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Detox Tone


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Maintain a healthy digestive functioning with Detox Tone

Looking for natural detox supplements that can help you on your way to a healthier body and a faster weight loss? Then Detox Tone just what you need. It is an all-natural detox supplement containing a unique combination of spices, herbs and fruits, which helps your body to maintain burning fat while cleansing it.

  • An ideal completely natural daily detox solution
  • Including green tea, L-carnitine and grape seed
  • Purgative properties
  • Known to maintain fat burning
  • Energizing and completely discreet
  • Next day UK delivery

With Detox Tone you get a natural daily detox solution that can give you more energy to cope with everyday life and workouts. With increased energy and increased fat burning, you may find it easier to throw away the extra pounds and get a more toned body. Make a difference to your body and order your detox supplements today.

Product Features
Type : Capsules Quantity : 60 Capsules

What is Detox Tone?

It is a unique detox supplement solution, contains natural ingredients believed to help you lose weight while cleansing your body. Detox Tone uses ingredients that potentially boost your overall health as you get cleansing and toning in one product. The secret to Detox Tone is a unique combination of herbs, spices and fruit extracts that work together to give you great results. Regular use of these detox supplements can also aid your digestion, when you give your digestive system a daily supplement of cleansing ingredients that stabilize the condition of the intestines.

How does it work?

Detox Tone consists of a range of active natural ingredients. Below you can see an overview of some of the main ingredients and what they can do for your body:

  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is found in grass. CLA is a natural fatty acid, which is formed in cow’s stomachs as they graze. CLA has been known to improve the body's ability to convert fat into energy while increasing muscle mass. CLA is especially good if it's taken with green tea extract.
  • Green tea, the green tea has been known in Asia for centuries. Mostly it is known to be a cleansing and energizing source. Therefore, it is a popular ingredient in a natural detox solution. Green tea also has a high content of catechins, which are known to increase metabolism. If you want these properties from drinking the tea, you would need drink up to several cups a day! The advantage of taking it through Detox Tone, is that you get a concentrated daily dose, without having to spend time and effort to brew tea.
  • L-Carnitine,is a vitamin that occurs naturally in our bodies. Taking L-carnitine via a dietary supplement such as Detox Tone, it is seen to maintain fat burning and performance enhancement. That is, if you take it in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

How do I take Detox Tone?

Take two detox supplements daily before a meal. Ideally take them with a big glass of water.

What are the ingredients in Detox Tone?

Capsule Shell: hydroxyl Propyl Methyl Cellulose.

Ingredients in Detox Tone: Green papayajuice, CLA Prep (conjugated linoleic acid, modified corn starch), L-carnitine, L-tyrosine, green tea leaf extract, cayenne from capsicum fruit pod psyllium seed husk, Narginine fruits of Citrus Grandis, citrus pectin Prep (Citrus Pectin, dextrose), Licorice Prep (de-Glycyrhizinated licorice extract, anti-caking agent: Silcon dioxide), fenugreek seed extract, Carrier: Maltodextrin, peppermint leaf extract, freeze-dried garlic extract, oregano leaf extract, nettle leaf extract, ginger extract, Alfalfa Sprout, fennel seed extract, aloe vera gel, grape seed extract, Zinc (citrate) , niacin (nicotinamide), pantothenic acid (calcium D-pantothenate), Chromium (picolinate) vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), riboflavin, thiamine, folic acid, biotin (D-biotin Pure), vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin).

Safe to use

The completely natural properties of this Detox Tone supplement make them a convenient and easy way to address weight and body detox aims. Detox supplements like these are suitable for vegan and vegetarians too.

How do I buy my Detox Tone?

It’s easy and very convenient when you buy from ShytoBuy. Simply click on the ‘Add to Basket’ button below. If you would like to find out more about these effective detox supplements, then please contact our qualified customer service team who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

* *The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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