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EmuaidMAX First Aid Ointment


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EmuaidMAX First Aid Ointment is a homeopathic cream designed specifically to help repair your skin. The high concentrate of active ingredients is effective in providing relief from stubborn and difficult to treat skin conditions. It is a fast acting ointment that alleviates itching and is a great solution to inflamed skin. Use EmuaidMAX First Aid Ointment for men and women today to reveal smooth and healthy skin.

  • EmuaidMAX is a great solution for skin imperfections
  • Relieves pain, inflammation and redness
  • Gets to work fast!
  • Improves the skin barrier function
  • Contains a combination of the finest natural ingredients
  • Gets to work faster and more effectively than regular strength EMUAID.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Promotes skin to become more resistant
  • FDA registered homeopathic formula
  • Safe to use for the entire family
  • Next day delivery

EmuaidMAX First Aid Ointment is a homeopathic formula that can help provide relief from skin conditions such as psoriases, molluscum contagiosum, shingles, severe boils, hemorrhoids, eczema, warts and many other irritating fungal infections and skin conditions. Use this cream to overcome bacteria, wounds, diseases, fungi and viruses that can be found on your skin. Order by 4:30pm today to receive your EmuaidMAX by tomorrow afternoon.

What is EmuaidMAX First Aid Ointment?

Over time your skin can become weaker and its own immune system becomes less effective. This makes you susceptible to wounds, scars and bacteria. This ointment helps to activate your skin barrier function. In doing so you are able to effectively fight against inflammation and painful or itchy skin. This ointment is suitable for the whole family and can also be used in the winter on dry skin. This max version of the Emuaid range contains twice the amount of Bacillus Ferment, ten times more Tea Tree Oil and fifty times more Vitamin E.

EmuaidMAX First Aid Ointment can be used on the following skin imperfections: molluscum contagiosum, ulcers, shingles, eczema, hemorrhoids, fungal infection, warts, blisters, and psoriasis.

How does the cream work?

The cream works with your body to not only help to regenerate your skin cells but also helps in improving blood flow to affected areas. In doing so it improves the healing rate. The natural ingredients used ensure damaged skin is repaired from the first use. Many users find that pain and irritation is reduced significantly from the first use.

How do I apply EmuaidMAX First Aid Ointment?

Applying this ointment is very simple. Ensure that the affected areas are dry and clean before application. Apply a thin layer 3-4 times a day and gently rub in until absorbed. Note that this is for external use only and should not be consumed. Avoid direct contact with your eyes.

What are the ingredients?

All of the ingredients in EmuaidMAX First Aid Ointment are natural and very high quality. Compared to the regular Emuaid cream, this version has twice the amount of Bacillus Ferment, ten times more Tea Tree Oil and fifty times more Vitamin E.

Here is the full list of ingredients: 10x, 20x, 30x HPUS Argentum Metallicum, allantoin, Bacillus Ferment, ceramide 3, Emu Oil, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, glyceryl behenate, hydrogenated castor oil, Lysine HCI, tea tree oil, olive oil, phytosphingosine, silver nitrate, squalane, tocopheryl acetate, Tribehenin and vegetable oil.

Are there any side effects?

This ointment is made using safe to apply natural ingredients. The cream is therefore safe for the whole family to use. To ensure that you do not experience any unwanted side effects, we advise that you check the full list of ingredients to ensure that you are not allergic to any of them.

How do I order mine?

Ordering your EmuaidMAX First Aid Ointment from ShytoBuy is not only secure, but discreet too. Join the many men and women who have benfitted from using this ointment by choosing the ‘Add to Basket’ option now.

* *The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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* I get bad hemorrhoids from going to the toielt too much, i apply this cream to my anus after evey toilet visit, its getting on my nerves but it is working and i cant wait for it to be over.

* i am an extremely active guy and me and my gf like to have sexual intercorse more than 2 times a day, sometimes we both are left with friction burns in our private parts, i got emuaid to use on both of us as we wer often too sore to even put clthes back on. we have been using it everytime we feel the friction burn from sex, i rub it into my penis and instantly the burning starts to fade, same applies to her, we do avoid putting the cream into the vagina so we just put it on the lips. we are now able to heal quicker and the sorness doesnt effect our daily lifes

* my skin looks so much better after using the emuaid cream on my eczema, usually when it goes it leaves the skin rough and uneven in tone. now with the emuaid my skin is soft and smooth. i couldnt be happier with the results.

