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Male Edge Pro - Male Enhancement Kit


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The top of the range, clinically proven Male Edge Pro penis extender delivers above and beyond when it come to penis enlargement. This deluxe version offers an abundance of accessories including an instructional DVD and extra protection pads to ensure your device will last the test of time and provide comfort on every use.

  • Supports safe and potentially permanent penis growth
  • Clinically proven to help increase size by 28%
  • Comes in a convenient red and black case
  • Additional features for impressive results
  • Can be worn for extended periods of time discreetly
  • Comes with extra rubber straps, protection pads, cohesive gauze and instructional DVD
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • FREE delivery

Are you serious about enlarging your penis? Want to ensure it happens, as it should? Then the Male Edge Pro’s sleek black and orange design won’t let you down. After just 26 weeks you could be boasting a size that more than you ever imagined, with confidence to prove it. The additional features of this premium penis extender simply boost the already impressive results of previous designs.

Product Features
Type : Extender Colour : Black Warranty : 1 Year
As Seen In

What is Male Edge Pro?

It’s developed by doctors and specialists, and provides a clinically proven penis extender to increase the length and the girth of your penis. The Male Edge Pro optimises every aspect there is for effective penis enlargement and it holds a world wide patent over its design. This care and attention to detail ensures you will experience positive results in as little as 3 months of regular use. If you are serious about getting a bigger penis, then the additional accessories and spare parts should ensure that it lasts the length of time for you to achieve them and excel your expectations.

How does Male Edge Pro work?

This type of penis extender uses ‘traction’ technology to produce the effective results that it does. This particular use of traction is a pain-free and gradual approach to making your penis bigger, whereby the traction gently increases cells that are present inside the penile tissue to deliver permanent and significant growth. Additional features such as the rubber straps and protection pad offer comfort while the cohesive gauze and instructional DVD help to cement your desired results.

Fast results and proven results

Male Edge Pro relies on the natural and effective cell division (cytokinesis) that will occur as a result of traction. It means this penis extender is able to offer an effective yet safe approach to making your penis size bigger, which is also used by physicians all over the globe.

  • 9% increase after 8 weeks
  • 15% increase after 14 weeks
  • 21% increase after 20 weeks
  • 28% increase after 26 weeks

An average improvement in size during clinical trials of the Male Edge Pro was 28% greater in length and 19% greater in girth. However, there is no reason that with continued and regular use you can’t exceed these already impressive measurements. The Male Edge Pro programme last for 26 weeks, during which time you can expect to see above mentioned improvements. In fact, as well as size improvements, many men who have used the Male Edge Pro penis extender have also indicated they now experience stronger erections due to the additional blood flow from the treatment.

Total number of Male Edge Pro parts

  • Male Edge Pro penis enlarger
  • Ruler / measurer
  • Male Edge product box
  • Male Edge travel bag
  • Official Male Edge program
  • 4 x extra rubber straps
  • 2 x protection pad
  • 1 x cohesive gauze
  • 1 x instructional DVD

With the Male Edge Pro penis extender and other extenders in the range you will also get a one year warranty, My Male Edge training diary, online instructional DVD and forum access/community.

Safe, easy and comfortable to use

You will find the Male Edge Pro penis extender pain free and very easy to use. Start to use it when you are in a relaxed state and place the ring of the penis extender over the base of your penis, then put the rubber straps behind the glands. Make sure it is comfortable then continue to adjust the side rods to the size of your penis by turning them clockwise to unlock the device, turn the rods anti-clockwise to lock the device. Do this before pushing the front piece and elongation bars together until you hear a click. After this is complete your Male Edge Pro penis extender is ready to use and deliver results.

How do I order my Male Edge Pro?

When you order your penis extender from ShytoBuy you can benefit from quick, easy and discreet delivery at all times. Remember, if you order before 4pm on any working day you get next day delivery! Why no start your journey to gaining a bigger penis size sooner rather than later, simply click on the ‘Add to Basket’ now.

Male Edge Basic Male Edge Extra Male Edge Pro
£110.00 £126.00 £143.00
Colour White/Blue Green/Black Black
Stylish Box
Rubber Strap
Extra Rubber Strap 1 2 4
Protection Pad - 1 2
Cohesive Gauze - - 1
Instructional DVD - - 1
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year

Male Edge Extention Rods Pro - set...

Male Edge Front Piece Pro

Male Edge pro Full Traction Arm - Left

Male Edge Spare - Pro Full Traction...

* *The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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* very good equipment, well made

* i have a girthy penis but not very good in the length department, i have been using this to try and increase my length and hopefully even out the girth vs lenth problem. i would rather it be equally spread... since using this male edge pro i have started noticing a slight decrease in my girth, and increase in length. really please with the outcome already

* when i ordered this i did not read everything included, it arrived safely and well packaged, there is alot of parts but the dvd is really helpfull and guides you through the whole process

* the feeling of the traction pulling on the penis is really nice, and to know that its making me bigger is just awesome

* 28% increase in size in 26 weeks...sold

* just bought my male edge pro set, excited to open it and put it all together.

* at firs t i wasnt too sure about if this would work or not but i went ahead as a last ditch attempt at increasing my size, to my surprise literally over night my penis was growing. i have used it now for 3 weeks and its still increasing daily

* thanks for delivering the product on time. i wanted to gift it to someone and if you wouldn't have delivered on time, surprise would have just spoiled

* after years of wasting my money on supplements and devices that didn't even increase an inch, i have finally found something that that works. it has increased my self-esteem so much

* i was first skeptical about the product due to its cost but i have to say that i am so impressed with the device. its a quality product just the way you mention here.