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Native Remedies

Native Remedies have got things covered when it comes to doing things the natural way. They believe that your health should be taken care of safely and without the need for harmful chemicals. The Native Remedies range is jam packed with innovative and revolutionary formulas to provide a natural way of enjoying complete wellbeing.

Native Remedies Bladderwell

Make Urinary Tract Infections a thing of the past with Native Remedies BladderWell. Made using natural ingredients, it is suitable for men and women, and is also FDA registered.

Native Remedies Sweat-Less

Sweating too much can cause embarrassment. Overcome with Native Remedies Sweat-Less. This clear solution should be taken orally to reduce physical dampness and the barriers that cause sweating.

Native Remedies HaliTonic

Boost oral freshness and stop bad breath! Native Remedies HaliTonic works more efficiently than chewing gum and improves your breath smell within 3 weeks of use so you can feel confident and carefree everyday.

Native Remedies DeodoRite

Do you want to smell great and avoid embarrassing sweat patches? DeodoRite is the revolutionary alternative to your standard deodorant. It’s completely natural and gets to work fast.

Native Remedies VaricoGo

Varicose veins can be painful. Native Remedies VaricoGo can help alleviate the aches, pains, soreness, achiness and weakness that come along with this.

Native Remedies Gasolve Relief

Avoid embarrassing belching and smelly wind with Native Remedies Gasolve Relief. These small and pleasant tasting capsules help restore a healthy digestive system so you can enjoy food without worrying about the windy consequences!

Native Remedies Natural Moves

Do you suffer with constipation from time to time? Help reduce your symptoms naturally with Native Remedies Natural Moves, which can enable you to feel healthy and unclogged within 12 hours of taking the capsule.

Native Remedies UTI-Clear

Eliminate painful urination and target blood found in urine with Native Remedies UTI-Clear. When used regularly, it can also help to reduce the frequent need to urinate.

Native Remedies ProState Relief

Made using homeopathic ingredients to help men overcome and reduce the irritations of prostate problems such as frequent and painful urination.

Native Remedies Candidate

Do you suffer from excess candida? Candidate offers a unique and natural formula that may help to reduce bloating, low energy and sugar cravings for a fresh and natural way to help your digestion.

Native Remedies RosaRex

Eliminate the main irritations caused by rosacea such as redness, red bumps and itchiness using Native Remedies RosaRex. RosaRex is made using only natural ingredients so won’t cause you any further discomfort.

Native Remedies Nail-Rx

You don’t have to cover up your fingernails or toenails anymore! Nail-RX presents a reliable and an all-natural solution to a far to common problem of nail discolouration and flakiness.

Native Remedies Toenail Fungus Zapper

Toenail fungus can be painful and unsightly. Control this fungus by using Toenail Fungus Zapper. This uses special oils and natural ingredients to beat nail fungus fast!

Native Remedies MellowPause

Are you experiencing menopause or perimenopause? Hot flushes, trouble sleeping and mood swings? Look no further than Native Remedies MellowPause, created to relieve your symptoms and enjoy your day-to-day life.

Native Remedies Coloflush

Tired, bloated and constipated? Don’t feel bunged up for longer than you have to. ColoFlush can naturally helps to support a healthier digestive system and a better colon functioning.

Native Remedies Prostate Dr.

Look after your prostate health and boost your immune system with Prostate Dr. This specific male formula is completely natural and can very discreetly help overcome Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).


How it started

The Native Remedies founders believed there was a better way to treat people for various health problems than simply prescribing them drugs. The founders’ son suffered from an illness for years and as helpless parents they simply watched as he got prescribed drug after drug, with no avail. Feeling like they needed to do something to help, they believed there must be a better way of overcoming what seemed a hopeless situation. Inspired by their sons illness and a passion for natural remedies, the Native Remedies brand was formed.

Providing complete family wellness

There are many major traits that set the Native Remedies brand apart from other brands, these include the ability to provide complete family wellness, quality products and a dual modality approach in a natural and safe way. There are so many non-natural and prescribed approaches to dealing with health issues, this company strives to give a complete solution to many health issues. They originally started off as a small, family run business in America. However, the success and effectiveness of their products has meant they have developed so much that their customer base has made its way over to the UK, where it’s continually thriving and developing.

Providing complete family wellness is achieved through producing a diverse range of products for different kinds of problems and for a variety of ages. In total the brand offers over 250 herbal remedies (and counting!) that have been specifically formulated and blended in a natural way. They offer the perfect relief to people who would rather tackle their health problems naturally, rather that resorting to chemically enhanced products. Their clear directions for use make these products easy to use and follow as directed.

Completely natural and top quality ingredients

High quality is ensured throughout all the Native Remedies products that are sold globally and in the UK. This is achieved by incorporating whole herbs into many of their remedies, always choosing them to be used only for their natural purposes in order to gain the best effects. The ‘full spectrum method’ is used by the brand. This means that the balance of therapeutic properties will have a lower risk of side effects. Other methods of extracting herbs, such as the ‘standardised method’ can tend to use harsh chemical to extract the essence of the herb. Most of the Native Remedies UK products are also free from artificial flavours, gluten and preservatives. It really is all about doing things as naturally as possible, often taking inspiration from formulas and ingredients that have been around for centuries because of the effectiveness and results that they are able to produce.

How Native Remedies UK products work

The brand recognises that systems of the body are interrelated and work together in harmony; as a result Native Remedies products are designed in a specific way to complement this. Most of the Native Remedies range has the ability to provide a dual modality approach, meaning they are able to provide a way of building systemic long-term wellness as well as fast symptomatic relief. These offers an all round and complete effect of wellness for your body, whether it is symptoms that occur periodically or are a persistent part of your life.

Over half a million people so far who are using Native Remedy products have benefited from better and healthier lifestyles. They are avoiding many of the unwanted side effects that often come with prescribed products. Why not join in and experience this innovative and revolutionary approach to becoming healthy in the most natural way. Take a browse at some of the Native Remedies UK products we have selected for you at ShytoBuy.