* this is really good if you have any minor burns, im a chef that often burns myself on pans and ovens, i use emuaid max to soothe the burning sensation and also reduces the redness and redcuses the chance of leaving a nasty scar.

* so soothing on scrapes and burns

* delivered next morning, impressive

* Great for healing tattoos!!

* when mine comes i will use i daily, i tried it once from a friend and loved it

* i have really small but sore boils on my shoulders and have tried lots of creams to get rid of it but it never seems to shrink or go. i got emuaid amx and started using it and instantly the pain has gone and the redness is also clearing

* my boils are really big, red and sore. i have never found a good solution and i often just end up in pain when trying to solve the problem, after being told about emuaid i gave it a good and its surprisin how fast and how effective a cream can be, the burning sensation doesnt happen anymore and the size of the boil has reduced alot

* i use this twice a week just to protect my skin, as it contains high quality natural ingredients and is proven to add vital vitamins. it also icreases the skins resistance which make it tougher and less likely to be infected.

* just ordered mine, cant wait to get it

* i have just ordered 4 to put in each childs bathroom, i told them to use it if they get a 'wahwah' (baby language for small cuts and scrapes)

* quick delivey, works very well, highly recomended

* when i was younger i used to suffer really bad from eczema, it went away for a couple years and then it returned when i got abit older, since it has come back its not as red adn there are less spots, but the itchyness has increased massively. i use emuaid to cure the itchyness and it works almost instantly. very happy with my purchase

* now its the new year i am super excited to use my new emuaid max cream, i am going to cure my eczema this year NYR :)

* molluscum has gone thanks to emuaid max, only took 1 week of everyday use

* hemorrhoid killer, amazing!!

* if your like me and suffer badly from hemorrhoids then definitely buy emuaid max as this can really reduce the pain in the anus, i have been using it for a year now and i always thank god when applying it. hemorrhoids is unbearable without it

* i also use this for my tattoos as it helps reduce the itchyness and swelling almost immediately. its a really good cream

* when shingles attacks, attack it with emuaid max. it is the best and fastes solution

* Emuaid max works really well for reducing the swellign and itchyness for tattoos

* love it !!

* i woke up recently covered in a red rash and spots, i had no idea what it was (turned out to be shingles) and just went straight online and searched for a quick solution to skin rash's and irritations, i was immediately pulled to the EmuaidMax on Shytobuys website, i ordered it and it arrived the next morning for me to use. the service is incredible at shytobuy and delivery was the fastest ive seen

* really good product, just ordered another tub for my son who has really bad athletes foot

* Emuaid Max cured my mollascum and left me without scars which is the best part. i now swear by this stuff and if anyone you know has any skin infections then i suggest you refer them to this site to buy EmuaidMax

* pleasently surprised at how fast this cured my eczema

* when you suffer from skin ulcers it is one of the most painful skin infection out there, i have been sufferign since i was teenager, the doctors have not really found a cure for me and they also suggested creams like emuaid, i purhcased my first tub and used it immediately and was shocked by how fast the cream got to work, the burning pain was cooled down instantly and afeter just a few days the ulcer was decreasing quickly

* Arrived quickly.Treated my shingles and within 24hrs I felt the stinging pain fading. The healing process was also improved by the cream. I would definitely recommend, even tho it is rather pricey!

* Brilliant. Worked as it said it would.

* Soothed the irritation right down to the core. I'm very happy with this.

* Cleared my fungal nail infection within 2 weeks.

* For the sake of other struggling with cellulitis, this is a review for you. It came very quickly, nicely and discreetly packaged. For me after applying twice daily it started working visibly within a month. Now 3 months in and my skin has never felt this good before. The pain has gone and there's no longer any swelling.

* Got rid of my cold sores within days and not just that but it feels soothing on the skin.

* This is not a cure but helps to lower the pain.

* Its ok. It does ease the pain.

* Feels great! generally nice on the skin, makes my skin feel silky and smooth. I had this nasty rash on my leg and this cleared it within days.

* I used this cream to treat my 5 year old daughters molluscum and it cleared up within a few weeks. We tried other solutions, even what the doctor prescribed but it didn't work.

* After reading so many positive reviews i got EmuaidMax. I chose the stronger version because i suffer from sever folliculitis under my chin. My moustache, chin and cheek areas now have a better complexion and the skin is becoming clearer. You name it i have tried everything, nothing worked until i used this. And yes this is a real honest review. For once i can say this is not one of those miracle products, this actually works.

* Miracle Cream! Was an excellent solution for my long term Psoriasis. Has worked wonders for me. My conditions improved beyond belief.