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Enhance your desire and boost your arousal with hersolution gel. Thousands of women have benefitted from the hoist of natural ingredients specifically designed to improve your sex life and satisfaction. If you’re fed up of having a low libido, then this product could be the one for you.

  • Many user report a faster time in gaining orgasms
  • Plays a part in sexual enhancement and supporting hormone levels
  • Harnesses a select array of natural extracts that have been used for years in traditional medicine.
  • Non messy and to be applied directly onto the genitals
  • Created specifically for women
  • Can be used spontaneously as well as applied regularly
  • NEXT DAY UK delivery

At ShytoBuy we have dedicated ourselves to selling the topical hersolution gel to many of our customers. Many of which we receive positive feed back from both them and their partner. Its easy to apply and discreet nature helps keep desire, arousal and sexual stimulation alive.

Product Features
Type : Gel Size : 60ml

What is it?

hersolution gel is a topical formula made form natural ingredients that aim to help women who struggle with a low libido. If you’re worried about or struggling to satisfy your partner ion the bedroom, then this discreet yet effective hersolution gel could well be your answer. It is to be applied directly on to the clitoris and genital area. The naturally occurring ingredients used in this unique and effective gel have been used for years in both traditional and modern remedies for their ability to boost sexual enhancement and assist hormone levels.

Simply massage in a small amount of the hersolution gel into your clitoris and vaginal area until fully absorbed. The advantageous factor when using this gel is it enhancing both solo masturbation as well as full intercourse with your partner.

Are there any side effects?

As with any product you are applying onto your body, always ensure you check the hersolution gel ingredients thoroughly beforehand to make sure you aren’t allergic to any. If you are currently taking any prescribed medication it’s advisable that you consult a doctor before using this gel.

When will I see results?

Within seconds, many women will experience a delightful tingling sensation after the hersolution gel has been applied. With regular use, many of our customers have noted an increase in their vaginal muscle control.

What ingredients are used in hersolution gel?

The following key ingredients are included in the gel:

  • Olive Squalane- This element is capable of bringing brief relief to chapped or dry skin. It is also a good oil to use in conditions such as dermatitis and eczema.
  • Aloe Vera extract- This extract is often used for wound and burn healing as well as diabetes and elevated blood lipids in humans.
  • Methonol USP- This can be applied as a solution or ointment to provide a relief for mild pain or itching.
  • Shea butter- This ingredient in hersolution gel is known for its inflammatory properties and ability to relax muscles in and around the facial area.

* *The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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* just placed my second order, really happy with this product, i can use it as a soothing gel or for a more intense orgasm

* i was told to puchase this by my best friend, she has been using it for a while with her bf and she told me its something else, i cant wait to get mine

* loving this stuff, really nice smell and doesnt leave any mess. leaves you feeling moist all day

* i use this mainly for a more intense sexual arousal, i have also found this to be usefull as a solution for itchyness, i apply it in the morning and it will leave me feeling fresh all day

* i found this cream really useful and i have ordered another batch, i think i have found the solution to my sexual problems.

* got mine with its discreet packaging which is great, i got this because i feel like my husband is noticing that im not having orgasms like i used to, i used this last night and the smile on his face was priceless, and so was mine

* definitely keeps you wet for a longer time, its also non messy which is great, can use it discreetly this way

* this stuff is amazing as a sexual enhancement gel but also helps to relieve the after burnin sensation

* hersolution gel. 10/10

* this stuff is super strong, i apply it to the clitoris just before sex, i cannot hold it for very long anymore and i experience multiple orgasms sometimes too

* i start tingeling from the second i put it on. its very nice

* say goodbye to faking it girls

* i much prefer using a gel than taking pills, this gel is really nice aswell, i use mine every other day and i use it just before i have sexual intercorse with my partner, it has really boosted the feelings in my privates, also put a huge smile on his face

* can't tell you how happy i am after using this gel. its way better than any pill or device

* i just love the way this gel feels. i recommend this to all the gals out there