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A Swedish brand launched in 2003, LELO is one of the leading designer brands for intimate lifestyle products. It easily provides high quality, luxurious and absolute innovation when it comes to delivering you the best of its kind.

LELO ORA 2 - Award Winning Oral Simulator

LELO ORA 2 is the ultimate 10-function clitoral stimulation device for better-than-lifelike oral pleasure. This unique device is the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2014 winner.

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LELO MIA 2 is a USB chargeable clitoral stimulator created with a lipstick design for discreet pleasure. It comes with six vibration thrilling settings.

LELO LUNA Beads Noir

Broaden your horizons of sensual pleasure with the Lelo Luna Beads Noir. They can also help improve your vaginal fitness and support your ability to reach more powerful orgasms.

LELO LUNA Beads Classic

LELO Luna Beads Classic are the perfect exercise regime to help you enjoy more explosive and intense orgasms. You can wear them during your normal daily activities and no one will ever know…

LELO LUNA Beads Mini

LELO Luna Beads Mini is the top of the range, luxurious choice of advanced kegel ball systems. Look no further when it comes to improving pelvic floor and vaginal fitness.

LELO PINO Vibrating Ring Set

PINO vibrating ring set is designed to satisfy near excessive demands of pleasure. It comes with 10 vibration settings and is made with velvety soft platinum grade silicone.

LELO LUNA Smart Bead

Discover the ultimate personalised pleasure trainer! LUNA Smart Bead encourages the strengthening of your pelvic floor muscles through unique vibrations suited to your ability and to improve it.

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Committed to design and quality

Renowned for its ability to transform the look, feel and function of personal massagers, this brand has successfully managed to generate a new level of luxury and enjoyment to intimate products of its kind.

As stated from the Founder Filip Sedic about LELO ‘’Millions of people enjoy LELO, it’s just sometimes the best luxuries you keep to yourself’’. To satisfy the various demands of the market, this company has expanded its variety of products and puts its own unique twist onto what it produces, in order to provide you intimate pleasure like no other brand could provide.

Intimate toys and accessories come in a vast array of shapes and sizes. LELO vibrators and other products in the range have really made their mark in the industry due to the consistent application of top-notch commitment to design, quality and innovation right across every product line it produces. Each product of your choice has been tested or carefully constructed in order to offer you something that no other product range can. Whether it’s the medical grade materials used, FDA quality or simply the sleek and attractive design. Men and women worldwide are able to introduce something truly great to make their intimate fun more pleasurable and enjoyable.

Perfect gift for your partner, or just for you!

Once you order your product, it’s not just what’s on the inside that will necessarily get you excited! All LELO vibrators, sex toys and other products come in luxurious, sleekly designed packaging. Perfect as a gift for a special someone, or even just for you. When you buy your LELO product from ShytoBuy in the UK you can enjoy next day delivery on all orders processed before 4pm on any working day. Plus, free delivery on all orders above £50!

So, if you’re looking for a high end, luxurious products and a unique way to transform your sex life or add some spice into your intimate activities, then using LELO vibrators or LELO toys could be the perfect choice for you.

What does it offer?

This innovative Swedish brand has a unique portfolio, which extends through to massage oils, bedroom accessories and personal LELO vibrators and massagers known as Pleasure Objects, as well as a premium line of silk apparel. Keeping your intimate area in tiptop condition is not hard either, with many of the LELO toys such as the Luna Beads helping to improve vaginal and pelvic floor fitness. Men and women can benefit and find numerous sources of enjoyment from ideas and products generated by this brand. Very often when you buy a product, you will also have at least one-year warranty too, although this may vary from product to product.

Company success

The success for this company and its high-end intimate lifestyle products is highlighted by their year on year growth since the very beginning. All of the products are manufactured in-house and currently sell in an impressive 40 international markets. The LELO offices themselves extend from Stockholm to San Jose, from Sydney to Shanghai. With no hint of slowing down, this is one brand that knows what it’s doing by providing great products to invest in and use time and time again.