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HairMax Ultima 12


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Clinical strength results and doctor recommended. Hairmax Ultima 12 is the only at home medical device offering a proven solution for thinning hair and hair loss for women and men. Start to stimulate healthy hair and vibrant growth with its low level laser technology. Gain results with no more than 3 convenient sessions of use a week lasting just 8 minutes.

  • Reverses thinning hair, increases fullness and stimulates hair growth
  • NEW faster 8 minute session time
  • Comes with a handy vibrate and beep function
  • Top rated in user satisfaction and Winner of New Beauty Award
  • Revitalises damaged hair and increases its density
  • Completed with a stylish cradle- no need for batteries
  • NEXT DAY UK delivery and 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Easy and convenient to use from the comfort of your own home

Made with understanding and driven by results. Hairmax Ultima 12 delivers the perfect quality alternative to hair transplants and salon treatments, which can often be expensive and painful. Its unique and stylishly designed handle creates a fantastic addition to any bathroom shelf or bedside table.

Product Features
Type : Lasercomb Colour : White Warranty : 2 Year Warranty
As Seen In

Does it work?

It’s the newest, most advanced of its kind and it works! The HairMax LaserComb has endured 7 thorough trials and tests to guarantee that with the correct continual usage it actually works.

Out of the 470 participants, 93% of them experienced significant positive growth of hair. Per square inch and average of 149 additional hairs were acquired. This kind of addition is plenty enough to establish a significant difference to the appearance and thickness of your hair. Some of the great advantages you can gain from using the Hairmax Ultima 12 include:

  • Stimulates Hair Growth
  • Reverses Hair Thinning
  • Awakens Dormant Follicles
  • Increases Density And Fullness

How does it work?

Hairmax Ultima 12 uses 12 laser modules that allow it to cover larger areas of your head compared to any of the previous models. If you’re looking for the same effectiveness but a quicker treatment time then this is the device for you. Use it in a simple brushing motion, starting from the front of your head working towards the back. Then repeat the motion from one side of your head to another.

Your hair will be gently stimulated as you move the Hairmax Ultima 12 over tired and weak hair follicles. With consistent use and over time you will find your hair becoming stronger and healthier all in 3 sessions a week that last just 8 minutes.

Hairmax Ultima 12 as seen in the media

New Beauty Magazine Award: HairMax Professional 12 LaserComb Voted Best At Home Hair Loss Treatment by New Beauty readers and editors.

New Beauty Magazine Award: FDA Cleared comb stimulates hair growth via light therapy!

New Beauty Magazine Award: HairMax for Density treats the scalp with beneficial antioxidants.

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How to use

The cordless nature of the Hairmax Ultima 12 means it’s incredibly easy to operate, plus you will never have any concerns with any wires getting in the way. To ensure you use it for the correct amount of time, it also comes with a handy beep and vibrate function, so you can adjust the speed you cover your head by accordingly.

Proven results

Many people notice positive improvement of their hair appearance from the first initial use, with significant positive developments taking place in the following weeks and months to follow with continuous use. The unique laser technology stimulates the blood supply to weak and thin hair follicles, helping to enhance their appearance and strength.

Weeks 1-8: At this stage thinner and weaker hair will begin to be replaced by newer healthier hair. The revolutionary technology will start to gently stimulate your blood supply to follicles to encourage better strength and appearances.

Weeks 8-12: In this time period a lot of users will start to notice ‘peach fuzz’ sprouting from the scalp. This is the start of a general thickening trend across the scalp.

Weeks 12-20: From research composed be HairMax themselves, this is the time frame where you are most likely to experience the full extent of the benefits from Hairmax Ultima 12.

Clinical studies

  • Increased rate of hair growth
  • Increased fullness and density
  • Decrease in shedding
  • Reversal of the thinning process
  • Overall quality and density

Safe to use

The Hairmax Ultima 12 has been FDA approved for safe home use as well as clinically proven and doctor recommended. For best results and safest use, always read the instructions before using.

What do I get in my box?

Every Hairmax Ultima 12 box contains:

  • Hairmax Ultima 12 device
  • Microfibre pouch
  • User manual
  • Charging cradle
  • Universal power supply

Enjoy thick and lovely, healthy looking hair while combating against weak, thin and fine fuzz at last. Start rebuilding your confidence and thickness as early as tomorrow with our next day delivery, exclusive to ShytoBuy.

Avantages Prima 7 Ultima 12 LaserBand 82
Laser Modules 7 12 82
Clinical studies proving efficient treatment time
FDA Clearance
Cordless Operation
No Side Effects
Beep/Vibrate Functions Beep & Vibrate Beep & Vibrate Beep & Vibrate
Power Source Rechargeable Batteries Rechargeable Batteries Rechargeable Batteries
Approx Treatment Time 15 Minutes 8 Minutes 90 seconds
Internal Power Adapter
2 Years Warranty
Price £230 £380 £620

* The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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* it's true you get what you pay for and although this was slightly more than other devices, it has worked just as directed and in the time frame as well.

* i'm al about appearance so ensuring i had a full head of healthy hair was paramount! hairmax pro 12 has helped me so much but the biggest difference has been in my smile!

* the video was easy to follow and so is the product.

* I have not used the device yet but the delivery was bang onetime and the package arrived undamaged.

* I have been using my HairMax device for 4 months now and although I never saw any difference in the first month. I continued using it and I'm glad i did. Ever since the 2nd month I have seen gradual improvements and no I'm really starting to see new growth.

* placed my order over the phone and the customer service were fabulous. very knowledgable team and they guided me through every step of the buying process. thanks

* thanks to customer service team who suggested me to go with this product. results have been great

* losing hair at such a young age came as a shock to me and was really hurting my confidence. this comb has not only helped restore my hair but also my confidence

* i never imagined that i could stop hair loss simply by combing. it is so easy, even my father finds it easy to use.

* when i first heard about this product i didn't believe in it. but reviews on internet said that it works. now it has been a month that i am using it and i am happy with the results till now

* the next day delivery is just great. i brought this as a gift for my mother and wanted it urgently. the customer service guy suggested next day delivery and it was great