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Back in 2003, Yes Lubricants set out to create a range of exclusively pure, natural and organic intimacy products. Whether it’s personal lubricant, soap or moisturiser, Yes only use the highest quality natural and organic plant-based ingredients. Thirteen years after starting their journey, Yes is now one of the most trusted intimate health brands in the UK.

YES Cleanse Intimate Washes

Yes Cleanse Intimate Washes are naturally formulated feminine washes that can be safely used on sensitive skin. Yes Cleanse Intimate Washes are effective in cleansing intimate areas and maintaining the vagina's natural PH level.

Yes Oil-Based Lubricant

Yes Oil-Based Lubricant is a natural intimate lubricant that can help to enhance sexual pleasure and performance. Yes Lubricants gently reduce vaginal dryness and are suitable for use on sensitive skin.

Yes Water-Based Lubricant

Yes Water-Based Lubricants can stimulate sexual pleasure and reduce vaginal dryness. They are organically and naturally formulated, and can be used spice up intercourse and and intimate play.


The Idea Generation

Yes Lubricants was first dreamt up by two old friends, Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks. Their experience of working at Pfizer during the Viagra launch inspired them to make their own mark on the intimacy market. Yes was first started to offer customers ethical, natural and organic intimacy products, a response to Susi and Sarah’s negative experiences of working for large pharmaceutical companies.

Mark of Purity

All YES products are certified organic, and every ingredient is researched and tested. YES doesn’t compromise on the purity of any products or ingredients. Each Yes product adheres to the following criteria:

  • Free from hidden synthetic chemicals
  • Free from all known mucosal irritants
  • Completely natural and organic
  • Uses therapeutic, plant-based ingredients
  • Soothes and calms sensitive skin

Yes Product Range

The YES product range includes natural lubricants, moisturisers and intimate washes, all of which are totally organic, natural and pure. YES lubricants are available in both oil and water-based forms. Free from parabens and glycerine, you can use YES products safely and with confidence.

Reliable and Certified

Yes products can moisturize skin in even the most intimate parts of the body. Because of their gentle and natural formulation, YES intimate products are perfect for those suffering from allergies and sensitive skin. Furthermore, Yes water-based Lubricant is the first certified organic product to be approved by the NHS. Yes is becoming increasingly popular amongst healthcare professionals and customers worldwide.