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Our nails can either be a proud feature or an awkward source of embarrassment. We focus a lot on the appearance of our fingernail and toenails and people can often judge you by them. If they aren’t looking great, they can be very hard to hide. Nail-RX has been specifically engineered to maintain nail health and combat against any discolouration or flakiness.

  • A simple solution to an all too common concern
  • Combats against flakiness and discolouration
  • Maintains the development of a healthy nail bed
  • Easy to apply and fast acting
  • Created using high quality natural ingredients and plant extracts
  • NEXT DAY UK delivery!

Whether you would like long fashionable nails or practical shorter ones, if they look bad they can be very hard to disguise. Nail-RX has been developed using a host of aromatherapy oils derived from various plant extracts. These extracts all work to support your nail health and maintain healthier, stronger and longer nails.

Product Features
Type : Liquid Size : 15ml

What is Nail-RX?

A natural remedy created specially to support and sustain the health of your nail. This all-natural remedy consists of pure aromatherapy oils including Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Grass and Clove Oil. These key ingredients work synergistically together in Nail-RX, helping to eliminate discolouration, flakiness and nail growth.

Why do I need Nail-RX?

Your overall health can be indicated through the condition of your nails. Brittle, flaky, discoloured or weak nails can demonstrate a weaker immune system and hint that you could need to make improvements to your diet. As well as encouraging a healthy diet, products such as Nail-RX are beneficial in restoring the nail bed and your overall nail condition.

If you’ve ever had artificial nails, then you will appreciate just how much damage they can do to the real nail underneath. More often than not you can be left with discolouration, flaky and thin nails. These are more likely to chip and break, affecting your overall appearance and shape. If you’re fed up with damaged nails or the tedious application and cost of fake nails then Nail-RX could be your solution. You don’t have to rely on fake ones anymore, start to grow your own beautiful, strong nails at last.

Last but not least, by using Nail-RX regularly and as required can not only improve the condition and appearance of your nails but it may even prevent fungal nail infections setting in. These tend to grow in warm, moist environments and are an unpleasant feature on any fingernail or toenail.

How does Nail-RX work?

It uses an array of vital ingredients known to vastly improve the health and condition of your nails.

  • Tea Tree Oil- Is a vital part of Nail-RX and is known to improve the condition of your skin
  • Lavender- This sweet smelling oil is essential for its skin and nail benefits
  • Lemon Grass- This ingredient works to support both skin and nail health while maintaining the regeneration process of the skin and nail bed
  • Clove Oil- A well known tonic to boost the condition of skin and nails

How do I use it?

It’s very easy and takes moment to use! Simple apply Nail-RX directly onto your nail with a clean cotton swab. If desired, cover with clear nail varnish after.

Due to the penetration of the Lemon Grass, you may notice a slight discolouration of the nail. This is necessary to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. It should grow out slowly but surely alongside any other marks on your nails.

When will I see results?

When used regularly, you may be able to see results from Nail-RX in less than 3 weeks. However, deeper discolouration and marks on your nail could take longer to remove.

How do I order?

Ordering your Nail-RX is simple, just click on the ‘Add to Basket’ option below to get started and explore the various delivery options.

* *The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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* fungal infection made my nails look dirty and yellow. this treatment helped me get back my original colour

* if you want beautiful nails than this is a must have

* i always thought my colleague uses fake nails as they were so long and beautiful. but when she told me her secret i couldn't believe. ordered nail rx immediately and have been using it for weeks now. my nails never looked this good.