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It’s no wonder that so many couple look to use FertilityBlend, which has been clinically validated at the famous Stanford University. Generated to improve couples chances of conception, hundreds and thousands of satisfied couples have been able to benefit their fertility health with this leading brand of fertility supplements.

Fertility Blend for Men

Fertility Blend for Men is a natural fertility supplement aimed to help men to maintain sperm count and sustain sperm motility. It uses natural ingredients known to help the male reproductive system.

Fertility Blend for Women

Fertility Blend for Women is an all natural formula that can help women increase their chances of conception. Taken daily, it can create the best environment to promote conception.


The FertilityBlend range has been created to improve your fertility and boost your chances of conception. All FertilityBlend products contain blends that have produced excellent results, having been clinically tested and conducted with the Stanford University Medical School. Either as a step before you seek professional help or you simply prefer to try a more natural support to your fertility, this brand has been around for years with thousands of happy babies being born as a result.

What FertilityBlend UK can do for you

FertilityBlend UK has been helping thousands of men and women to conceive for years. All the natural ingredients used have been extensively scientifically studied to determine their individual benefits and avoid any unwanted side effects. The FertilityBlend range takes the up most care to ensure all their supplements are completely harmless, understanding that the last thing you would want is any ailment or illness when you are trying to conceive. Even though all products are created with completely natural ingredients, it is still advisable to check the list to make sure you aren’t allergic to any before use. Countless reviews and happy customers are a testament to FertilityBlends success and effectiveness, due to the natural nature of the product for some people it can take a few weeks to work, for others a few months. It all depends on how your body works with it.

How it works its magic

Whether you have been trying for a while or simply want to optimise your chances right from the start, the FertilityBlend UK range aims to provide you with a host of specially selected supplements including Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Zinc to help you on your way. What’s great about this range is both male and female ranges are also vegetarian friendly; they really are suitable for everyone! Keeping you body and health in shape should never be underestimated when trying for a baby and FertilityBlends optimum formula is one sure way to help you out.

Who should use it?

Having problems conceiving can happen for many reasons. For females these can include age, ovulation problems and various conditions affecting the uterus. For males concerns can stem form low sperm quality or count, to problems ejaculating. However, whatever the diagnosis, don’t despair. There are many solutions available and sometimes it is just the small changes in your life such as using FertilityBlend products that can make all the difference when conceiving.

Around one in seven couples have difficulty conceiving, so if you are having problems, you’re not alone. Although infertility if often thought to be primarily a female concern, in fact in a third of cases it is actually a male problem. This is why FertiltyBlend offers their range for both males and females to support their quest in conceiving. To give you every chance, the brand tailors their ingredients to suit the male and female body to provide a supplement that will benefit it in the best way. They have heavily research each ingredients, it safeness and its ability to optimise your chances of conception. The best bit is it is a very nonintrusive method of fertility support, and without taking over your life, you are still making essential changes.

For almost ten years now, ShytoBuy have been selling FertilityBlend UK products, this alone is a credit to its success. We are proud to be a part of so many couples quest to conceive and overcome this very intimate of moments. FertilityBlend believes that just because you may be struggling to conceive now, doesn’t mean that it will stay that way.