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Makari Caviar Enriched Soap


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Nourish, support and hydrate your skin while removing any excess oil with Makari Caviar Enriched Soap. This delightful smelling bar of soap helps to rejuvenate tired and lifeless skin with its unique Caviar extract. Gain suppleness you could only have dreamed of and a clearer, more youthful appearance with this gentle and natural formula.

  • Gentle Caviar extract nourishes and rejuvenates
  • Intense moisturising effects with all natural ingredients
  • Restore your youthful and glowing look
  • Excess oil and dirt are softly cleansed away
  • Use daily in your normal wash routine for best results
  • Free Makari™ Extreme Sample
  • Safe & Effective
  • Natural Blend of Ingredients
  • NEXT DAY UK delivery!

Makari Caviar Enriched Soap provides the perfect accompaniment to every bath or shower time. This Caviar enriched soap helps bring your skin back to life. Leaving it smoother, suppler and seductively glowing unlike ever before. Cleanse your skin with intense hydrating and nourishing ingredients with this little luxury every singe day.

Product Features
Type : Soap Size : 200g

What is it?

Makari Caviar Enriched Soap is a luxury soap ideal for daily use. Rich caviar extract is encased into this charming formula that helps to efficiently wash away excess dirt, oil and any unwanted impurities. This gentle cleansing action leaves your skins appearance looking nourished and enjoying a youthful glow. The combination and power of potent ingredients encourage intense cleaning yet still leaves your skin smelling and looking healthy and great.

How does it work?

The blend of natural and potent ingredients in the Makari Caviar Enriched Soap rejuvenates and nourishes unlike any other combination. Instead of simply cleaning with a pleasant scent like many other cleaning methods, this Caviar soap nourishes skin to leave a youthful looking glow behind and intense hydration.

How do I use it?

The great thing about using the Makari Caviar Enriched Soap is how easily it fits into your daily wash routine. This little gem of a product is guaranteed to provide a touch of luxury to any shower or bath time. For optimal results use daily and pair with the Makari Caviar Face Cream.

When will I see results?

Many users of the Makari Caviar Enriched Soap will start to experience results after the initial use. However as with many natural skincare products, the time it takes to start seeing results will usually vary from person to person. For optimal results it’s advised to carry on using the soap.

What are the ingredients?

Sodium Palmate, Caviar Extract, Sodium Kernelate, Citric Acid, Water, Fragrance, Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, Tetrasodium EDTA and Sodium Hydroxide.

Safe to use

There are no known effects from using Makari Caviar Enriched Soap, since it consists of natural ingredients. However, it is advised to check the ingredients list before use to ensure you aren’t allergic to any. Never consume the caviar soap and avoid contact with your eyes. If Makari Caviar Enriched Soap does come in contact with your eyes, then rinse out immediately with water using clean hands.

* *The results may vary from one individual to another. For more information, please click here


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* this suits best for my oily skin. it keeps breakout in control and keeps my skin soft

* i have been a soap lover all my life. but no soap leaves skin moisturised the way this soap does. highly recommednded