neem oil, creams and neem soaps for scabies can be a useful alternative treatment for scabies thanks to neem’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and analgesic properties. The medicinal properties of neem products such as neem seeds, neem powder and neem oil for scabies are why this plant is often applied as a natural immunity booster. You can also get your hands on neem capsules for scabies to offer you a more convenient alternative that can be easily added to your daily routine and help you get rid of scabies from the comfort of your own home.

The Final Word

Living with scabies can be a real struggle. Now you know a bit more about what scabies really is and how neem is a fantastic natural ingredient that can help to relieve you from your itching concerns. There are a number of different neem solutions that you can try to help you identify which is best for you. Not only that, neem offers a number of other benefits including a natural boost to your heart health, immunity, teeth and gums!