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Skin Doctors Instant EyeLift


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Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift is a gentle cream which has been specially formulated to target the delicate skin around your eyes in order to help minimise the effects of tiredness and ageing around the eyes, enabling you to enjoy a fresher, younger-looking appearance without the need for expensive and unnecessary surgical procedures!

  • Supports and moisturises the skin around the eyes
  • Fast-acting formula gets to work straight away
  • Convenient and easy-to-use
  • 100% natural ingredients

Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift is a natural skincare cream designed to be applied underneath make-up, allowing you to discreetly mask the signs of ageing without disrupting your daily beauty routine!

Product Features
Type : Liquid Size : 10ml

What is Skin Doctors Instant EyeLift?

Instant EyeLift is one of many successful micro-dermabrasion products in the Skin Doctors range, helping to support and moisturise the eye area with a minimum of fuss. This product’s fast-acting formula gets to work immediately, providing noticeable results within a few minutes of application and encouraging a pleasant and gentle tingling sensation around the eyes. The effects of Skin Doctors Instant EyeLift can last for up to 8 hours, making it ideal for any situation in your daily life where you need to look your best!

How does Skin Doctors Instant EyeLift work?

Skin Doctors Instant EyeLift contains a facial dermabrasion solution which tightens the skin around the eyes, significantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This fantastic and effect product contains a blend of ingredients which form a water-retaining, elasticised film over the affected area, ensuring the skin around your eyes remains hydrated, smooth and tight.

How do I use Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift?

Skin Doctors Instant EyeLift is designed for total convenience, and unlike most other anti-wrinkle treatments it can be applied in a matter of minutes. To use this product, simply spread a small amount onto the affected area, waiting a few minutes to ensure absorption is complete before applying eyeliner or mascara. The effects of Skin Doctors Instant EyeLift can last for over eight hours – and if you find the effects beginning to wear off, it can easily be re-applied to give you healthy and replenished skin long into the night!

Are there any side-effects?

Prior to using this treatment on the eyes, we recommend performing a patch test on a less sensitive part of the body such as the wrist. If any redness or itching occurs, discontinue treatment immediately and try another micro-dermabrasion solution.

What are the ingredients?

Skin Doctors Instant EyeLift contains the following ingredients:

  • Biocare SA - forms a water retaining, highly elastic film which ensures the skin under the eye remains hydrated, plump, smooth and tight
  • Skin Tightener ST – Tightens and smoothens the skin significantly within five minutes
  • Sodium Silicate – Quick-drying formula helps with the formation of the film, providing an instant lifting effect

How can I purchase Skin Doctors Instant EyeLift from ShytoBuy?

Purchasing Skin Doctors Instant EyeLift from ShytoBuy couldn’t be easier. We offer a variety of payment and delivery methods to suit your needs, and thanks to our next working day delivery service, all orders received before 4pm on weekdays will arrive at your door the next working day. To begin your purchase, simply click on the ‘Add to Basket’ option now!

* *The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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* this gives my eyes a wide awake look and makes a perfect base for my makeup...best product in my drawer

* after a late night at work this gives my eyes a lift and i look as fresh as ever. this is a must have in my bag